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How do you know when you're there?
Thursday, August 14, 2014      4 comments

I've always had a pretty stringent weight goal--and I mostly stayed within a few pounds, always "working toward" the last few pounds. (Not the recent gain after vacation--that really was a glitch! But I'm back to where I had been and usually ... Read more
the weekend struggle
Friday, July 25, 2014      3 comments

So the real problem is I don't WANT to be good on the weekends--and when I'm at my goal, I can actually have extras on the weekend and 'fix it' during the week. I actually did that for several years. BUT--I wacked out in May, and have to g... Read more
sugar highs, brain rushes, and withdrawals--what a night that was!!
Monday, July 11, 2011      11 comments

I had a difficult but enlightening evening Friday, and wrote the following article based on it. Upshot of it all is--eat for brain glucose stability and you'll sleep better and feel better emotionally too! And yes--I did eat some whole grain b... Read more
Self-delusions I'm ready to drop
Monday, May 02, 2011      8 comments

Like many of you, I joined Spark and lost the weight I set out to lose. About two years later, I gained back just under half of the weight I had lost. Still a fairly good weight, but not 'sleek', and some clothes do not fit as well. So I'... Read more
preperations for difficult things...
Monday, April 04, 2011      2 comments

My mom has been in hospital and then nursing care, for C-diff, just home last week, and my dad's been caring for her, with some limited part time help so he can still work some. For the whole time, and with his dog there it was a support. ... Read more
What I did and why I did it: the mini-lift
Saturday, February 19, 2011      10 comments

The first three are "before"; the last three are "after" ... Read more
a new step on the journey
Saturday, January 08, 2011      4 comments

Well how cool is this--I'm finally working out. And it feels like it's MINE, in a way that it never has before. When I went to the gym last time I swooped through someone else's territory, perching on the machines, almost holding my breath the... Read more
post-Thanksgiving reality check
Friday, November 26, 2010      3 comments

I love to enjoy food, and make, bake and share all of the favorite treats of the season. And that is not something I'm willing to give up--ever. BUT--I also love being healthy, wearing clothes that fit, and feeling ok with my belly. T... Read more
Changing goals
Sunday, November 07, 2010      2 comments

Wonder if I'll get it this time? There have been two other times when I've realized the problem was lack of muscle, not too much simple weight. But again and again, I have focused on losing fat--it's easier, and I'm better at it. Bu... Read more
The "Almost there" syndrome...
Wednesday, August 04, 2010      2 comments

We've been talking about this on a thread, and it's so true I have to stop and consider it. It's the "got there and then popped back up just a bit, and hover there, can't go back to my goal" thing. Somehow when I go below 140, it's... Read more
What I learned on my not-so-vacation
Sunday, July 11, 2010      6 comments

I just got back from some workshops, including an all day session on the clinical management of obesity, presented by the Dean of the College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida. Some of my Sparkfriends asked m... Read more
some info on fibromyalgia
Monday, May 31, 2010      5 comments

I'm writing this to share info with a Spark friend. First of all let me say--no, I do not have fibro--for which I am eternally grateful! It's no fun to have. And I'm also not a rheumatologist. And if you have fibro, you will probably want to... Read more
Thursday, February 25, 2010      1 comments

I know some...but I'm missing much, too. I'll be doing a search of the recent medical literature later this afternoon. And I'm looking for books. I'd really LIKE to be able to eat sugar/sweets reasonably. Right now, I've little sense t... Read more
Learning...and back for application! ;)
Friday, February 05, 2010      8 comments

2/5/2010 Interesting. I made it through Christmas within my 'margin of error'...but having a dearly loved familey member come for a prolonged visit changed things. She is overweight, and she did the cooking...and I let her 'splurges' also tem... Read more
Getting there
Tuesday, August 04, 2009      6 comments

I may start a thread called "getting there" ! Cause many of us are pretty well "getting there", maintaining, hovering, changing habits, making long-term alterations. It's not really about being "done"--in fact, I doubt I will ever feel d... Read more

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