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A break from what's going on,,, with stories that'll lift our hearts
Thursday, March 26, 2020      13 comments

The credit for my blog goes to my fellow leader Patricia-cr on the AWESOME A team a part of the 5% Challenge. ** The 5% Challenge invites will be going out very shortly to all teams, so those of us as leaders have been busy setting up our 1... Read more
A few funny pics-- why? Laughter is AWESOME Especially in times like these
Sunday, March 22, 2020      13 comments

Laughter is so good for us, and right now so many REALLY NEED it so I hope these help you. They are me! ... Read more
From Power chair to hiking for the 1st time in DECADES!!
Thursday, March 19, 2020      13 comments

Oh it's taken me 10 years to get to this point, but I HAVE!! Like many others, I am off work until school is back in. I am a foster grandmother for the 2nd grade locally. I DO MISS those little ones!! in my blog a few days ago I ha... Read more
Staying busy while not working (the virus shut down) and healthy!
Wednesday, March 18, 2020      11 comments

As many others are experiencing I too am at home because when the school isn't open there are no kids. LOL how that works huh? I am a foster grandmother at a local city school in Maine with the 2nd grade. I usually work 3 full days and 2 half ... Read more
Off from work until further notice (the Corona virus)
Friday, March 13, 2020      9 comments

Yesterday I got a call from the teacher I work with as a foster grandmother that the school systems in Maine are no longer allowing volunteers to be at the schools. Spoke to a co worker who works with the elderly (foster grandmothers and senior... Read more
Lost some weight, GAINED a LIFE again -- Want to do the same?
Wednesday, March 11, 2020      8 comments

I've been taking some ME TIME this week. Why ME TIME? I'm a leader on the Awesome A team (a part of the 5% Challenge) and during the challenge its quite busy and I tend to get caught up in various duties and just life. Tonight I... Read more
WOOHOO AWESOME NSV!! 5% Challenge and have lost 9 lbs in 7 weeks
Friday, March 06, 2020      12 comments

emoticon !! These pants were fitting JUST RIGHT at the start of the 2020 Winter 5% Challenge on Jan 11th!! Tomorro... Read more
Smile? Gratitude? When so much has gone wrong??? HUH?? Really???? YES!! ABSOLUTELY!! How? Why?
Thursday, March 05, 2020      8 comments

I just love this!! Nothing can undo what's been done, what hasn't gone our way, or even whats going to happen. But, yet, being angry, upset ... Read more
Car trouble,,, but it happens, why am I not upset?
Thursday, March 05, 2020      9 comments

I went to work today (Foster Grandmother in a school 4.5 miles away in the 2nd grade)when I came out I had an appointment for acupuncture. I put my car in reverse, went to put into drive,,, and it would NOT do so. No doubt it's the transmissio... Read more
A new hair do!!
Tuesday, March 03, 2020      22 comments

From this in the AM To this in the PM. ... Read more
Apprehensive,,, but will go thru with it.
Monday, March 02, 2020      16 comments

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment to have my hair taken down to whatever its natural us now. I love my red hair, but this I think is it. I have squamous cell skin cancer and I'm using a chemo cream. Today was the 1st day I've felt any s... Read more
A few giggle after yesterdays blog
Sunday, March 01, 2020      17 comments

If you read yesterday's blog ( emoticon ... Read more
A little scary, but yet, it's shows me I can get thru it. A growth mindset
Saturday, February 29, 2020      19 comments

On Weds, I found out I have skin cancer, again in an area I have at least 2 times before. On the right side of my forehead. I now have a chemo cream that's going to turn it red and ugly, but it'll also keep me from being worse off. This spot ... Read more
Southerns don't get this??? And WOOHOO FUN FUN DAY!
Monday, February 24, 2020      14 comments

For those of you living in the Southern States and other warm areas, this is likely you don't do, understand (unless you've lived in the north that is). Today we hit 48 F!! WOOHOO I live in Maine and our average temp for 2/24 is 36 F. Though... Read more
WOW!! From 179 to 171 in just 6 weeks!! TY TY 5% Challenge!!
Saturday, February 22, 2020      15 comments

I had suddenly REALLY GAINED in December!! I went from 174 to 179 on Jan 11th!! YO!! FIVE ADDED POUNDS!! Part of me wasn't that concerned, UN... Read more

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