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  • 8/11/18 - Bedtime

    8/11/2018 11:50:10 PM, by GORDON66

    I'm already giving away tomatoes. The gym manager's boyfriend really likes tomatoes, so he got the first bag of the season. Linda, Bodypump... Read more

  • Dorothy's Journey: Chapter 36 - Beautiful Saturday

    8/11/2018 11:49:23 PM, by LAURENSQUEST

    Torn away from being fit, healthy and organized, Dorothy started her journey back. It was a beautiful day. Dorothy enjoyed the day. Sh... Read more

  • Suggestions for Trip to Branson?

    8/11/2018 11:38:31 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Never having gone to Branson, I find myself overwhelmed with the options for entertainment there... I visited a website with suggestions for fami... Read more

  • Good food day

    8/11/2018 11:35:42 PM, by KRISTIZEMAS8

    Got strawberries at local stand, white peaches and st... Read more

  • The Animals In Our Lives...............

    8/11/2018 11:33:49 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened. Read more

  • 3 weeks later

    8/11/2018 11:22:53 PM, by K8TERTOTS

    Hi sparkers! Not much to report but It’s been three weeks since my last post. I haven’t been weighing myself all the time, but hopped on this mo... Read more

  • Bought my own plate again

    8/11/2018 11:21:57 PM, by MIOSOTISTERESA

    Yes i bought a plastic bowl plate from dollar tree that it have 3 divided part wish can help me eat what i need i was looking for the one that ha... Read more

  • One of my very few Wonder Woman days

    8/11/2018 11:14:02 PM, by CALAMITIE

    I got all kinds of things done today. Not all of then were on my list and I missed a couple that should have been on my list. But I vacuumed, d... Read more

  • Saturday, August 11th

    8/11/2018 11:12:05 PM, by DETERMINEDJANET

    Yep....still fighting the heat and lucky us....the ... Read more

  • Awesome healthy beach day & healthy soup night!

    8/11/2018 10:54:46 PM, by HMBROWN1

    What a fantastic day at the beach!!! The weather was perfect, the water was perfect and the meal planning was perfect too - YEAH!!! I packe... Read more

  • Saturday’s Words to Ponder

    8/11/2018 10:49:03 PM, by JUDY1676

    ... Read more

  • Tax Free Weekend

    8/11/2018 10:48:32 PM, by MAGDALENELAPP

    Spent the majority of the day bouncing, dodging, and speed walking out of others way today. Shopping on Tax Free Weekend's Obstacle Course.... Read more

  • Only Three Things.....

    8/11/2018 10:44:23 PM, by CINDILP

    One of my earliest memories as a child was going with my family to a popular restaurant called Bishop Buffet. Bishop's was a cafeteria type of re... Read more

  • Ice cream vs LOW FAT YOGURT!

    8/11/2018 10:43:34 PM, by MOMSCHILD5

    A year ago I did not want low fat yogurt, yet now I can easily trade my big love of ice cream and whole milk yogurt for this lovely low fat yogur... Read more

  • Saturday...

    8/11/2018 10:36:44 PM, by SPARKLE1908

    Had a great time at the chapter retreat! It was rainy today so my drive was "eh" but I'm glad I went...I came home and did some cleaning... I o... Read more

  • the scale

    8/11/2018 10:20:24 PM, by KITTYHAWK1949

    for about the last 3 weeks I have only weighed once a week on Monday. before i'd weigh maybe 3 or 4 times during the week to see how I was doing... Read more

  • My Yorkie

    8/11/2018 10:20:22 PM, by PFSASSER

    Chocko is eleven years old. He lost his sight in one eye a few years ago. A year or so later he developed a problem with one ear that effected hi... Read more

  • Now I earn the title!!

    8/11/2018 10:19:07 PM, by QUEENANNETTEJ

    This week I struggled a bit mentally. Now I have to ... Read more

  • My Yorkie

    8/11/2018 10:15:31 PM, by PFSASSER

    Chocko is eleven years old. He lost his sight in one eye a few years ago. A year or so later he developed a problem with one ear that effected hi... Read more

  • 2500 mile goal

    8/11/2018 9:54:07 PM, by TOMSTONE1

    Well woke up got up at 315 this morning. Thought it was 600. Watched tv and read spark articles, went back to bed at 400. Kept waking up about e... Read more

  • Saturday evening

    8/11/2018 9:43:25 PM, by JUDY19463

    For most people Saturday, a very busy day, I am sure it is also for you I went shopping with my Daughter, Of course we stopped at a yard s... Read more

  • Lesson from a bumble bee

    8/11/2018 9:43:17 PM, by MDSCOORD

    I have been thinking about being more surrendered to what God has planned for me. Sometimes life does not give you what you want but it is usuall... Read more

  • #484 Moving on tomorrow.

