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Short and direct
Tuesday, January 05, 2010      3 comments

What a day. It's funny how your tastes but change only after a couple weeks. I don't crave soda anymore, yet when I took a sip of my husband I thought it was well..not very good. The other day I ate kid food, didn't settle well. I typically am ... Read more
Interesting week ahead
Monday, January 04, 2010      2 comments

My cousin is flying in for a funeral and staying at our house. I thank god she is a "Healthy eater". Today I have struggled, both with a depression lagging over me and impulsive snacking on kid food. Some good things though....I fin... Read more
The long road home
Sunday, January 03, 2010      0 comments

I really need to find some of my pictures from when I lost 50 lbs. I have them somewhere. I know they should be a reminder that I can do this again, but they make me angry. You know, I think that most of us here at Spark are the type of peo... Read more
A New Year & Childhood Memoirs
Friday, January 01, 2010      3 comments

Last night we had friends over and although my intake choices were not perfect I was proud in comparison to typical behavior choices. I did not "gorge" myself. I tried something from all. 2 chips with cheese, one chip with special dip. I ate LOA... Read more
New Years
Thursday, December 31, 2009      3 comments

I have to say..I think New Years is a really weak holiday. I never liked it, always had bad ones growing up and frankly, I don't enjoy staying up. The number one nationwide Resolution...gee...Weight Loss...2nd..."finances"....are you serious? I... Read more
Winter Hike
Wednesday, December 30, 2009      5 comments

Yesterday's hike was glorious. I hike throughout the year, and I have to say that after yesterday's hike I can say with 100% certainty that hiking in the winter WITH snow is ... Read more
Digging Deep into my childhood
Tuesday, December 29, 2009      3 comments

What I am about to write will not be pretty. But ever since I watched the Biggest Loser and they (Trainers) dig into WHY these people are overweight..it really has did a lot of soul searching. You see, we did to "block" out things, we tend to "... Read more
My first day as I feel in my GUT..MY SOUP HINTS
Monday, December 28, 2009      2 comments

Today seems to be the day that feels like the first..you know, the gut feeling that your on track and in control. I got up ate a good breakfast and told the boys...10 am, it's my 1 hour on the FitPlus Board! I cycled over 6 miles on the Island C... Read more
Dec 27th
Sunday, December 27, 2009      4 comments

So my husband goes to the convenience store to buy cofee creamer (I was thinking coffee mate powder) he comes back with yummy Vanilla Liquid Creamer...chalk full of sugar. Now my husband Scott is very supportive..he just don't think sometimes. ... Read more
Dec. 26th...my millionth FIRST day...and hopefully last 1st day
Saturday, December 26, 2009      2 comments

I have done this a million time. I even trained for a Figure Fitness Competition and was looking hot. While watching the Biggest Loser (my 1st full season I watched) I tried to figure out and look inside myself to see why "I am overweight"...ev... Read more

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