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Creative Sprint #11

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Today was to do something you've never tried before. Gosh, these are challenging! How do you deliberately do something you haven't done before - immediately.

I did a few new things today.

I walked a footpath I've not walked before

I had tea and cake at the cafe this afternoon and chose a sunny table facing the flower-bed - this was different because I usually sit on a small 2-seat table because I'm on my own, and usually face inwards so I can see what's going on. Today I checked I could sit anywhere, and decided to take a large, sunny table all to myself. It was interesting having my back to people as well - I heard the birds - used my ears more.

I made a decoration for my window - of leaves cut from coloured paper - it looks nice - I've not done that before. This photo is from indoors - it looks lovely from outside, but I was too shy to take a photo of my own window!

The thing I have NEVER done before was to try to create myself a character for Dungeons and Dragons. It is far harder than I thought, and I haven't achieved a complete profile - I have a lot more reading to do. But, I've made a start:

I am a Cleric, Wood Elf, called Quelenna Galanodel and I'm 254 yrs old (that's quite young because Elves can live to be 700 yrs old!). I'm 4'9" tall and weight 90lbs. I have copper skin and long brown hair. Apparently Elves don't sleep, but have to meditate for 4 hours a day in a semi-conscious state. They are, of course, magical with great dexterity, and can blend into the natural environment to conceal themselves. That's as far as I've got so far - there are all sorts of other things to work out!

haha - I'm going to have such fun with this!

Today I was out in the woods - and took this selfie

When I was a teenager, I spent a long time making little plaits/braids all over my head which I then undid to make a wild wavy style. My father took one look and said "you are not going out looking like that!" and make me wash it out. I remembered that today as I walked through the woods enjoying my wild hair thanks to the plaits I've been wearing at work. It looks a bit like combed sheep's fleece!
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