    8/11/2018 9:40:59 PM, by JAMER123

    This has been a lovely campground/park. It's in Reed City and called the Rambart Park. I have pictures of a few things but of course can't get th... Read more

  • Two Very Productive Days!

    8/11/2018 9:39:44 PM, by TSISQUAUSDI

    I must say that I'm really enjoying having more time at home. It's also become very apparent that this lifestyle is much healthier for me, too! ... Read more

  • Prison of weight

    8/11/2018 9:35:03 PM, by ACEHIGH1209

    Pain. I felt some relief over the last few week. However last night ended up in hospital. I had a so much pain I couldn't stop getting sick for 3... Read more

  • Betty is gone

    8/11/2018 9:26:49 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    As of yesterday afternoon we buried Betty. She is just memories now. She will be remembered the same way Leah was through a scrapbook. I won't b... Read more

  • First week

    8/11/2018 9:24:11 PM, by LAURAFP

    1.2lbs down in my first week. I'm sure I'll reach my goal if I can stick to tracking.... Read more

  • mini-blender and min-processor

    8/11/2018 8:54:36 PM, by IMREITE

    someone asked why i said beans, and cucumbers were soft foods . i have a mini blender and mini food processor.i put green beans, cherry tomatoes ... Read more

  • I AM BACK! I am still here!

    8/11/2018 8:50:44 PM, by BBONET

    Just wanted to let my spark friends (especially the Teddy Bears) that I am still here and trying to get back to some routine. Since the beginning... Read more

  • 8/11/18 JRNL

    8/11/2018 8:46:57 PM, by MAUITN

    8/11/18 – 143.2 You may want to skip this rant and conversation I am having with myself. I seem to have tried most of the popular diets o... Read more


    8/11/2018 8:45:06 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well Hubby got us up early as he had therapy at 8 and then we sat around drinking our coffee. We got out and went to the market to pick up some ... Read more

  • Moderation

    8/11/2018 8:40:01 PM, by LULU0809

    I got a lot out of today's video on moderation. I'm one that wants it all to be perfect even though I know that isn't possible. I'm committed t... Read more

  • August 11, 2018

    8/11/2018 8:38:12 PM, by MUSICMOMOF2

    Happy Saturday! My mood has been up and down today and I know it's because I haven't been able to have a quiet house. I really do love my fa... Read more

  • Non-Scale Goals

    8/11/2018 8:33:17 PM, by WORTHITAT30

    I need to break up with the scale and not allow the number to define my happiness. Goals: *I want my wedding bands to fit again *I ... Read more

  • 10 pounds more!

    8/11/2018 8:28:11 PM, by LUZMARIA2683

    Today i have challenge my self ,to loose 10 pounds to get closer to my ideal goal☺👍... Read more

  • saturday

    8/11/2018 8:27:11 PM, by USMAWIFE

    the guy finally showed up and fixed the refrigerator although the temps are starting to go up again fixed my husbands computer tonight. he ... Read more

  • My Sweet Vent: Day 5

    8/11/2018 8:23:14 PM, by HAPPILY_ME

    Well, in my efforts to get control of my weight and my unhealthy relationship with sugar, I join the 21 day challenge to go without sweets. I las... Read more

  • silly saturday

    8/11/2018 8:20:45 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him, " D... Read more

  • Recovered day

    8/11/2018 8:18:02 PM, by CHRISTYBOGGS77

    I felt bad and was hateful today. Later on I cooked a healthy dinner and danced and walked the babies. Gonna have a house full tonight...lol... Read more

  • Day 1...again

    8/11/2018 8:01:56 PM, by FIESTACAKES

    Feeling excited about the changes happening in my life. My family and I have been cooking at home and eating lots of fruits and veggies. However ... Read more

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