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Feeling down 😔
Sunday, July 14, 2019      8 comments

So as most know I've been really working hard these last 15 months trying to get myself healthy. I've lost 165lbs and many inches. I've cut out all meds except my heart medicine and blood thinner. These are real victories. However I keep finding... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Goodbye pounds
Wednesday, March 20, 2019      19 comments

I'm writing this blog in memory of the 130lbs that once weighted down my body. The 130lbs that was impacting my health and daily activity. The 130lbs that stopped me from participating in my kids lives as I so desperately wanted to. Goodbye 1... Read more
Happy Sunday reflection
Sunday, September 09, 2018      9 comments

Today I woke up a little frustrated with myself for being stuck at the same weight for a couple weeks now. But... then I had to remember where I came from. I almost lost my life 11 months ago. Infection was so bad in my leg that it spread throu... Read more
Sunday, August 26, 2018      14 comments

Last week I had a visit to my cardiologist. I haven't seen her since she changed the medicine i was having the reaction to. So last time she saw me I was 80lbs heavier. Why is this so motivational? This was the Dr that told me I wasn't being... Read more
Wow factor!!
Sunday, July 29, 2018      10 comments

I had made a community post a few days ago about being stuck at the same weight for a week. Being frustrated but not giving up. Well today I step on the scale and it said i had lost 9lbs 😰 I said to myself this has got to be wrong. So I steppe... Read more
A little frustration
Monday, July 09, 2018      8 comments

So I've been on my weight loss journey since the beginning of April. I have been doing great and have lost 60lbs and finally feel good again. My problem is I am surrounded by people who tell me to live a little and eat this garbage that would ... Read more
I'm feeling hot! hot! hot! 🙌😂
Thursday, June 14, 2018      8 comments

Thinking I may need to go get that gym membership!! With summer upon us and the temps rising, a few inside days walking the track and in the pool will be a great change of pace. The next few days are a heat advisory here with sundays heat inde... Read more
The waiting game
Wednesday, June 13, 2018      7 comments

So surgery was this morning. I was in by 6:30-7 not sure exact time and my son said it was about an hour and a half. Day surgery so I'm home and resting comfortably. Good news is the got the whole mass out of my uterus so I won't need another... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Rewarding yourself
Sunday, June 10, 2018      10 comments

I found that it's important to give yourself non food rewards along the way. Gives you something to work for and look forward to without packing on any extra pounds. So after the 1st 25lbs I got myself a new pair of shoes for walking... now that... Read more
Aaaahhh torture!!
Thursday, June 07, 2018      6 comments

So...had breakfast this morn. 2 harboiled eggs, 2 turkey links and a banana. Went to work and should have brought something to eat but didn't (a habit I need to break). Got off a little late and picked up my girls. They asked if they could pleas... Read more
Wednesday, June 06, 2018      7 comments

This is the park by my house. It has the perfect walking path around it and each lap is a quarter mile. It's hard to get bored here with all the things... Read more
I woke up!!
Tuesday, June 05, 2018      5 comments

Idk if anyone else has been there but today I had this revelation... I have gone from being happy I woke up (because I was thinking i might not) to being happy I woke up (because I genuinely feel happy) What a different feeling from the same e... Read more
Sunday, June 03, 2018      3 comments

Since my surgery on my left leg and previous surgeries on my right leg i have experienced a lot of weakness. I am walking more and more every day but stairs are still so difficult. I am looking for any help or suggestion I can get to help get my... Read more
The cardiologist
Tuesday, May 29, 2018      8 comments

So...a few months ago I was in a real struggle trying to lose any weight. My cardiologist gave me a pack of papers and told me to read them and cut my portions. So I did. I went back in a month and gained weight. She said i must not be taking ac... Read more
Can't give up
Sunday, May 27, 2018      5 comments

Last October I spent a month in the hospital. Had a horrible infection in my leg that spread to my blood. For a moment I didn't think I was going to get better. I was in extreme pain and on bedrest on lots of iv meds. They ended up doing surgery... Read more

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