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Walmart Pants, Surgery, and Applesauce

Thursday, October 29, 2020

It's possible I'll win the "Weirdest Blog Title" award with this one! Just sharing some random thoughts this evening.

First, the Walmart pants. A couple of years ago I bought some basic sweatpants at Walmart, the kind of thing I like to wear around the house when cleaning or whatever. They were a medium, which is mostly what I wear since reaching my goal range ten years ago. I did that thing you should never do, which is throw them in the cart without trying them on! When I got home, I discovered that they fit exactly like a sausage casing--I looked stuffed into them and knew I would never wear them in public (or even in private!) I felt a little bad, knowing I had gained back about 15 pounds, and I decided to keep them for when I got the weight back off.

This morning I needed to have a CAT scan (long story) and wanted something comfortable to wear. I've lost 12 pounds this year and thought, what the heck? And guess what? The Walmart pants fit perfectly! In fact, I really, really, like them! They are the perfect length, they don't sag, and there is no gap at the waist. Best of all, no more sausage casing!

The point of all this? Sometimes it doesn't seem as if ten or twelve or fifteen pounds really matters--but it does! Losing this weight made a huge difference in how these pants fit, and I'm sure I look different in my other clothes as well, even if I haven't paid much attention.

In other news, my hip replacement will happen this Monday. I've had many appointments and things to do to prepare, and now I'm really excited to begin the process of feeling better. It turns out that I was born with hip dysplasia (a misshapen hip socket) but no one caught it until I reached my 50s and began having lots of pain from arthritis. My gait has been funny my entire life, and this is why, and probably also why I have so much back pain as well. They are even going to be able to make both my legs the same length, which will also help realign everything. It's going to be a whole new me! I will never be able to run again, which is sad, but many other activities are going to be back in my life, and I can't wait!

Today after my CAT scan and finishing Sunday's sermon, I devoted the day to grocery shopping and food prepping so we'll have supplies when I am recovering. My daughter was supposed to come this weekend to help, but she has been exposed to COVID at her school and doesn't want to take the chance. So I'm prepping on my own. I browned and froze a lot of ground beef, cooked and shredded chicken breasts, and made both stuffed pepper and chicken noodle soup, along with a favorite tortellini pasta bake.

I also made it to the Depot Market, a wonderful farm stand in a historic train depot, to buy half a bushel of apples, so I'm finishing up a big stockpot of applesauce this evening. I don't "put up" nearly the amount of food I used to, but I have canned cinnamon ring pickles, spaghetti sauce, and salsa, as well as freezing sweet corn this summer. I like to make homemade applesauce but we had to leave behind our mature apple trees when we moved, so I bought a mixture of all types of apples and have them cooking right now. Nothing compares to homemade, in my opinion!

It's probably time to finish the applesauce, so I will end here with best wishes to all my SparkFriends. When I blog again, I should have a brand new hip!
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