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Monday, December 14, 2020

Had my 1st challenge in my local weight loss event and OMG I am in sorry shape. There were 10 what look and sounded like simple task and when I did them I learned that wasn't true. I struggled my way through each one and by the end thought I would die. I knew I had let myself go and now I know just how far I have fallen. I thought this would be hard task but I now know it will be darn right difficult.

I am now counting on the fact that I have talked about losing weight and getting in shape on so many form of social media as well as with real people in my life that I will follow through. I have always said I don't care what other think and have been told that too, but this time I need to care I need to not disappoint those who know of my journey. I cannot have them thinking I am a quitter someone who gives up when things get hard.

I need to care about what they might think even if they don't think it I don't want the potential of them thinking less of me. For this completely insane reason I will follow through this challenge and I will show them I am a woman who WILL get it done!!
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