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Thursday, September 13, 2018      2 comments

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind! This week has been especially hard with work. I'm glad it's almost over and I can relax this weekend. I'm ready to get back on my normal schedule!... Read more
Cleaning Up!
Tuesday, August 28, 2018      9 comments

Weekend before last, my daughter took the dogs to the groomer. It’s very rare that I have time around the house when they aren’t underfoot, so I took advantage of that time by doing some serious, and much needed, cleaning. My hubby was home on... Read more
Feeling Better and Back At It
Tuesday, July 31, 2018      9 comments

I’m happy to say that I am feeling much better! I took much TheraFlu and slept a lot. I was back in the gym this morning and it felt GREAT! I did weights and I fee re-energized. Yesterday, I walked some and I think that helped clear my h... Read more
Thank You!
Monday, July 30, 2018      9 comments

I wasn’t feeling well this weekend! My hubby had been coughing and sniffling all last week and it finally happened to me at the end of last week and over the weekend. As I always do, I check into SparkPeople when I get to work. I am in... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts #100daysofwhy - Day 100 and What I Have Learned
Friday, July 27, 2018      74 comments

I kept a list of all my “Whys” and I’ve reviewed them often. There were days when it was easy to see my “Why” and there were days when I really had to think about my “Why”. Then, I read my original “Why” from 1/22/18. I can see that my go... Read more
#100daysofwhy - Day 99
Thursday, July 26, 2018      8 comments

Day 99: To be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. ... Read more
#100daysofwhy - Day 98
Wednesday, July 25, 2018      6 comments

Day 98: To look forward to the future knowing that I have a plan and that I can achieve my goals! ... Read more
#100daysofwhy - Day 97
Tuesday, July 24, 2018      9 comments

Day 97: To prevent my thighs from rubbing together! ... Read more
#100daysofwhy - Days 94, 95, 96
Monday, July 23, 2018      6 comments

Posting on the weekend is really hectic! I can't post from my phone and I sit at a computer all day and just can't think about sitting in front of one when I get home! Day 94: To learn to relax sometimes. When I’m home, I feel like I sho... Read more
#100daysofwhy - Day 93
Friday, July 20, 2018      4 comments

Day 93: To be able to complete a full kettlebell workout! ... Read more
#100daysofwhy - Day 92
Thursday, July 19, 2018      7 comments

Day 92: To continue to believe in myself. ... Read more
#100daysofwhy - Day 91
Wednesday, July 18, 2018      2 comments

I completed a challenging workout yesterday and I'm hurting today! Day 90: To not be so sore after a challenging workout! ... Read more
#100daysofwhy - Day 90
Tuesday, July 17, 2018      7 comments

I can't believe that I'm down to the last 10 days of my challenge. This challenge was a real eye-opener. Some days it was hard to find my "why" but there were days when my "why" was so evident that I couldn't believe I hadn't realized it soone... Read more
#100daysofway - Days 87, 88, 89
Monday, July 16, 2018      3 comments

On Saturday, July 14th, I attended the funeral of a long time educator in our community. She had been a teacher, assistant principal, principal and assistant superintendent of the school board. I had the honor of meeting her 15 years ago and s... Read more
#100dayofwhy - Day 86
Friday, July 13, 2018      3 comments

Today I had to go in to see my doctor for another check-up. I have to say, my doctor is very thorough. I have to see her every 3 months! Day 86: To continue having good checkups with my doctor. She was very pleased at my weight loss... Read more

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