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  • Did a barre workout today!

    4/6/2020 8:32:45 AM, by EOWYN24241

    Looks can be deceptive, I was sweating buckets at the end of this workout, in fact, I was already sweating in the middle of it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?
    v=WM9DeZsIOik&t=803s... Read more

  • Thank you

    4/6/2020 6:26:09 AM, by LIZCOOK13

    Thanks for the comments, folks. 😊 I was diagnosed with Type 2 about three years ago, so high glucose isn't new. Thankfully, it's down now, as of 6AM. Aside from my back, I'm feeling much better. 😊... Read more

  • A wake-up call.

    4/6/2020 1:08:01 AM, by LIZCOOK13

    I threw my back out yesterday, which left me in bed. I'm not a very...patient patient. But I'm trying. However, due to stress, I also have not taken care of myself. I've stress-eaten too much, including soda. Now my glucose is at 480. Time for VERY drastic changes. I hope this site will help in term... Read more

  • An actual day off!

    4/5/2020 5:52:53 PM, by JAW379

    It was so nice to have a day off today. My hubby runs a nursing home, and I work for him, so we have been working some crazy hours to keep up on the latest guidance, and trying to keep the virus out. Today was warmish and the sun popped out a few times, which was a blessing. I am so grateful for t... Read more

  • A new day

    4/5/2020 12:54:51 PM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to all. I went for a short walk this morning and I am feeling pretty good. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep, cheep! Not much planned for the day. Take care and stay safe, everyone.... Read more

  • Trying!

    4/5/2020 10:10:32 AM, by TAP6583

    So a member sent me an idea that I thought of myself but didn't do. I put my meals in at the start of the day so I will only eat what I put in. I did this years ago and it worked. I'm doing it again today and let's see how it goes. Thanks, and stay safe.... Read more

  • I've decided to rest today!

    4/5/2020 6:21:15 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I've been exercising every day for 3 days in a row now. I feel that I really need to rest my muscles and let them recover. I'm aching all over! I even did a core workout on Friday. So, now my abs hurt too! I will do a barre or ballet workout on Monday. Just downloaded a bunch of new workouts fr... Read more

  • Who knows

    4/4/2020 6:34:17 PM, by TAP6583

    All I can say is I’m trying. ... Read more

  • On The Right Track

    4/4/2020 6:24:34 PM, by MOMOF3HFC

    I started out at 179 when I weighed this morning I was down to 174. This gives me the motivation to keep going! I want to be healthy for myself and for my kids and future grand kids.... Read more

  • I Have to Believe Something Good Will Come...

    4/4/2020 1:55:31 PM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    I have to force myself to believe this. I have to believe that all this pain, suffering and death will not be nothing. I have to believe we will grow as people, neighbors, countries and global communities. I force myself to have hope. I push myself to believe all of our indignation, frustration, sad... Read more

  • A mild spring day

    4/4/2020 1:37:48 PM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep, cheep! My daughter and I will be playing monopoly in a while. I just finished a dance workout from you tube and I feel great. Have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more

  • 04/04/2020 First day of Spring 5% Challenge

    4/4/2020 12:13:54 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    Took blood pressure. 48 Check. I logged in to Spark People. 48 Check. I dressed for exercise/activity. 48 Check. I participated in Zoom Yoga 48 Check. Logged 45 minutes exercise on Weight Warrior Team thread. 48 Check. Ate healthy breakfast. 48 Check. Washed a few dishes... Read more

  • 2 good workouts!

    4/4/2020 8:36:38 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I thought this was easy, but if you put in the effort, you will be sweating a lot, like I was! It's an indoor walking workout! Very short but effective! https://www.youtube.com/watc
    h?v=R3AUw3-jtEo&t=152s If you want something more challenging : https://www.youtube.com/watch... Read more

  • It's time for me!

