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Weekend Report 12/17/12
Monday, December 17, 2012      5 comments

The weekend was pretty much what I expected. Fun with Mom, coupled with too many treats! The only time I managed to get on the treadmill (and I claim full responsibility for not doing it other times) was Sunday morning. I fell 10 minutes short... Read more
12/13 Whirlwind Mid-week check in
Thursday, December 13, 2012      5 comments

Monday night: Longwood Gardens did not happen due to weather. Instead my sister and I knocked out several things on our “To Do” lists by going to the Mall and hitting Target for groceries after. Also got the Chanukah gifts all wrapped and rea... Read more
It starts.. the Holiday whirlwind begins...
Monday, December 10, 2012      6 comments

My weekend was neither a total loss nor success. I was depressed most of the weekend. I finally got back on the treadmill yesterday and managed not to hurt myself so this is good, and I am back down 1.5 pounds. I actually though I woul... Read more
Highly Illogical
Friday, December 07, 2012      6 comments

"After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true. " - Mr. Spock For some perverse reason I FEEL BETTER TODAY. Why Perverse? Guilt. I had a semi-binge l... Read more
Le Sigh
Thursday, December 06, 2012      9 comments

It is crazy easy for me to feel discouraged. This morning I weigh 184. Up By more than I am used to fluctuating. Have not been able to work out because of back pain. My eating has been a little less disciplined than normal because... Read more
Working through back Pain
Wednesday, December 05, 2012      6 comments

So I pulled something in my lower back (I mean like top of the butt lower back pain) and spent yesterday flat on my back in spasms. (upshot: I finally had time to check out Angry Birds Star Wars edition on my Ipod) Thankfully it was not a sche... Read more
Monday.. we meet again
Monday, December 03, 2012      7 comments

Oh. It's December again as well? What happened to November.. I might have misplaced it.... I enjoyed my weekend of stress relieving indulgence. I ate treats and watched TV and when out to dinner a couple of times. The upshot is I only ... Read more
Friday, November 30, 2012      5 comments

Not real applicable. I have not "failed" in the sense that I have no indulged in mindless binging and I have managed to fit in some workout time. This being the week that I got to pull triple duty at work I was expecting worse. I have n... Read more
Trying not to be frustrated
Tuesday, November 27, 2012      3 comments

I am so very frustrated with plateau I seem to be stuck at. I know right now I should simply be happy if I don’t climb till after the New Year. With the Holiday’s looming I have more than enough to worry about just keeping up. Work stres... Read more
Thankful I am sticking to the plan
Friday, November 23, 2012      3 comments

First report is that I did not gorge yesterday. I got full, ate pretty much what I wanted. I did not however, stuff myself. When I had pie for dessert later I actually did not finish my slice because I realized I was rather full. since I did the... Read more
Wednesday, November 21, 2012      4 comments

My job is trying to kill me. I am trying to find a new one but it is difficult in this economy. I am accounts payable for a small construction company. The accounts receivable person when on exstended medical leave and now I have to do her j... Read more
Did not stay the course
Monday, November 19, 2012      7 comments

I gained back two pounds this weekend. I did not stay on track, I did not even try to follow my game plan. Friday night the BF had asked me to go to the local Univesity's hockey game where he is the volunteer annoucer. I was in charge of di... Read more
Holding steady..or trying to PT2
Friday, November 16, 2012      0 comments

Weds night's pre-meeting victory was marred slightly by the fact that in spite of having a healthy meal first I still dipped mindlessly into the snacks. I think I would have done worse had I not eaten beforehand. Thurs :(did not weigh) So ... Read more
Holding steady..or trying to.
Wednesday, November 14, 2012      2 comments

Major Challenge for this week: NO time to exercise (usual routine) Something to do every night this week except Thursday. (I will have a full blown session with my treadmill no matter how much I would prefer to curl up with a book. I... Read more
Why I NEED you (my Spark Friends) - Help.
Friday, November 09, 2012      9 comments

So I have to question myself. I love Spark People. I used it several years ago when I needed to loose weight with success and only failed and regained (with a vengeance) because I stopped trying again. After awhile I just resigned myself t... Read more

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