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Wednesday, November 07, 2012      2 comments

I'm not going to work out today. I feel like I might have a cold. I haven't been feeling like working out since Sunday. I did my normal workout those three days feeling sluggish. Today, I'm taking a needed break. I looked at my fitness reco... Read more
I'm normal weight
Friday, November 02, 2012      2 comments

Now, that I'm normal weight, my original goal, I don't know if I should try to lose weight. I started SP ten pounds heavier. I'm having problems with my appetite. I don't want to eat. I find myself hungry not often enough to eat even the mi... Read more
Changing my nutrition goals
Thursday, November 01, 2012      2 comments

I adjusted my nutrition goals so I might be closer to eating the amount of calories given. I wasn't trying to eat SP giving number since it was so much higher than what I was eating. I set it to the minimum for a woman 1200 to 1500 like they e... Read more
Busy Day
Wednesday, October 24, 2012      0 comments

I woke up too early. I had problems sleeping. I kept waking up during the night. Around five, I got out of bed. I watched some videos and played solitaire on the computer. I went to the Y and swam then walked a bit around the track. I had t... Read more
October measurements
Monday, October 22, 2012      0 comments

I took measurements when I joined Sparks in September. In less than a month, I lost two inches off my waist, two inches off my hips, and two inches off my thigh. My clothes are loose but not hanging on me. I bought a few shirts and bras, but ... Read more
Eating better
Tuesday, October 16, 2012      1 comments

I'm still not getting as many calories as SP recommends, but I'm getting enough protein. I added fish and I eat a whole can of beans when I eat beans. I even manage to eat breakfast more days than not. I rarely have an appetite during the summ... Read more
Wednesday, October 10, 2012      2 comments

My appetite is poor. I'm only managed to get my minimum calories once. I need to eat more protein. I can see and feel that I'm losing muscle in calves. I walk a lot so I need that muscle. I plan to walk 10 or more hours a day when I do the ... Read more
The Biggest Loser
Tuesday, September 25, 2012      1 comments

I'm watching it the first time. I watched most of the first season yesterday. I doubt that I'll watch that much in a day again. It showed me it was a game. I think that most of the insults to the show is because people think of it as a diet s... Read more

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