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Day 89: Mixing It Up

Thursday, January 21, 2021

My energy levels have really been rising again and I'm starting to feel so much better now. I have way less pain and a lot more flexibility and strength to do things. So I've started mixing up my workouts. I'm trying out new things and adding in a lot more sculpting and toning stuff since my ribs can handle that a lot more easily now. I still have to be careful not to overdo it, but it's a lot easier to move around and I'm not so TIRED like I was for a while. I still plan on taking caffeine supplements just for that extra boost, but I don't think I'll need to take as much or as often as I had thought I would.

Eating High Quality Foods: Foods have been really high quality. Haven't eaten any junk lately. I cut up a bunch of turkey muscle last night and made a big batch of soup with a lot of turmeric to help with recovery.

Accurately Measure & Track Food: Measuring has been more kind of eyeballing which I need to work on but I've been tracking everything well. My calories have been pretty decent. I'm under 2000 calories a day now which was a big goal of mine.

Drink at least 64 ounces of water: Working on drinking more water and cutting back on the coffee as it's affecting my sleep now. Before the coffee never affected my sleep so I didn't really worry about it but now I've hit the too much caffeine mark so I'm stepping it back and upping the water.

Non-Scale Victory: My biggest nonscale victory lately is really listening to my body. I've been really in tune with all my body's signals and that's been guiding me to eat when I need to, rest when I need to, and push harder when I need to.

Fitness: I've been pushing harder with exercise lately. Fitness has been going well because I rested when I needed to and now that I've been feeling better I've been pushing harder with fitness. I've been doing a lot of new exercises, a lot more challenging exercises and focusing on toning and tightening and building muscle. I did squats the other day and I did a core workout this morning. I've always been big on muscle confusion which produces the most results with the least amount of work. My muscles were just getting too efficient at the exercises I was doing and I wasn't burning that many calories anymore, so it was time to switch things up.

Sleep Like I said, I need to cut back on the caffeine because it's started interfering with my sleep now. So I'm drinking more water which I need anyway.

Quit Progress: Doing pretty average on the smokes. A little more than I should, so need to watch it, but my budget is bigger these days, so not too worried.

General Health: Health is average. Allergies have been bad.

Weight Loss Progress/Swelling/Bloat: There's really no progress to report. I think my body is taking a bit of a breather. You can't expect your body to overexhaust itself. Which is why I'm pushing the soup and a lot of fruit today for healing purposes. You have to TAKE CARE of yourself. Don't push too hard all the time. Be patient with yourself. Everything will happen in its own time.

Meditation: I haven't been meditating. I haven't really been in the state of mind for it, but I'm preparing for a detox for spring.

Ready to just have a day of healing and getting prepared for the weekend.

Keep Sparking! emoticon
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