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My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 115 of Doing the New: Address Christmas envelopes a new way!
Tuesday, November 26, 2019      11 comments

'Exercise those writing measles every day, even if it's only a letter, notes, a title list, a character sketch, a journal entry. Writer are like dancers, like athletes. Without that exercise, the measles seizes up.' ~Jane Yolen I normal... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 114 of Doing the New: National Parfait Day & Peppermint lights
Monday, November 25, 2019      8 comments

Happiness is enjoying the little things in life. It's National Parfait Day. I decided since I was out and about to stop in at DQ and get a Cho... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 113 of doing the new: attempting to get snow flake towels
Sunday, November 24, 2019      8 comments

'No Snow flake ever falls in the wrong place.' ~Unknown Last night I had a Christmas movie high! For some reason watching a Christmas movie I'... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 112 of Doing the New : Jungle Bells
Saturday, November 23, 2019      8 comments

'A little jungle is all you need." One of my last semesters in college was a tough one for me. As I was packing to head off for college, my mo... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 111 of Doing the New: Christmas City of the North Parade
Friday, November 22, 2019      9 comments

"I miss being a little kid. With no stress, worries, or care in the world." Today is the Friday before Thanksgiving which has always held a special spot in my heart. Growing up it meant the start of 9 days off from school to be home with ... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 110 of doing the new: Thanksgiving card
Thursday, November 21, 2019      10 comments

'Give thanks with a grateful heart' Today day 110 of doing the new, I am going to send out a Thanksgiving card. I started watching Home an... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 109 of Doing the New: Peppermint Day
Wednesday, November 20, 2019      12 comments

'Sweet but twisted. Does that make me a Candy Cane?' ~Unknown Last night I was thinking, if I was a activity director in a lodge that did holi... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 108 of Doing the new: Rocky and Bullwinkle Day and sliders
Tuesday, November 19, 2019      10 comments

"Holy smokes Bullwinkle." ~Rocky It is Rocky and Bullwinkle day! What do you do on Rocky and Bullwinkle Day? Watch their cartoon of course which I haven't done since I was a kid. It took me about 5 minutes to remember how boring I ... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 107 of Doing the New: Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse
Monday, November 18, 2019      9 comments

"Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional". ~Walt Disney Happy 101 birthday Mickey Mouse! A year ago Disney did a huge special... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 106 of Doing the New: Christmas Bows
Sunday, November 17, 2019      6 comments

'Who needs a tiara when you have a bow?' ~Unknown 38 days until Christmas! Holiday activity for the day: Put up my Christmas bow. Now th... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land. ..Day 105 of Doing the New : Snow people
Saturday, November 16, 2019      12 comments

"Snowflakes are one of natures most fragile things, but look at what you can do when they stick together." ~Snow people When my son was born, m... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 104 of Doing the New: 40 days of Christmas activities starts!
Friday, November 15, 2019      9 comments

40 days until Christmas! For years I didn't like the holiday season. A few years ago, I was able to unlocked why thanks to a counselor. A rounds that same time I watched the Christmas Hallmark movie, 'Let It Snow' which was made in 2013. ... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 103 of Doing the New : Pollock and brown and wild rice
Thursday, November 14, 2019      8 comments

"Good health isn't something you can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account." ~Anne Wilson Schaef I love seafood and ri... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 102 of Doing the New : Christmas Calendar Countdown
Wednesday, November 13, 2019      8 comments

'Christmas is magic is silence. You don't hear it, you feel it. You know it. You believe it." ~Kevin Alan Milne I walked into a store today ... Read more
My Adventures in Spark Land...Day 101 of Doing the new: what I am learning from you vision app
Tuesday, November 12, 2019      8 comments

"She was brave and strong and broken all at once." ~Anna Funder Awhile ago I was told by a friend I knew in Lacrosse about a Bible App called 'You Vision'. The app has a lot to offer. I've been doing studies on it related to anxiety. I'm... Read more

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