    4/3/2020 10:15:15 PM, by MOMOF3HFC

    I have always put myself last. As I have gotten older I have come to understand that always putting yourself on that back burner is very unhealthy. It will lead to unhappiness, which leads to eating in turn brings us here. I have decided to put myself closer to the front. To get healthy, in the righ... Read more

  • Write down routine & pre challenge blog

    4/3/2020 9:25:27 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    7 am wake up, hot tea with spouse 8 AM Chores 8:30 Breakfast , then SP 9:30 chair yoga on zoom 10:45 math work 1 PM Lunch 1:30 math work 3 PM read, write 4 PM walk 5 PM Happy Time - play games, sew 6 PM Dinner 7:30 PM Practice harp 8 30 PM Watch watch tv with spouse 945 b... Read more

  • Coronaddict

    4/3/2020 5:10:29 PM, by SHERREB

    So...who out here has become a Coronaddict. I watch the news in the morning, catch parts of it during the day, and see the news in the evening. On top of that, I stop and listen whenever President Trump has a press conference to update us. Dr Oz reports on it daily for an hour. It can get very scar... Read more

  • It's Friday

    4/3/2020 12:38:10 PM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to all. Another relaxing day here today. I will do some exercise after lunch. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep! Have a great day, everyone and stay safe.... Read more

  • Felt like I was dying! LOL!

    4/3/2020 7:23:53 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I dug out an old workout DVD. It was Leah Sarago's Ballet Body Core workout. Man! Am I out of shape! I felt like I was dying! I kept praying, please be over, please be over! LOL! My abs hurt so bad, that I had to stop a few times, many times in fact. To think that I used to breeze through this ... Read more

  • Day 4 and COVID-19 situation

    4/2/2020 7:52:06 PM, by SUKOTO

    Alright, so I completed Day 4 today and I'll be honest, it was a challenge. By mid-day I was crashing and I was afraid that I wouldn't have the energy to complete the workout but I took a nap and that made all the difference. I am still sore from yesterday but today's workout didn't have my jumping ... Read more

  • What will the day bring?

    4/2/2020 12:44:38 PM, by TAP6583

    I'm really studying myself more. The time I have at home is allowing me to cry, get mad, look at my body, and do all kinds of things I would not be doing. I need to make serious change. I feel the change has to start in my head. I tend to think too much. I know what I need to do, I just have to... Read more

  • Sunshine

    4/2/2020 12:09:26 PM, by MOMMY445

    Another beautiful day here today. My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep, cheep! A relaxing day here. Have a great day, everyone and stay safe.... Read more

  • Surprise gem!!!

    4/2/2020 7:45:25 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I didn't exercise yesterday either because I got a chill, was having a runny nose. I took vitamin C yesterday evening and I was better when I woke up around 1pm today. However, I really needed to exercise today. But I was still feeling very lazy. So, I put on a Leslie Sansone walking DVD. Now, ... Read more

  • Up

    4/1/2020 10:01:04 PM, by TAP6583

    Constantly walking 🚶‍♀️ used the resistance bands today. Goal is to get on that total gym. Have a great day everyone. ... Read more

  • A sunny day

    4/1/2020 2:00:09 PM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep, cheep. Another relaxing day here. I will get a workout in later. Have a great day, everyone and stay safe.... Read more

  • BP & Blog before 5% Challenge Start

    4/1/2020 12:29:04 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    new-blood-pressure-guidelines I am going to have to start watching my blood pressure closely again. And I need to pay attention and do the measuring correctly. I have a good blood pressure monitor which inflates the cu... Read more

  • Up and Down

    3/31/2020 7:49:06 PM, by TAP6583

    I don't know. Here I go again.... Read more

  • A new start for 2020

    3/31/2020 6:30:08 PM, by SUKOTO

    Starting to feel like a yo-yo. The past few starts in 2017 and 2018 didn't quite get going and I won't really get into why but I've been fighting some demons. Demons I know I'll be fighting for a long time. I'm not going to pretend and say this is the last time and that I'll 100% make it this ... Read more

  • A cloudy day

    3/31/2020 11:38:22 AM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says thank you for all of the birthday wishes. She had a great day. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep, cheep. Have a great day, everyone. Stay safe and take care.... Read more

  • A relaxing day of rest!

