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Day 14 of 56
Wednesday, May 31, 2017      4 comments

Yesterday, I had so much anxiety from oldest DD leaving for camp and then I got a migraine, I had no energy to speak of, not even with Thrive. Just goes to show that it is not a 'miracle cure' (and I didn't think it was) your body can still do t... Read more
Day 13 of 56
Tuesday, May 30, 2017      2 comments

emoticon Didn't want to wake up this morning, as I remembered no coffee - but then I remembered Thrive (I was reall... Read more
Day 12 of 56
Monday, May 29, 2017      5 comments

emoticon I slept the whole night!!! Well, I slept till 5 AM, but that is great!! I haven't slept a whole night in M... Read more
And So The Adventure Begins!!
Sunday, May 28, 2017      4 comments

I know I've named another blog this, but I really feel like the adventure has gotten started now and I'm so excited and frustrated and all kinds of emo... Read more
Day 11 of 56/ Blood Sugar & Carbs
Sunday, May 28, 2017      1 comments

Night before last I'm up in the middle of the night (as usual) and I get this feeling I should check my blood sugar. I think it was God prompting me because my blood sugar was the highest I've ever seen it (301)! I'm not on insulin, the only way... Read more
Day 10 of 56/ O' Dark Thirty Blood Sugar/Mori Girl
Saturday, May 27, 2017      3 comments

Almost 1/5th of the way there! emoticon I'm loving my 8 week experience! But... I have to start eating better... Read more
Do You Even Thrive? My Experience
Friday, May 26, 2017      6 comments

I just want to tell you about my experience so far. I'm not selling. If you get interested I have a friend that does sell and I can get you in touch with her. Thrive is not a magic cure all. It does not lose weight for you or cure insomnia... Read more
Day 9 of 56/ Cleaning and Moving
Friday, May 26, 2017      2 comments

I've discovered that if I want to have this extra energy all day long from the supplements, there are a few rules I must abide by. One, I must not eat any sweets. Sugar sets off my blood sugar and does something and my energy goes ker-splat. Tw... Read more
Moving/ Day 7 of 56
Wednesday, May 24, 2017      1 comments

Well, it is official, we have one week to tell the landlord if we are going to buy the house (we are not, if I have anything to do with it!) and then 90 days to move out. We found a house we love but they want a credit score 10 points above what... Read more
Day 6 of 56/ I slipped
Tuesday, May 23, 2017      1 comments

I totally binge ate nutty buddy's (chocolate covered peanut butter and wafers). I had 4 packets, that is a total of 8 bars. Darn it, I thought I was over the self-defeating stuff! I truly don't know what emotion sparked this, I'm still trying to... Read more
Day 5 of 56/ Activate
Monday, May 22, 2017      0 comments

I'm so excited! My new drink, Activate, gets here today. I've told you guys how I got so used to napping, even when I didn't need to, it's like my brain starts shutting down around that time and I have to go lay down, no matter how much energy I... Read more
Day 4 of 56/ Migraines/supplement
Sunday, May 21, 2017      2 comments

So true. I had to give up on my 'friend' C because she was not really my friend and did nothing but walk all over me. Now I'm going to have to do the s... Read more
Day 3 of 56/ Overnight Pickles with Kombu
Saturday, May 20, 2017      1 comments

Tried my shake with coconut/almond milk yesterday with a dash of cinnamon. Bleh. Made some flavor in the shake stand out really strong and I didn't like it. So today I made it with cow's milk, and yuck! So I'm going to have to use the blender an... Read more
First Day Working Out Again! Yay! Day 2 of 56/ Goals
Friday, May 19, 2017      6 comments

My migraine has been gone for a whole day, so I'm going to jump in and work out today! I'm so happy to be rid of that migraine that lasted like 5 days. Whew! Now to take it easy and not overdo it working out! ... Read more
Day 1 of 56 - New Supplement
Thursday, May 18, 2017      2 comments

So, I had no spoons yesterday (see Spoon Theory), no energy. I was in the negative and ready to pass out. So when my new supplement got here and it was 2 PM, I thought, why not? So I made day zero into day 1. And it worked. No jittery, anxious e... Read more

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