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Sunday slow down and reflections
Sunday, June 26, 2011      6 comments

Since joining SP, I have never had a scheduled rest day. On any day I felt good enough I would do something. Then about every 4 or 5 days my body would just yell at me that it was time for a rest day. Physically, I've been feeling so much bet... Read more
Getting stronger
Friday, June 24, 2011      8 comments

This morning I went out for a nice bike ride of 10.7 miles with my best average speed so far. It felt good and I would've liked to go longer but 1) I had to get home to meet another roofer for another estimate and 2) I knew that tonight I wante... Read more
Wednesday, June 22, 2011      9 comments

If you've read my blog, you know I've been bitten by the cycling bug. But, boy this activity can get expensive! I've gotten several things for my bike (or for me while I'm on the bike) and have a list of several things I would still like to ge... Read more
When the teachers are away, the techies play
Monday, June 20, 2011      7 comments

For anyone who wonders what the tech people do in the summer time.......here's a little idea of what went on in my building today. Today we unloaded 13 pallets of computers from a semi. Ya, fun stuff!!! Luckily we actually hire extra summer h... Read more
The numbers game.....
Sunday, June 19, 2011      4 comments

Let me just start by saying that.... - I don't go by the BMR guideline. If I ate as much as they claim it takes just to maintain, I can't imagine how big I would be. - I ate completely healthy all day except for the ribeye steak that ... Read more
I want to be like HER!
Friday, June 17, 2011      12 comments

I've been being kind of a pansy in my efforts to get better at cycling. For the most part, I've avoided the wind like it's the plague. But everyday I see riders out there doing it, no matter how windy it is. So I decided today was the day. I... Read more
Savor the string cheese :)
Monday, June 13, 2011      8 comments

I never used to understand why people liked string cheese.......well, other than the fact that it's cheese and that's always a good thing. My kids used to always ask for it and I just didn't understand why they would want it in string variety. ... Read more
Too much? Or is this what it's gonna take?
Saturday, June 11, 2011      9 comments

Today I just really felt like moving. Too bad I wasn't quite as inclined to do housework, but that's a different issue. Anyway, this morning I rode 10 miles on my bike. For some reason it was really a struggle today, maybe because I had ridde... Read more
Dear Tami
Friday, June 10, 2011      11 comments

I am now part of the Yellow team for the Biggest Loser Summer Challenge and we (all members of all teams) were asked to write a letter to ourselves to be reread after the 10 week challenge is done. I'm a day late but here it is: Dear Tami,... Read more
Nice little storm. NOT!!!
Thursday, June 09, 2011      8 comments

Good news is that my house is finally cool again. Bad news is I had to deal with this: This is the view I had standing inside my basement door as it was hailing out... Read more
In a good mood for really no reason at all........
Wednesday, June 08, 2011      5 comments

I had a co-worker who IMs with me from another building during the day and she was telling me this morning how grumpy and grouchy she was. I just told her "Tough sh*t" she was gonna have to put up with my good mood anyway. Thankfully, she said... Read more
Motivation can be scary, just depends on how we deal.
Tuesday, June 07, 2011      3 comments

Oh my goodness! Just received an email from the company that took photos from the 5K last Saturday. First just let me say I was impressed that out of 7600 people they came up with several photos of just me and one with both my daughter and I i... Read more
The dreaded question...........
Sunday, June 05, 2011      10 comments

What do you do for fun? I HATE this question. And when you're single it comes up a lot!!!! I never know what to say. I can say things like horseback riding, camping and boating. But then I always add "but I haven't done those in a while". ... Read more
First 5K
Sunday, June 05, 2011      10 comments

I did my first 5K today. It was called Hospital Hill Run and there should be a HUGE emphasis on the "hill" part of that. That part was brutal!!! This was on the back... Read more
This 'n' that
Wednesday, June 01, 2011      4 comments

Well I tried to quit smoking. It lasted 22 hours :( I WILL try again. The scales finally moved down a little for me.........woohoo!!! Two days ago I registered for my first 5K. It will be this Saturday in Kansas City and I will be ... Read more

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