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Y'all know I'm crazy
Tuesday, June 16, 2020      16 comments

It's carpet washing day! About 4 times a year I whip out the machine and clean this sucker. Today's a great day as the humidity is low for a few days. In case you worry for me, the under carpet floor is a cement slab. No wood here! ... Read more
Monday, June 15, 2020      12 comments

Simply a busy day. Shopping, yard work with a trip to brush recycling and my usual walks. I keep telling myself daily I've got to start working with my bands and weights but every day another chance goes by. Not that I'm sitting still... ... Read more
Busy few days
Sunday, June 14, 2020      13 comments

I feel I've been so busy yet nothing looks that different. My garden is growing very well and animal free since we put fencing around it. I'll take a picture soon. DD2 and her hubby came and stayed overnight to help finalize the pool open... Read more
When a yard reverts back to forest
Thursday, June 11, 2020      15 comments

I think some neighborhoods have "that" house. On my street one is known as the hoarder house. The lady died a few years ago and her very adult son has been using the house as a storage unit! He mows the front yard to make it look like he complie... Read more
Bonus blog...my light
Wednesday, June 10, 2020      17 comments

I've been waiting 4 years for this to be put in. ... Read more
Having someone else do the work
Wednesday, June 10, 2020      11 comments

Our wonderful nephew completed the light over the sink. How nice it was to not have to run up and down ladders and stairs to the attic, sweat in the fiberglass and bend my back into odd angles. Ah, youth! I could get used to this. ... Read more
I enjoy being OJ sometimes
Tuesday, June 09, 2020      16 comments

Well, here I am skipping a blog day from yesterday! emoticon Maybe it's about time. I've gotten back to being... Read more
So busy!
Sunday, June 07, 2020      14 comments

Now that the weather is cooperating I'm getting little things done. Still working on removing the outdoor rug on the aluminum deck. Like peeling off well-glued wall paper. If you've ever done THAT, you know what I mean. Little pieces between t... Read more
I keep finding MORE jobs to be done.
Friday, June 05, 2020      11 comments

Thanks to all for your fun comments on fixing my gutters! I've been a Ms. Fixit since I was a kid. Over the years this handiness has saved some money, time and built some muscles; always a bonus. My mantra is I will always appreciate help bu... Read more
Gutter fixin'
Thursday, June 04, 2020      11 comments

Second gutter fixed. These gutters were made in 2011, along with our new roof. Sure, I had to clean "helicopters", maple seeds, from them every year. Our yard was loaded with maples. Now we are down to two and a sweetgum tree, darned spiky ba... Read more
Storms came through and the sky is now blue.
Wednesday, June 03, 2020      12 comments

The sky blackened and opened up. Of coarse, we had not been able to get the gutter piece back on in time! The gutter was clogged. I noticed last night when a large storm came through, water pouring out of a joint. I took it off to find it... Read more
Bonus blog...I met my new Grand dog
Tuesday, June 02, 2020      14 comments

DH and I spent 2 hours in DD1's back yard with the grand kids and the newest member Winnie. Her adoption name is actually Winn-Dixie, she's a southern dog! What a sweetie! The kids got lucky with her. She leans into you for scratching and just... Read more
Walking and thinking
Tuesday, June 02, 2020      18 comments

My two walks yesterday totaled 65 minutes and 3.2 miles. I guess that's enough cardio for a day. I've been walking every day despite my knees reacting and my hips complaining. Now my toe has chimed in as well. Arthritis doesn't go away no matter... Read more
June. Another new month and I'm still home.
Monday, June 01, 2020      12 comments

I hope: It will get warmer. The pollen will stop blowing into my house and nose. This starts a new day of reflection for many people. Scientists discover things that will allow me to venture out without concern. The bees will come back... Read more
Back to the future
Sunday, May 31, 2020      15 comments

It's 1960's all over again but more involved. Watched the space launch yesterday. Watched the peaceful demonstrations yesterday. Watched the riots last night. Thrilled to disgusted in the same day. Broke our quarantine a... Read more

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