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Bragging About My Local Team
Wednesday, September 02, 2015      7 comments

Our Question of the Day on my Spin Me a Yarn Team was "When was the last time you really worked at organizing an event?" For me, it's SparkPeople. I've sweated over the Olympia Spark! Team. For me, it seems a no-brainer that if we have a ... Read more
Sunday, August 30, 2015      9 comments

Today I'm fighting a lot of anger. Problem is there isn't anybody to direct it at except myself. I have invested over $50 and lots of hours first reading about and then knitting on this sweater. I picked out the yarn because it was supposed t... Read more
Saturday, August 29, 2015      11 comments

My summer weaving project (two dish towels) is OFF THE LOOM. I still have to hem them and wash them, of course. I'm proud of them. Proud also that I had followed my diagram and all the corresponding stripes are the same size. Here they are: ... Read more
Feeling Better
Friday, August 28, 2015      5 comments

Those tablets did their job. Isn't it marvelous how many medical breakthroughs have come in the last 20 years?!! Yesterday and Today I was able to resume my usual activity. I am still not quite up to par energy-wise and have to rest more ofte... Read more
Cold Day
Tuesday, August 25, 2015      8 comments

I woke up with a stuffy nose today. My head is pounding. Actually, other than my head, I feel fine. I walked over to Walgreens about 1.5 miles to get some of those "Stop the Cold" tablets. I hope they work! I so rarely am under the weather ... Read more
Run Like a Dog
Saturday, August 22, 2015      9 comments

The Run Like a Dog race was great. My friend walked right along side of me until we got within 50 yards of the Finish Line; then she ran ahead and went across ahead of me. I didn't care. They gave everyone who finished a medal that says "Run ... Read more
Friday, August 21, 2015      14 comments

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's race. It's called "Run Like a Dog" and people bring their dogs, all sizes. When we finish we all get a medal to wear around our neck. My daughter and I did this one together last year and will do it again thi... Read more
What a Day!
Thursday, August 20, 2015      7 comments

I was almost afraid to get up this morning. I knew it was going to be jam-packed. The only time I could get my exercise was 7:30 am. I fixed Deviled Eggs for the potluck before I went walking. My Walking Buddy was willing, and we got that in... Read more
A Day at Home
Monday, August 17, 2015      5 comments

Today is that most unusual day for me....a day at home. It's not that I haven't had interaction with others. I just haven't left home to do it. A friend came at 8 am to help me paint my fence. I'm making a meditative area in this enclosed fe... Read more
Getting Down to Business
Friday, August 14, 2015      3 comments

Our Weavers Guild is having a summer-long mentoring project. I'm one of the Beginners. In June we learned about fibers and looms and planned our project. In July we took our looms to the meeting with our warp and our Mentors helped us dress t... Read more
Here's my Pictures
Monday, August 10, 2015      7 comments

The Group last month for our Meetup.... Yesterday we didn't take any pictures. There were 11 of us, including my two great-grandkids. Her... Read more
Finding New Projects - Changeover Time
Sunday, August 09, 2015      5 comments

Warning: Long rambling post, especially for me to get my thoughts together. If you want to skip it, that's fine with me. Catch to next time... Hi Folks, (Those who are ready for a read.) This is a specific time that comes around eve... Read more
Flower Bombing
Thursday, August 06, 2015      8 comments

Today was so special. For one thing, I had a visit from PENZUZU, a new member of our Olympia Spark! Team. We learned that my oldest daughter was her daycare provider years ago. She's interested in crafts, has a child with a disability, and we... Read more
Looking Toward My 70th
Saturday, August 01, 2015      10 comments

It's the beginning of my birthday month, and I think its time to tell you about it. I am rejoicing. I am so grateful for SparkPeople and all it has given me. Tomorrow will be 11 months since I made my weight goal...the one I thought was unatt... Read more
Personal Trainer & Heather
Friday, July 31, 2015      4 comments

We had a great time at the Fair. None of the items were disqualified, and we found them all. I've got blue, red, and white ribbons. My hobby items both got blue ribbons. Heather got blue ribbons on her models, and a red ribbon on the blanket... Read more

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