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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here's one of my favorite message board posts in a while!

Title: Crying

Message: I was reading articles on SparkPeople about diet strategies. I
nodded my head in agreement at a few of the paragraphs.

Then my eyes just started to fill with tears.

I don''t know when it happened, but I became so proud of myself for
changing. I was eating a healthy lunch, enjoying every bite while I rested
after my new workout designed to get me out of this plateau I''m in.

And I just started crying. I''m still crying actually. I can only count on
one hand how many times I''ve been THIS proud of myself. I had no idea what
a moving experience this would be.

Tears are streaming down my face as I type.

And the best part? I didn''t lose a single ounce this past weigh-in. Nor
inches either.

But I didn''t give up. Oh my goodness I didn''t give up. I am stronger
that I thought and I am so proud of who I am becoming.

This is me. Raw and uninterrupted. Evolving and learning as I grow in

I had no idea. Fellow sparkers...I had no idea that focusing on myself
could be this powerful.

If I could, I would give this feeling to every person I know. Now I know
why our Spark Coaches do what they do - how could they not try to lead
others into this happiness? It doesn''t seem like it''s the sheer joy that
I want to spread...it''s the realistic method to deal with both the joy and
the pain that life throws at you.

I am in awe that a website could give so much to so many.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love the article on your page. That feeling that I had when I got on the scale and saw the numbers. I really realized it was something that I did. It was all me. I was so proud. Yes I was crying too. No one really noticed. My clothes are loose. But the numbers do not lie. I now have goals, and my outlook on life is great. Without all this support, it could not happen Thanks.
    4860 days ago
    i added a recipe called russian stew and did not get any spark points, could you explain why not. i'm sure it was just an over site

    4866 days ago
  • MARJO9
    well here's an article that discribed how i feel Title: Crying
    My daudgter Wanda has asked me to join sparkpeople
    I've been on diets more than I can count
    I've tryed different web sites but to get what we get on spark i would have to pay so discouraged by the fact that weight loss only belong to rich people I cryed myself to sleep and figured I would be fat 4-ever

    My diabetes is too high and can't get it to be under control
    I eat healthy food, but the weight stays on
    The doctor gave me pills but it does not work
    I bought the book by Kevin Trudeau *the weight loss cure*
    supposed to be with naturel products
    I was mad to find out once again that you need lots of money to fallow his miracal cure....and by the way not so naturel
    and for my diabetes he suggest to take Elcotin
    I don't even know what it is.....
    Thanks SPARKGUY for your site has made a small difference so far ( I'm only on day 2) but by keeping track of the food I eat I just saw where my biggest problem was...
    I have to go somewhere for a week but as soon as I get back I will jump on my PC and come to my sparkpage and fill in the missing days...I love you for making this available to poor people and I love my Daughter Wanda for getting me to join

    For the first time in years I'm hopeful that this will work for me
    because your page on keeping track of food does not just count the calories but breaks it down to see where they are from and that's a big help for me

    Keep up the good work
    salut from Marjolaine who's your # 1 fan
    Here in Seven-Island Quebec, Canada
    4873 days ago
  • no profile photo JAELINE
    i took care of my mother last year for quite a while she lay dying from lung problems, i think she just gave up, she was 81 and tired of suffering. her race ended jan.23, 2006. I let her go because it was her time and it was what she wanted it was a hard thing to go throughbut i didit. and when it was over , it left me what should i do with my life now.One the last thing i told my mom when she died that was alright for her to go because I 'd be along soon. I really was ready to go.Of course it wasan't my time so i couldn't. as a result i began to eat to stuff the pain. i realldy did'nt feel like doing anything. I just sit and stare at the wall.Then one I woke up and thought Ive got to do something about me Im a mess. I prayed about everything the mess iwas. my weight, the pain i was feeling and lonliness and then One day on my computer almost like a miracle there was spark pages, I never heard of it but i found i knew it my answer I joined and started right away, I think its so cool that you wanted to help people. God bless you for being my answer to prayer
    4880 days ago
    You should be proud of yourself you are helping so many people to accomplish things that they would have given up on but they keep at it because your site helps them heal as well as lose weight. Don't worry about the tears it is a very cleansing experience to have and cleans out the old junk to lighten the load.
    You have taught many of us to evolve and learn as we grow in life and your ideas are award winning. If I had the money I would give you the gold. You are changing not only my life, but the life of my whole family 5 kids and my husband. Thank you for focusing on yourself and being willing to share so much of yourself with all of us sparkers. Believe it or not you are giving this feeling to everyone who gets on your site and changing them 1 life at a time which from what I have seen lately is a lot of people. It reminds me of the movie "PAY IT FORWARD" in which you have done so well and have helped others to continue to do the same for themselves as well as others.
    Congradulation on sharing so much of yourself with so many people and making a huge impact on the lives of others through your selflessness. If only we could all be like you what a world this would be.
    4884 days ago
    Thanks for your being one of my friends. Your sparkle webiste is interesting and I enjoy being part of sparkle teams. I have been lots of interesting news from all of my friends and plenty of motivation. I enjoy reading all of my mail and I always looking forward to hearing from lots of different people with lots of different advice. Thanks for all of your help and let the staff know I really appreciate this website; it really has help me out in all sorts of ways. I will keep on losing weight and stay healthly and happy.
    4889 days ago
  • SHARY333
    Yes, Thank you for this site. I have never seen a site for health like this before. Congratulations on a Great Site!!! I did not find this myself. I was recommended by a friend and I am glad she did. We all have our ups and downs, but with this site we can vent our woes and encourage each other. Awesome. May God Bless you in all your endeavors!
    4892 days ago
    :You have a right to feel so good about what you have accomplished. How did you come up with the idea? What prompted you to pursue this project? Do you have any others?
    4895 days ago
    I don't know how I found this site but am really pleased that I did and the best thing besides it being free is all the motivation and help you receive from others. Thanks
    4895 days ago
    Dear SG, Thank you for your website. You altruism amazes me. I am restarting after a fun summer. Your blog remotivated me. Thank you for the support and wisdom. I enjoyed the article about starting spark and of course, this blog. You reminded me to look at the changes and not the failures. Thanks again and appreciate the tears of joy and pride.
    4895 days ago
    This blog moved me more than I can say. I can only hope to have such confidence and pride.

