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just today
Sunday, November 25, 2018      3 comments

So tomorrow I start my new job! Yeah me!! I have had a week to just be me and it felt great! I have gotten back into Spark, which is great and I have found been finding my old helpers. like Mapmywalk on my phone! It's the little things that add ... Read more
Saturday, November 24, 2018      0 comments

Today is my day to count my blessings. I was feeling a little sad for my self, why? No real reason, just because I can. Then I came on to Spark to check on this part of my world and found a post that put me in my place. There are people going... Read more
Friday, November 23, 2018      1 comments

It's been a while, but I am back. Feeling better, actually did 2 miles in 35 minutes today! Yesterday I ate some banana cream pie... ... Read more
no progress
Wednesday, January 22, 2014      4 comments

I have followed a good diet and I have exercised, maybe not as much as I should have. I have been walking Bo every day for a week.... Depressing! Almost 3 weeks into the "new" me and my pants are still tight! Log food - check ( in range) ... Read more
Tuesday, January 07, 2014      5 comments

Today I just feel overwhelmed...bills adding up, no luck (yet) finding a part time job or getting DH on the same page to get back on track... I need a plan I can stick with right now. I joined the Dave Ramsey Fan team to help with that plan. ... Read more
oh my
Thursday, January 02, 2014      2 comments

Day one of 2014 was a big fat failure. Had friends and family over again and picked at every food on the counter. No thought or hesitation. Way to go on "the plan". ... Read more
all about me
Monday, December 30, 2013      3 comments

Wakeup/Affirmations - From the Weekly Challenge team 1. First create a positive affirmation or resolution about yourself, a goal you've set for yourself or the positive things you are doing in your life. - stand up, no slouching - ... Read more
day one again!
Sunday, December 29, 2013      3 comments

Here I am again. Life just seems to get in my way or my goal is not to let life get in the way anymore. I really have no excuse other than when I start to eat and exercise my mind tells me that cookie needs me to eat it! I just lose all my wi... Read more
Day 6
Saturday, October 06, 2012      2 comments

My first weekend back with Spark! Challenge: drink 8 glasses of water each day 30 minutes of cardio each day one day of ST crunches each day! - need to get better with this! eat fruits and veggies, not snacks with the kids! ... Read more
day 1
Tuesday, October 02, 2012      4 comments

Baby write this down... 100 crunches a day - I CAN DO THIS!! weight lifting 5 Lbs 3 times a week - I CAN DO THIS!! do 90 cardio minutes a week - I CAN DO THIS! 400 cario minutes per month - I CAN DO THIS! walk the dogs daily!!! I wi... Read more