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Exercise how's and when's
Monday, July 28, 2014      2 comments

GENERAL Exercise is as basic a need as eating. I believe in a fitness lifestyle in which you achieve a balance between your eating habits and how and when you exercise. What and when you eat determines the best type and timing of exercise inor... Read more
Aging gracefully
Sunday, July 27, 2014      10 comments

I agree that aging can be hard, but the saying "GROWING UP SEEMS TO BE GIVING UP THE JOYS OF BEING YOUNG AT HEART/ FEELING ALIVE " doesn't have to be true. At 68 years old, I have seen enough people suffer, to understand why some day this migh... Read more
Sleep earlier, lose weight
Sunday, July 13, 2014      8 comments

Researchers have found that a good night's sleep helps people lose weight. See 52wlm.com/mission-31/ . I also found that by skipping late night TV and Internet and going to bed earlier, that I get a better nights sleep and wake ... Read more
Newer Ideal Weight Guidelines
Sunday, June 29, 2014      10 comments

I been away from Spark for a while as I had other interests - math, writing, a declutter challenge, Zen Habits, vacation etc. Even so, I have been still getting in a fairly regular exercise routine, although I missed several days, especially d... Read more
New trigger for my strength training
Saturday, June 07, 2014      6 comments

I missed a strength training day yesterday and it got me to rethink the time slot I plan to do strength training since I have trouble sticking to a strength training routine. I decided that I just need to commit to doing strength training firs... Read more
Using compassion and love to prevent, end or lessen the harm
Thursday, June 05, 2014      6 comments

In my two blogs about letting go of ideals that conflict with your reality, I discussed the first two steps of letting go. It has been awhile since then and I think I will finish off the topic by discussing all five steps, using child discipli... Read more
Message for all parents of young men
Saturday, May 31, 2014      6 comments

The following link zenhabits.net/respect/ contains an important message for all parents of young men but is directed to fathers who probably have the most influence over their boys because they tend to emulate their fathers. It ... Read more
Contentment as a lifestyle
Saturday, May 24, 2014      5 comments

I find the following resource valuable and it is free: zenhabits.net/contentmen
tbook/ Here the writer teaches you to have faith in your ability to cope with the uncertainty of life, and to view setbacks as great opportuniti... Read more
Letting Go: Seeing the Ideal in conflict with reality
Tuesday, May 20, 2014      5 comments

I got several comments about how wise I was in posting the five steps to letting go of our Ideals if the conflict between our ideals and reality causes us harm. In the last sentence of the opening paragraph following the listing of the five ste... Read more
Letting go: recognizing signals that we need to act
Friday, May 16, 2014      9 comments

We would be happier if we could practice the habit of letting go of our ideals of perfection when they are causing us harm. We all want the world we live in to be more perfect since then we would have fewer problems. But there are times when w... Read more
Great advice for young people
Wednesday, May 14, 2014      8 comments

Here is a link to great advice for young people zenhabits.net/career/ Summary, To know what your future career should be is almost impossible because one cannot predict the future. Therefore do things to prepare yourself to... Read more
Finding peace with Uncertainty
Tuesday, May 13, 2014      8 comments

A page of Zen Habits caused me to rethink my tendency to stay within my comfort zones and try something new for a change. See zenhabits.net/uncertaint
y/ . It is giving me new life and allowing me to acknowledge my true self.... Read more
The number 3 Healthy Lifestyle Habit
Tuesday, May 13, 2014      3 comments

3. Avoid skipping meals. A study conducted by researchers at Cornell University showed that prolong periods of food deprivation tend to lead people to make unhealthy food choices and increase the attraction of unhealthy foods, while consuming re... Read more
The No. 2 healthy lifestyle habit
Monday, May 12, 2014      3 comments

2. Listen to internal hunger cues. Lean healthy people don't eat just because of stress, or convenience, but tend to listen to their stomach. Next time you are at the movies don't grab a bag of popcorn because it is the thing to do. And when... Read more
The pledge of allegiance
Sunday, May 11, 2014      5 comments

My wife and I were very touched by a forwarded e-mail I received from my brother one that has apparently been circulating around since the Supreme Court here in America decided that the reference to "one Nation under God" in the pledge did not ... Read more

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