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For today
Wednesday, September 10, 2008      3 comments

The tin-man season has started. Pain is like dripping water on rock, unsettling the best of plans. I am no stranger to pain. Accept new phases and move on. So if you see the tin man around town doing the Tim Conway old-man shuffle, wave as you j... Read more
Next goal: 35 pounds
Wednesday, September 10, 2008      2 comments

There is satisfaction in seeing the shelves lined with lovely jars. Call it maternal instinct, caring for one's own, planning for the future, a bent toward domesticity. Peaches are done. Tomorrow will be tomatoes. We are blessed. * * * * * ... Read more
Operation 30 pounds a smashing success!
Wednesday, September 03, 2008      7 comments

Woohoo, I did it! Down exactly 30 pounds this morning. It won't be official on my ticker until Monday's weigh-in. Last night and today have been horrible for wanting to graze. Can't my mind get with the program and celebrate a little success?... Read more
Operation 30 pounds
Monday, September 01, 2008      5 comments

I took a detour while on vacation. I let it happen. I'm already thinking about ways to plan well for the next time. Re-losing the same pounds, trying to catch up with the ticker, is too costly to my morale. My commitment is strong. Little bump... Read more
When life laughs at you, laugh along.
Tuesday, August 26, 2008      4 comments

Warning: Don’t read on if you are looking for a lightweight blog. Pain. We’ve all been there, from the littlest stubbed-toe ouches that needs kissing away, to the great big, spirit-destroying groans of life. Here are some ... Read more
Keeping our head in the game
Tuesday, August 19, 2008      3 comments

My friend, BITTYGIRL51, posted that "90% of the battle is just keeping our head in the game..." That's good to remember. When we go off plan, we make the decision to do it. The behavior may follow so closely on the thought that we don't want to... Read more
Steady plodding
Thursday, August 14, 2008      2 comments

Addendum to earlier blog today I asked for something more concrete to confirm this direction today. The speaker this morning is the president of a college. Part of his talk was about writing! Coincidence? *big grin* This is scary to s... Read more
Thursday, August 14, 2008      2 comments

This is lifted from FLYFIGHTER'S BLOG on 7-28-08. It is sooo good. Promises to My Self There are so many things I want to do that I shouldn't do, and vice versa. Even though it is a struggle, and I fail sometimes, I need to remind mys... Read more
No more
Tuesday, August 12, 2008      1 comments

Translations for those of us with bifocals: A new study found that Colorado has the lowest obesity rate of any state...Forget dieting, We're moving to Colorado! Update on my progress: LAME EXCUSE #1. It doesn't count if I can't log it. M... Read more
Saturday, August 09, 2008      5 comments

Do you remember all the things you wanted to be when you grew up? Recently our local paper had a picture of a 4 year old who wants to pursue about 10 occupations. We smile. When I grow up I want to specialize in reclaiming old houses. In ... Read more
The path
Friday, August 08, 2008      4 comments

In response to CJSTRIP’s refreshing and thoughtful blog on 7.22.08, Nina (BUGMAMA42) wrote: “There have been many times, especially towards the beginning/middle of Phase I (the weightloss phase), where I could only focus on ONE day. But that... Read more
From the porch...
Wednesday, August 06, 2008      4 comments

My computer is back from the hospital, so I've been poking around, trying to catch up with all my friends. I feel lost in la-la land, disconnected, not back in the swing of this yet. Yesterday someone asked a man what to do when they get ... Read more
My computer is sick
Monday, July 28, 2008      4 comments

My computer is sick and has to go to the computer hospital. I will not be able to check in very often until it gets better. This is not a vacation from living healthy. I will be back with good things to post later.... Read more
The oatmeal made me do it
Sunday, July 27, 2008      7 comments

Hahahaha snerk On Sundays we have oatmeal for breakfast because I don't want to get ravenously hungry before we get home from church. Oatmeal sticks to the ribs (whatever that means). Todays PARADE magazine said we need to rethink oat... Read more
The passion to be brilliant
Monday, July 21, 2008      9 comments

Settling for mediocrity. I read someone's spark page yesterday that contained that phrase. It reminded me of a book I bought years ago by the same title. Am I exchanging the passion to be brilliant for the laziness of mediocrity? I see a patt... Read more

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