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Taking A Rest Day
Wednesday, October 01, 2014      6 comments

I have been so active for the past week that my exhaustion is worse than it was before I started back to doing deep water aerobics. The doctor sure did nail that prediction! Today my protesting knees rule and I am taking time off. I will do d... Read more
Busy Day
Monday, September 29, 2014      2 comments

Today, I polished the furniture, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, vacuumed the carpet, cleaned the non carpet floor areas and washed/changed the sheets on our bed. Later, I went to the grocery store. (Actually two different stores.) I was so... Read more
Changing Your Perception To Be More Positive
Saturday, September 27, 2014      5 comments

As many of you may already know, I am coming off a long illness which required at least two months of steroids. Since I am also hypothyroid, the steroids really do a number on my weight and metabolism. I have been alternately stressed out and ... Read more
Still Wheezing But Able To Do Deep Water Class
Thursday, September 25, 2014      4 comments

Yesterday, my doctor rechecked my lungs and overall recovery. I am still doing a bit of wheezing but am so much better than I was at the beginning of September. I am only occasionally hoarse now, usually when I talk a lot late in the day or wh... Read more
Going For A Lung Check Today
Wednesday, September 24, 2014      4 comments

I have my follow up appointment this afternoon for a lung check. If I am well enough, we may start pulmonary testing and a possible referral to a specialist. I can't wait until I am well enough to get back to my regular workout routine!... Read more
Taking Care Of Business
Monday, September 22, 2014      4 comments

I have mixed feelings today. I have a friend who passed away because she didn't take care of herself, physically, spiritually, emotionally, you name it. Her family was supposedly going to pull her off life support yesterday. Someone was suppo... Read more
Exercising In 10-15 Minute Intervals Today
Thursday, September 18, 2014      4 comments

Today is a "rest day" after several days of intense workouts. My strategy for today, is to work out in 10-15 minute intervals. I have done 3 so far today. My objective is to increase my breathing but not stress myself. I want to work in a fa... Read more
Cleaning The House Using Rotation
Tuesday, September 16, 2014      6 comments

I finally think I have my required cleaning down to a science! I can clean the whole house in about 2-3 hours and it sparkles! I have found that I do certain jobs on a rotating basis. For the rest, I prep on one day (it takes around 75 minute... Read more
Working On Pacing Myself Today
Monday, September 15, 2014      4 comments

Today, I am working on pacing myself and spreading out my activity throughout the day. I woke up with a headache and by taking care of it right away and pacing my activities, it only lasted two hours! Yeah me!... Read more
On A Wellness Quest
Saturday, September 13, 2014      4 comments

Today is day 56 since I first got sick. It appears that the infection may finally be gone but it took so long that my body is having trouble bouncing back. I still have fatigue, a cough and bouts of heavy sweating. My CT scan showed signs of ... Read more
Finished With My Heavy Cleaning At Last!
Saturday, September 06, 2014      7 comments

It has taken me close to two weeks, but I am happy to report that I am finally close to being finished with my heavy cleaning. I buckled down yesterday and spent about 8 more hours vacuuming, shampooing, dusting, scrubbing, polishing, scouring,... Read more
Day #1 Riding The Bike
Friday, September 05, 2014      4 comments

There were many positive changes made at the Y during my 6 weeks hiatus. Many rooms have been painted, pictures of local places, landscaping and general information have been carefully displayed on the walls. This gives the gym a warmer and l... Read more
I Now Have A Healing Plan
Thursday, September 04, 2014      7 comments

I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday, instead of this morning. The CT scan showed that I had bronchitis and am left with patches of inflammation. It also showed previous granulomatous disease. My doctor said the word previous is a go... Read more
Getting Ready For The Ct Scan On My Lungs
Tuesday, September 02, 2014      10 comments

I got up early this morning in preparation for the CT scan on my lungs. The other part of the reason was that I woke up coughing, which is the reason for the scan. I am nervous about what they may find out. Will it show something that can be ... Read more
A Day For Family And Relaxation
Monday, September 01, 2014      6 comments

Happy Labor Day to all of my Spark friends. May you have a day of family, fun, relaxation and wise choices. Put yourselves at the top of your "to do list" today because you are important!... Read more

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