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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hello all you wonderful people. I guess it is time to blog again and thank you all for your wonderful support that you all have been giving me. I am lucky to have you all on my side.

I again am going to start fighting. My son is Diagnosed with P.D.D. another lazy way of saying he is Aspergers. I am so tired of the run around I am getting but so is life. I am doing all I can for him right now he is my priority. Why does it go that us familys who know out own kids are so in the wrong? It is my fault. Lol. Just wanting to vent. I also am high functioning I think. I am not diagnosed with this. Dont know where to go. Anyhow he is my number one priority. Anyhow.

I today went to a WRAP AROUND Training. It was fun. I left here at 11:30 and got there at 11:45 and I missed my friend. I went to support two very important people in my life. I am so proud of them. One is a youth in partner. She is so wonderful. The other is her aunt. i met her once. But all are great people. The youth is one I met through a training I went through so I can start working now as a peer support councelor and not have to get certified. i want my licence though. It is nice to know that I can do it anyhow. It was such a wondrful experience. They let me talk of my experince. I was there and it was fun to do support. I knew all three of them that were teaching. one is also in my life somehow. Anyhow it is great.

I then went and picked up my friends son and took the boys bowling at Special Olympics. I have know the Coach for oh my 15 years now or so. She is so wonderful her Very fierst grandson was there. It was so great to see them there too. He is 4 weeks old. The dad kept following them around such a proud dad and grandma. It was a great day.

I hopw it was a great day for all of you too. It was so gross out too but the sun did shine about 5 tonight for a while.

I know I am making progress. I need to go in and now talk to my doctor about a medication I am on to help me. No not anything for Depression wish something would help me. I hope there is a birth control out there now that will help with anxiety. So we will see. Sorry. ANyhow hope all that reads this has a wonderful day.

i gotta go I have a meeting in the morning to go to. Early to bed man no. It is a weekend but that is o.k.
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    Hi Rori, you are so strong and such a wonderful mother.Don't quit fighting, once they realize you aren't going to go away things will start happening. You are staying so busy.. Wraparound and the Special Olympics! Your son is so lucky to have you involved in all these activities that will benefit him. You are such a inspiration to all of us.
    4846 days ago
    As it has been said, you are very positive, and very strong. You are dealing with what you have to, and that is a very strong person to me. It's great that you are making progress, for you to acknowledge that means a lot. Have a great weekend. Lou.
    4848 days ago
    Seems like God picked out just exactly the right parent for your son...YOU!! You are so upbeat about the trials and tribulations in your life. Your son is one lucky kid I'm thinking. Also sounds like you had a great day out with friends...bowling etc. I know when I get blue and depressed if I (somehow) manage to make myself get out and about with other people I always feel so much better!
    Hugs to you and your wonderful son!
    4848 days ago
    Hello Rori,
    So nice to hear from you and about you! How are things going with your son at school? I hope good. I work at a Middle School and so have had experiences with Aspergers. My good friend's son just graduated from High School with Aspergers. He is a wonderful boy who just learns differently and relates to people differently. I bet your son will be just the same. He obviously has a wonderful and supportive mother! How lucky he is that you are so willing to seek help in raising him so that his diagnosis doesn't get in the way of his success.

    Now, what tests are you studying for? I think I missed what they are for. Are you in school? What a neat thing. I loved being in school. I still have nightmares about forgetting to go to a class though. :)

    Congrats on kicking the pop habit. I just did the same thing myself. I'm finally to the point that I really don't miss it anymore. I'm so glad I'm finaly to the point that I don't miss it. I really never thought I'd get there. I could literally drink 2 liters of diet Pepsi a day. :)

    Hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow! Amy :)
    4848 days ago
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