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Keeping My Head Above Water

Monday, October 19, 2020

Positive vibes only. Find your happy. Run the life or the life runs you. It takes EFFORT, y’all. This year has been plagued by misfortune, literally and figuratively. My life this year in sequence.... Death of a friend, pandemic, end of my marriage, death of 2 pets, death of my son’s girlfriend, physical altercation between my son and his father resulting in a R.O., mother hospitalized, the passing of my father, my boyfriend dumping me for another woman the day after dad passes, and having to quit my job to care for my mom in declining health. Whew! Did you get all that? Exhausting to type out, depressing to read. Every night, I set my alarm, and wake at 7:00. Why? Because I need a routine. No one is awake at that time. Just myself and my thoughts. What do I tackle today? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. I set a goal to accomplish ONE thing...whether it’s a phone call, make an appointment, cook a healthy meal, get in an amazing workout, etc. Just pick ONE thing, and DO IT. And by the grace of God, he strengthens me when I need it. On days that I feel less than, my tribe reminds me I am enough, and our convos always end in laughter. I know there are better days ahead. I know because these periods of stormy weather always have peaks of sunshine. The clouds build, it gets dark, and rains...and there are rays of light between the next passing storm. As long as I am reminded the sun still exists and feel the warmth from it, I have comfort. ⛈🌫🌫☀️
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I missed this blog! I have been wondering where you were and how you were doing. You are in m emoticon y prayers. emoticon
    24 days ago
    Wow! You have to be incredibly strong to have gone through all of this and are still standing. I’m in total awe of your strength. I know that nothing I can say will take away any of your pain. Just please know that you are thought about with love.
    28 days ago
    Oh wow honey, what a blog, what a life! What do you say to someone you care about (even if far away and never in person) when they are going through so much? “I care” is all I can come up with...and am sending love, positive vibes, prayer, ANY AND EVERYTHING I can think of your way! You are one super special gal, I just adore you and love your posts, strength, and sense of humor! Maybe going through so much is making you the wonderful person you are? Stay strong...you are loved 💞🤗💞
    40 days ago
    You have had a rough year for sure ~ yet you are strong enough to look to the future. ((hugs)) wishing the end of 2020 treats you with compassion and kindness emoticon
    42 days ago
    Love you so much Sis!! You are so incredibly strong!! I know it takes a lot to put it all out there like you did! You are more than enough you beautiful goddess!!! You keep picking your one thing and we will keep cheering from the sidelines!!! ❤️❤
    44 days ago
    There are A LOT of us here to love you through these losses..... and to celebrate with you when it’s time! YOU are sitting right in the MIDDLE of a very large Goddess Circle and your LIGHT is BEAUTIFUL as you bless us with your SHINE ✨✨✨I love you
    44 days ago
    Awe Hun.... writing those glistening eyes... it’s not like I haven’t been beside you through all this ( I have) it’s just that I know the strength it took to write it out and put it out here... so glad you trusted the Universe... as you can see,
    44 days ago
    I’m sending strength and good vibes, so you find the energy to deal with everything. You already made the right decision and left the big city, and now you will slowly find yourself and make yourself happy. You already mastered a lot, and you are THE example of strength to your children. You teach them how to succeed in life! Everything will be okay. We have to let the past go, and that’s what you did. You are an awesome mom and a beautiful lady. A man who leaves you in such a moment was not right anyway. He opened the way for your bright future. May only sunshine come your way, and happiness.
    44 days ago
    What a list to have experienced!!! Sending you big hugs and lots of love.

    Why is it that challenges seem never to come one at a time? You are amazing!!! Good job to realize you need routine, and need to feel that the day has seen some progress. It helps increase our confidence and gives us some control of things too.

    You are right, it will get better!! There will be a day when you look back and say, "WOW, 2020 sure showed me that I can handle whatever life throws my way!" Keep moving forward, and keep laughing and learning with the awesome friends you have. We are all stronger when we help each other...
    44 days ago
    44 days ago
    I know you heard it before, but here goes again , "This too Shall Pass"! I spent a good part of my life drinking my problems away, so it seemed. In all reality I just created more problems. When I was at my lowest point and the only solution was self destruction, God showed up! God will only give you what you can handle and no more, I know you have the strength to get thru this storm! One day you will find yourself on the other side and oh how you will shine! If you get up and make your bed, you will not have a messy head, your day will continue as you tackle each task, before you know it "This too Shall Pass".
    44 days ago
    Sending so much love!! You are a GODDESS. xoxo
    44 days ago
  • LORI-K
    Sending tons of hugs and love your way! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    You’ve been through so much and here you are still standing. Cause you are FIERCE! And strong and amazing. I know you are hurting and I am so sorry for all you’ve been through. Your goal to do ONE thing every day is commendable. Keep plugging. Keep swimming.
    I am here for you if you ever need an ear.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    45 days ago
  • LILIANN400
    You are always enough! emoticon My heart just breaks for you and all the losses you’ve had to endure. One thing I’m certain of, is God will see you through! He may have to carry you at times but you’ll know he’s there. Keep your positive attitude...there’s light ahead. Sending prayers and love to you and your family emoticon emoticon
    45 days ago
  • 1BLAZER282005
    Ohh a lovely heart warming blog with much truth imbedded in it. God never leaves or forsaken us.
    45 days ago
  • EISSA7
    . You are always enough, never less than! You are a survivor and are still standing with love and hope regardless of all you’ve weathered this year! Wishing you warmth, peace, comfort, and laughter as you recover from your many losses. emoticon
    45 days ago
    2020 is definitely being a very bad year. You are legendary, though, for your persistence and tenacity through all of this. You're still mothering your children, too, and that's a big deal, not to mention what an awesome example of meeting events with fortitude. I'm glad you get to let your hair down about it all, too. That's so important for keeping up strength! Hugs and love to you. You are one amazing human being!
    45 days ago
    Positive vibes to.you
    45 days ago

    What you have gone through is almost unimaginable. I'm so sorry for all of your losses. I am glad God is giving you hope!!! (HUGS)
    45 days ago
    Oh hun...that is a lot to go thru....I am so happy u are taking a some time for you to have for you...something I should have done a long time ago myself when I had a lot on my plate...So glad to hear from you and seeing that your just as positive as always!...chin up hun...and keep to your 7 am self care time....hugs
    45 days ago
    45 days ago
    Hang in there cute girl this will pass you are smart strong kind and worth more than you think it will all work out for you
    45 days ago
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