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11/28/20 6 Seconds

Saturday, November 28, 2020

"6 seconds is a small amount of time. In 6 seconds, you can take a deep breath; you can feel the sunshine; you can kiss someone like you mean it; you can whisper 'it's gonna be okay'. Not much time but enough…enough to make a bad day good, enough to remember what really matters."

"Before I agree to 2021, I want to see some terms & conditions."

Butterball always has a turkey hot-line that they man every  year to field questions about how to cook a turkey.
This one lady called and asked how long it’d take to  roast her bird.
The representative asked, “How much does it weigh?”
The lady replied, “I don’t know.  It’s still running around outside!”


It's Small Business Saturday! The Saturday after Thanksgiving is the day to support the local small shops. Some neighborhoods have a community-wide celebration to encourage folks to stop in each of the little shops, like a small shop crawl.
--International Aura Awareness Day: observed on the 4th Saturday of November; today commemorates the philosophy that all living things are surrounded by energy fields called an aura; the aura can change according to health and mood.
--It's Letter Writing Day: today celebrates the almost-lost art of handwriting letters and mailing them by post; surprise someone and send them a handwritten letter; we get to celebrate this art again on December 7 for National Letter Writing Day; no, I don't know why two--someone didn't get the letter?
--Make Your Own Head Day: today is a day to make a likeness of yourself from any medium-besides photos--selfies don't count; remember drawing your own picture in grade school?
--National French Toast Day: origins aren't really known but a similar dish is noted in Roman times; just basically eggs, milk, and bread, a yummy breakfast dish that is eaten with many different toppings; what's your favorite?; not a French dish as in France it's called pain perdu "lost bread" as it's often made with stale bread.
--Red Planet Day: today is a salute to the Martian probe, Mariner 4, that was launched this day in 1964; a robotic interplanetary probe, it is one in a series of 4 spacecrafts designed to fly past planets.
--Turkey Leftover Day: today could be a final day to celebrate those yummy--maybe boring--leftovers from Thursday; heads-up--tomorrow is Throw Out Turkey Leftovers.
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