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Reflections on Recent Weightloss

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Well since I announced that after losing the pandemic weight I am on the road to a normal BMI, I have lost 1-3.5 more pounds depending on the day and how I contort myself on the scale. So given that I am now clearly a weightloss expert, I shall bestow my endless wisdom on you. Actually, I just need to keep a record for myself of what is working so far.

1. Increasing exercise.
I love those endorphins. Besides my daily walk of 30-60 minutes, I have added almost daily exercise or weights lasting 10-35 minutes. The movement agrees with me. Besides boosting my spirits, I like the toning. Even when my weight doesn't move, clothing is a little looser. While some days it makes me hungrier (boo!), other days I feel like it makes me less hungry.

2. Track everything WeightWatchers Style and stay bottom to middle of range.
I can't stay bottom of middle of my range every day, but it is where the weightloss happens. If I go over points, I try hard to make it up the next day.

3. Increase healthy fat and protein as needed
My grocery store ran out of my favorite non-fat reduced sugar yogurt, so I decided to go with Chobani reduced sugar low fat vanilla. Just the extra fat makes me feel a little more full in the morning or when I have it as a snack.When ravenous, I find usually one of 2 solutions or a combo of both helps-increase my healthy fat and/or increase my protein. For some reason my body refuses to be a vegetarian because the protein that does it for me is usually chicken, turkey, or shrimp.

4. Keep my eye on the prize
I am lucky that I feel the benefits even before any weightloss. I feel happier when I eat right and exercise. However, I am still vain enough that I really want to be healthy slender again. I miss it, I want it and I will get there.

And now for a random question....is anyone else a tad anxious about re-entering the world more fully once enough people are vaccinated. I have become used to my semi-hermit family life, my yoga pants and my better sleep schedule. Pre-covid, I worked some at home and some at the office. I feel anxious about returning to office life at all and dressing up and washing my hair more. So much hygiene! Slob life agrees with me. :).

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I joke that NOW I understand agoraphobia...not there yet but I HATE to leave the house now.
    47 days ago
    You really are doing great. I too am apprehensive about reentering the world. I've had my first vaccination but I still find it hard to go into stores. Actually as maybe gone into a store 5 or 6 times since last March 15th. I do my shopping online.
    51 days ago
  • HEDSTS58
    Congratulations on the weight loss. I'm still out in the workforce because I'm a nurse. I fear taking off the mask. I haven't worn makeup in nearly a year. I 'm not sure I remember how to do it. I'll scare the children! LOL. Take care of yourself
    60 days ago
    I'm retired, so re-opening is not such a major Thing as it can be for the rest of you, but I don't think going maskless is going to be possible for over another year.
    61 days ago
    Yup, I've definitely been thinking of the difficulties of emerging from slob life. Not sure I'll ever get back in non-elastic-waist pants...
    In "anticipation" of eventually being forced back, I'm trying to be more careful about what I eat. Cuz slob life has included way too many snacks and way too many liquid consolations!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    64 days ago
  • SPICY23
    emoticon on your success!

    I am seeing things moving again too. I think it has more to do with me getting more serious about getting the protein in. I have been doing more property work outside when the weather cooperates and that is pretty strenuous so that probably contributes. I truly envy your endorphins. A gift I have yet to experience.

    Peace and Care
    65 days ago
    There is a benefit to this life for hermits and introverts of all kinds. Certainly being more natural is one of them -- eating when needed, sleeping when needed. Less of a pressure filled schedule. But, still, I long to see a normal sea of human faces when I go out.
    65 days ago
    I have still had to go into the office 2 days a week since last March. I have been going to the gym, too. I need it for the stress relief & the immune support.
    65 days ago
    Yes, we’re enjoying the hermit lifestyle for the most part too. The odd restaurant meal, coffee with friends in the square, but most of the rest can stay away...
    You doing great. I too have found that the ‘confinement’ as they call it here in France suits me fir weight loss!
    65 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon
    66 days ago
    Yes! Exercise is definitely a key!

    Tracking – definitely do that and probably always will!

    YES YES YES. Healthy fat and proteins are DEFINITELY something I rely on to stay sated! It works!

    The prize – feeling healthy and feeling good in your own skin. Definitely

    Ohhhhh I definitely think it is going to be an experience when things open up to more normal status. For sure. Not sure HOW I’ll react, honestly. I know I’ll love being able to see family and friends w/o restriction.

    It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. But I think, just as changes happened after 9-11, and we adapted, the same will happen now.


    66 days ago
    I find the WW points work for me too. At times I am a little obsessive so I need to chill a bit. I still go into the office every day but in the New Year I am trying to be better about dressing a bit better. But there are days that I just don't care - I wonder if I will ever go back to my old ways.
    66 days ago
    You sound so in touch with your appetite, and I'm very impressed that you're exercising so regularly. I don't do well with exercising at home, I need to show up at a class to get motivated, so I really admire those who work out consistently on their own. My own sister does it, so it's not genetic!

    Since I'm retired I don't have that issue of going out in the world more inthe future, but I do think that after this experience there's going to be a lot more working from home as a norm, both because companies have been forced to try it and found it's doable, and because people like you are starting to think they kind of like it. My daughter and her husband are both ready to work remotely forever at this point, the only stipulation being they'd need a bigger house! (They're crammed into a one-bedroom bungalow with two dogs, taking turns working in the livingroom and bedroom. Luckily they don't seem to want to kill each other yet.)

    Also, wanted to tell you I just bought the Ginger Mango tea yesterday and I really like it. I made it in a cold-brew pitcher and am drinking it cold with some seltzer and ice cubes. Usually I don't like fruity teas, but I needed something different - every so often I switch up what I'm adding to my water because it helps me keep my intake up. Anyway, yummy. I went to the Yogi website and read the full ingredients - did you know there's cinnamon, licorice, cardamom and a bunch of other things in there?
    66 days ago
    We've settled into our bubble of 3. We are on a list somewhere to get a shot, but I don't see any lifestyle changes after that happens. Life has become quite comfortable.

    Congrats on the weight loss and the benefits from exercise. Stay safe. Be well. emoticon
    66 days ago
    yes i love the hermit lifestyle Hugs
    66 days ago
  • ANYVAR54
    I enjoyed your blog. Love the cat at the end. Yes, I admit that I am anxious to get back to people being all around me. I have had my first shot and will get my second at the end of the month. But I enjoy my husband working from home and will surely miss him when he has to got back to working at the office. Stay safe!
    66 days ago
    I am totally loving this hermit life and am also anxious about life going back to some kind of normal. I think it will be a long time, if ever, that we feel comfortable out in the world again. We went to a Barnes & Noble on Saturday to sit down with my step son who is deploying to Iraq this week. His kids were sick so we had to meet him on neutral ground. It's the first time since December 2019 that I've been in anything resembling a restaurant and while I enjoyed our visit, I wasn't thrilled to be there.

    I thought of you last night. My gym has made several classes around the country virtual. So we can do the workout with the instructor and those who are attending live. I tried a Zumba class last night and I LOVED IT! The instructor was Alejandro and he was so much fun to watch. Being that I was at home, I only did about the first 20 minutes. It didn't start until 7:40 p.m. and by 8 I'm ready to settle in. He's teaching again tonight and I'm dialing in!
    66 days ago
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