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January 13th 2013
Thursday, January 17, 2013      5 comments

I started over here at spark.My doctors all of them and that is alot of doctors.lol Have been after me to take off the weight as I had reached my highest weight ever.And since I am losing inches in height it is not a good combo.I top the scale a... Read more
A Journey To Find ME
Thursday, March 24, 2011      3 comments

I am not as lost as I was but I am still far from knowing where I am.I know I have been missing to alot of my friends and teams here on sp.I keep trying but before I can get my footing I am down again.I am on more of a spiritual journey as... Read more
Saturday, January 15, 2011      7 comments

As I have share alot in the past year I have seen alot of lows.For medical reasons.But now I find myself lost in a low I can no really explain to anyone.I feel hopeless.Not with the medical mess.I have pretty much come to roll with the punche... Read more
Thursday, September 30, 2010      1 comments

As we go threw this old world.It can be a ruff hike at times.And we would give anything to be able to undo alot of things we did or didn't do.But that is just it we are alot of... Read more
Finding Strength.
Tuesday, August 31, 2010      4 comments

Today I was finally told I did actually inspite of the Prefect Doctor and his test.I did Have a stroke.I am not thrilled to be right by no means.But finally I know what I am dealing with.I am not going to take it laying down.My Body may have ot... Read more
My Dancing In The Rain
Friday, August 27, 2010      3 comments

I know I have been among the missing lately.I will do my best to start at the beginning without making this to long. Tuesday I went to spend the day with my Angel Grands... Read more
What Your Prayers & Positive Thoughts Have Done.
Wednesday, August 04, 2010      2 comments

This is our Little Jacqueline HarleyQuinn.She is now as u can see taking a pacifier and actually sucking it and opening her eyes and attempting to enter act at times. PLEAS... Read more
Josephine HarleyQuinn
Friday, July 30, 2010      4 comments

Hi I am home and it has been a really long day but I have to share that things are even worse than we knew with lil quinn she has a genetic disease. That there is no cur... Read more
Prayers and Positive Energy Please
Thursday, July 29, 2010      8 comments

Positive Energy Everyone I am posting this as our family is in need of extra prayer and positive energy as my sweet lie angel niece shown here Jacqueline Harley-Quinn ... Read more
Learning to Soar
Saturday, June 12, 2010      1 comments

As alot of you know I am once again under going alot of test and procedure and soon to add in yet another surgery.I do at times feel like the Human guinea pig but we all have... Read more
I Need a Vacation from Sickness.
Friday, May 21, 2010      5 comments

As most of u know I have been fighting sickness for the past year now and spend more time in the doctors offices or the hospital to the point my grandson points to the hospital and calls it my house.I am not really what u would say down.I have b... Read more
Thoughts of Mine and How I found GrandMother Willow.
Saturday, April 10, 2010      4 comments

I have struggled with weight and with being a negative glass have full person all of my life>As far back as I remember even as a child.I thought what is the point of trying to have this or that or belief I am worthy of such things .Even Ha... Read more
It is Well with My soul
Wednesday, March 31, 2010      3 comments

As most of you know I have been struggling for over a year now with pain issue.And alot of surgery and those wonderful things they call procurers.To loss weight has been on somewhat the back burner.As I got discouraged ... Read more
Determined to Be Positive
Thursday, January 21, 2010      4 comments

This is one of those that is more for me than anything but also to ask for help and let others know whets up with me. I have been diagnosed with Foraminal Stenosis which is a fancy word to say my spinal Column is shrinking in on it self a... Read more
Where I am Now
Friday, December 11, 2009      4 comments

To All My friends and My Teams. I am so sorry I have not been here.My life has turned into one doctor appt after another.As u all know I had the Hysto about 6 weeks ago now.It went well,I even healed pretty well from it.But in the process... Read more

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