    SP is wonderful - I really believe you have helped me turn my life around and get me moving in the right direction. I love the wonderful people and their support and would like to thank you for creating SP!
    4897 days ago
    They say one person can make a difference. You have put it into practice. Thank you is so lame for what you are doing for so many people. Thank you is all that I have to give at this time and I will accomplish my goal and be a walking billboard for Sparkpeole.com. I greatly appreciate this website and intend to share it with a whole bunch more people.

    4897 days ago
    Thankyou so much for creating a magnificent website that is free to all and so helpful! There isn't a better website for weight loss.
    4903 days ago
    you are a saint!!! What an awesome individual you are, to have stuck your hand out to pull me and so many others up....I love you!!!!
    4904 days ago
    Thank you for this great web site and I must say I know this feeling you talk about. No matter what happens to me on my journey I am happy where I am, Eating healthy, exercising, and leanring about ME !!
    4904 days ago
  • no profile photo BEELEAN2
    I want to thank you for making this one of the best websites ever! Every day I learn something meaningful and relevant. Every ounce I lose makes me feel better, and have actually added more exercise into an already busy day. No more naps for me! I look forward to more of Spark People. I'm truly grateful. Bee
    4908 days ago
  • SHELLIE2732
    Wow-I can't thank you enough. I've only been a member here for a little over 2 wks and I just can't say thank you enough. I am so greatful that you followed through with your dream of not becoming that coworker in accounting. I'm so greatful that you have this passion to spark to all of us who really want the same things, but just didn't know how to do it. Thank you so much!! I truly beleive that you, your stagg, and this website are a God send. Thanks again -Shellie
    4908 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2055832
    God Bless you for the wonderful things you have done for the countless thousands who fight the battle of the bulge 24/7. The website is awesome, fantabulous!

    Wishing you and yours continued good health and happiness always!
    4912 days ago
    I can tottally relate!
    4916 days ago
    Thankyou soooo much for offering this site to so many for free. It is a great encouragement to have such a helpful site. I'll be writing again when I hit my 30 lb. goal.
    4917 days ago
    I just watched the Fox chicago video and I want to personally thank you for investing your money in ME!!!! I am losing slowly but I want to be one of those people to promote SparkPeople in my community. I will be the success story that you see on Fox 41 Louisville. The story was very inspiring and I am glad that your Goal is to help US!!! and it is FREE!
    4920 days ago
    I have been feeling the same way as this member - bot to the point of tears, but definitely so thankful that I came back to Spark for another try after being gone for a while. Before, I focused only on the nutrition and fitness parts of the site - who needs those messages boards? and what's a Spark team anyway? And then one night, I could feel how heavy I was lying on the couch, and I decided to look at the website one more time to see if it could help or not. I redesigned my Spark page, reset my goals - and immediately I got two encouraging comments on my webpage from 2 members who didn't even know me!! And that is what propelled me forward.

    I have quite a bit of weight to lose - and years of habits to unlearn and replace. But I'm hopeful and excited, instead of dreading and fearing it. And all because of Spark. Thanks Spark Guy, for posting this - I raise my glass of V8 to this member and everyone here in our family.
    4924 days ago
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