    3/31/2020 9:07:04 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I woke up very very late in the day today. I slept late last night too. I was too engrossed in watching youtube videos. I have been doing that a lot lately during the lockdown. Anyways I began my day at 2.40pm today. Spent the entire afternoon watching Nat Geo Wild. Then turned off the TV at 5:... Read more

  • The Sun is back!

    3/30/2020 4:59:01 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    Hello everyone! When they say the sun helps your mood, they aren't joking around. The sun is shining, we have windows open and it's in the 50's and my mood is 100% different than it was yesterday! I was able to go on a 3.5 mile run too! It felt great! After my run, I get a text from a ... Read more

  • Honestly...

    3/30/2020 4:43:02 PM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    I'm losing it just an iddy bit...or a lot! The introvert in me was OK the first 1 or 2 or 12 weeks...how long has it been? What day is today? The days just run into eachother. Now the extrovert in me is going bananas. What a year 2020 has turned out to be! Who would have thunk it? I think... Read more

  • A cloudy day

    3/30/2020 2:51:37 PM, by MOMMY445

    It's my daughter's birthday today! She is doing well and says hello. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep! We are safe and sound. Have a great day, everyone.... Read more

  • Needed to get out

    3/30/2020 1:24:36 PM, by TAP6583

    So I drove the the lakefront to get a walk in but the cops were there not allowing anyone to do that. Fine, I live on the lake so I just walked down south shore dr and walked into the country club. One person golfing and another running. No contact. I feel much better today. Stay safe everyone.... Read more

  • Knowing my limits.....

    3/30/2020 8:39:25 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I downloaded a high impact dance workout the other day. It is only 30 minutes but involved a lot of jumping. I only got as far as the first 5 minutes (the warmup), but when the jumping started, my knees started complaining. I was doing a yogilates workout yesterday so my arms already were achin... Read more

  • Trying To Find The New Me.

    3/29/2020 9:22:30 PM, by RABBITART

    I see it been a year since I have posted and so many things have changed. I am trying to find the new me. I am going through a relationship change. Now I have the time and the opportunity to look after me and what matters to me. I have been missing working out. I have gained weight over ... Read more

  • ???

    3/29/2020 8:10:51 PM, by TAP6583

    I don't know what to say.... Read more

  • Sunny day

    3/29/2020 2:44:43 PM, by MOMMY445

    Another mild weather day here today. My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep. Stay safe. Have a great day, everyone!... Read more

  • At home birthday

    3/29/2020 1:59:47 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    Hello! Today is my 45th birthday. I will be staying home of course, since we're all trying to get this virus to stop. My daughter and I did run to the store and get cinnamon rolls and fruit this morning. But other than that I am staying home. I watched our church's service online and then play... Read more

  • A mild day

    3/28/2020 3:20:25 PM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep, cheep. We are doing well and are taking it easy. Have a great day, everyone.... Read more

  • Worked Out This Morning!

    3/28/2020 1:02:59 PM, by TAP6583

    You have to start somewhere and I hope today jumped started me working out in the morning. I love working out when it's morning but still dark outside. I'm not working because school is on distance learning but if I was going to work, I would want to workout before work. So I'm pretending I have ... Read more

  • Team Blog 3: Prep for Start -- resources

    3/28/2020 12:49:00 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    if you have never checked out these amazing Spark features, PLEASE do so now. This is the way to simplify entering food into the nutrition tracker and make meal planning a pleasure. Mix & Match Meal Planner www.sparkpeople.com/resource/m
    ix-and-match-meal-planner.asp Plan Healthy... Read more

  • Team Blog 2: Prep for Start continued

    3/28/2020 12:42:48 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    Our Spring 2020 5% Challenge Team is warming up with some pre-challenge tasks and games. They are playing the word change game and the last duo was "office worker" and I changed it to "worker bee." I recorded my weight today: 179.6. I have lost 10 lbs since the beginning of the year. Quite ... Read more

  • Team Blog 1: Prep for Start

    3/28/2020 12:36:50 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    I am looking forward to the beginning of the next 2020 5% Challenge! www.sparkpeople.com/myspark/gr
    oups_individual.asp?gid=71569... Read more

  • Time Off

    3/28/2020 10:43:22 AM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    Hello Sparkers!! I am taking some time off from running, which is especially hard today when it's so nice and we can have the windows open...sigh...however, I have Planter Fasciitis bad in the heel of my right foot, and I know that I cannot continue to run and expect it to heal. So I have start... Read more

  • Revisited an old favorite!!

