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Lunch Regret

Friday, January 08, 2021

We have all been there. You eat something you thought was gonna fit the plan for the day, then you track it and you see that it had way more sodium or fat or calories than you thought or planned for.

I have been skipping lunch for a long time.Years.I don't miss it and its a good way to keep my calories down except it turns out, I have been lying to myself. Shocker!
By 3:00 I am starving and eat crackers or cookies or what ever is laying around or worse, the drive through because I am busy and starving and it is not working and I weigh more than I have in years.

I started tracking again this week, I have made some goals and doing some PT and logging everything. I have been pretty proud of myself. I had to be in the car all day yesterday so I took an apple and some appropriate snacks and I had a great food day.

Today, I got my husband his favorite lunch, Mr. Pickles Deli. I hate deli meat (don't get me started!) so I got 1/2 a tuna sandwich. I knew it was going to be higher fat due to the mayo but was pretty shocked when I logged it.

Now I have lunch regret! I have like 300 calories left for dinner IF I want to have a successful week. I know I should just get over it. One meal in a great week of choices. One meal was a
"loss" compared to all my wins. I know I am just tuning back into my body and it is a process and the road will be bumpy and in the overall scheme it was not a big deal. I know I am changing my habits and while I have dieted most of my life, I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING and I am learning still and I will have lunch regret again before I die.

So I am telling myself the things I would tell you. And I hope I believe me and move past my crappy sandwich. It wasn't even that good! BOO!

MY motto when I was successful here previously was Progress not Perfection. Another thing I have to re-learn. I think I won an award for some Inspirational Blog I wrote about it. I have to remember to listen to myself and maybe I should go back and reread some of my amazing inspirational-top-of-the-world
-I-have-this-handled Blogs. Ah, the mighty have fallen. And it wasn't just the stupid Tuna Sandwich. I have issues, man! I have to remember to take the smaller steps because baby steps to a deli are still a million times better than running through a drive through. So, I guess I don't really regret it after all. See what I did there???
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You don't have to think of it as a loss if you learned something from it! It's a win b/c you realized you can't do it again, or have to do a half sandwich, or ask for light mayo or some other thing, scoop out some the bread insides.

    Also what if you just called your 3pm hunger lunch? there's no law that says your middle meal has to be at noon. I'm discovering if I try to organize my eating into meals, I eat SO much better and so much less. But my mealtimes aren't typical b/c I'm not hungry at typical times. It's been working for me. I'm not losing weight fast, but I have only had a single binge in 3 weeks and it was only 500 calories (it was a very bad emotional day).

    You're back, you're learning, that means you're winning! Right?!
    50 days ago
    50 days ago
    One oops doesn't kill the whole thing. Focus on your next meal, and don't try to make it 300 cals. It is what it is and it's over. Now forgive yourself.
    50 days ago
    You and me too sister! I keep thinking this is the last time but I realize it's never the last time. I am going to keep making mistakes and I am going to keep getting up. Your motto Progress not Perfection applies here. We beat ourselves up the the truth is you have been successful and part of that success is learning as you know. The compassion you show yourself will make all the difference when you look back on this week.
    50 days ago
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