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I'm temporarily bored.
Thursday, April 02, 2020      13 comments

What to do when I've run out of ideas. The house is clean and the food is prepared. Tired of TV. I tried to find TP and hand sanitizer at a local out-of-the-way store this morning. I was the only customer! No luck but I bought a coloring bo... Read more
Happy April 1st
Wednesday, April 01, 2020      14 comments

The sun is shining today although it's very chilly and I'm going to take several walks today. I plan on smiling and waving to everyone I see. ... Read more
Good Morning World.
Tuesday, March 31, 2020      15 comments

Wow, the 31st of March? I set my alarm for 5:15 and woke up at 5:14. Back to being me! emoticon I was at... Read more
Seeing myself
Monday, March 30, 2020      14 comments

Not in a mirror. The man across the room, the one who was down to 120 pounds when ill a few years ago, is mirroring my habits! His weight now rivals mine. Unfortunately for him it's presented in a typical "man belly". In a cruel twist... Read more
Nature gifted newly sprouted herbs.
Sunday, March 29, 2020      11 comments

I love gifts and this one is great. I plant cilantro every year and let it go to seed while trimming the good leaves. The seeds fall where they may and every spring I get surprise plants. This year it's early but it's growing everywhere in my ... Read more
Because it isn't raining rain, you know, it's raining violets!
Saturday, March 28, 2020      12 comments

And when you see clouds upon the hills You soon will see crowds of daffodils. (April-like March showers here today) Around 1990 my brother ... Read more
Social distancing in the Garden State
Friday, March 27, 2020      11 comments

According to statistics we have the second highest amount of cases of COVID-19 today. That's scary but we are an extremely densely populated state. Locals in one area will tell you we are simply a suburb of New York City. Locals in another a... Read more
DD1 update. No COVID, only sick as a dog!
Thursday, March 26, 2020      12 comments

Who would think it would be good news to be told you are only horribly ill and your test is negative? emoticon ... Read more
A play on a song.
Thursday, March 26, 2020      11 comments

It's sunny today which makes everything feel better. It's also making the forsythia bloom like never before and my roses are filing out waaaay too quickly thus my change on the song title to Sunshine, Lollipops and Roses! My nose is clogged and ... Read more
"Through the Looking-Glass" or Looking through the glass! Life in the "zone".
Wednesday, March 25, 2020      13 comments

"The phrase implies unpredictability and strange happenings." (aliceinwonderlandfandom.com) DD1 could not get testing done but it's obvious she's gotten "it". She was warned to hibernate (was in high contact zone) and a week later, there y... Read more
Birds of prey
Tuesday, March 24, 2020      13 comments

Soooo, I was "senior" shopping at 6 am this morning and arrived to view this: Were the vultures "senior" shopping too? ... Read more
Bonus blog: What's on TV? Dogs get bored too!
Monday, March 23, 2020      11 comments

My daughter sent me a picture of my granddog, Chewy. Watching Lady and the Tramp! ... Read more
Playing with family ghosts while home-bound
Monday, March 23, 2020      11 comments

Lest you think I do not sloth... My computer has been in my lap for more hours than I care to admit. I've spent a gazillion hours on Ancestry and Family Search playing with ancestors and indexing (I volunteer typing out digital records) docume... Read more
Finding things to do
Sunday, March 22, 2020      10 comments

You must be bored too if you're reading this! emoticon Carpet cleaned, check. Sun room windows done inside,... Read more
Good morning! Another day, another pot of soup.
Saturday, March 21, 2020      11 comments

What not to do in a crisis: Eat because it's there. I have picked up an extra thing or two in my "senior shopping" trips that normally haven't been in my cart. I have brought junk into the house. Pick up items normally not bought... Read more

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