    3/28/2020 9:17:49 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I downloaded an old favorite today. I had to, because I had to replace my hard disk. My hard disk contained a lot of workouts, and they were all wiped out when my hard disk malfunctioned. So, I had to redownload a lot of my workouts again from youtube. I had forgotten about Crunch Cardio Salsa... Read more

  • Sunny Day

    3/27/2020 3:06:25 PM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to all. We are doing well and are keeping safe. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep. Hope that everyone is doing well and have a great day.... Read more

  • Making exercise fun again!

    3/27/2020 12:27:55 PM, by SHERREB

    Exercising is not my favorite thing to do but, I do love dancing and having fun. I realized that if I do not make getting up and moving around enjoyable then I simply won’t do it. Walking on a tread mill, riding a stationary bike, following a trainer...none of these things are for me. I did see an a... Read more

  • Good Friday Morning

    3/27/2020 11:08:03 AM, by TAP6583

    Not feeling the best today. Not sick, just unmotivated. I'll be ok but just wanted to put that out there. Have a great day everyone.... Read more

  • Rest day today!

    3/27/2020 6:41:34 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I have been exercising consistently for 4 days. I've already achieved my weekly target. Even exceeded it. So, I've decided to take a break today. I'm having the sniffles too, runny nose, not fun. So, I've decided to rest from exercise today. If I'm feeling better tomorrow, I might exercise agai... Read more

  • Staying Sane

    3/26/2020 4:59:35 PM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    Our household was falling apart yesterday so the kids and I went out for a walk in the rain and did a goofy exercise session in the house later that day. Today, I felt burnout setting in full force so we had 2 walks outside. Parks are now closed, so no frolicking on fields anymore. We take it day by... Read more

  • A cloudy day

    3/26/2020 4:06:21 PM, by MOMMY445

    It's a mild weather day here today. My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds say cheep, cheep. In a while my daughter and I will be playing a game of monopoly. Have a great day everyone!... Read more

  • Fancy dress day challenge; canceled

    3/26/2020 12:16:21 PM, by KATIKOHT

    I tried to post a blog the other day but there were technical difficulties (?). Fancy dress day was canceled, so hard for all! It was such a motivating force for me, and it took me a minute to shake that off - mourn the dress that may never see the light of day (for good reasons - it is unlikely t... Read more

  • Snacking Better

    3/26/2020 11:36:59 AM, by TAP6583

    I've never been a big snacker until my Husband, who is my XHusband but not really (long story 40 ), moved in with me over a year ago. He's a sweetaholic but I'm not. However, when he brings the stuff home, I eat it. It was like that when we were really living together as a married couple too. He... Read more

  • 3/26/2020 Four for four...and more

    3/26/2020 11:33:58 AM, by AMURDOCK68

    My mom has been doing yoga on her own each day since a week ago Monday, I believe. She has then been a really good sport and has been willing to try Facetime and even Zoom to connect with me, my mother-in-law and our close friend, V. I have been 4 for 4 this week, in terms of participating in ... Read more

  • It's Wednesday

    3/25/2020 5:29:17 PM, by MOMMY445

    It's pretty quiet here. My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds say cheep, cheep. Stay safe everyone. Have a good day.... Read more

  • Social distancing

    3/25/2020 12:40:09 PM, by TAP6583

    I'm wearing my mask and gloves when I go out. I only go out to walk or to the grocery store. I have equipment to workout at home but still not doing it. I have been eating the right calories but some of the wrong foods. I always drink plenty water so no problem there. I will get better as time ... Read more

  • Continuing with the exercise!!!

    3/25/2020 8:27:26 AM, by EOWYN24241

    Yesterday, I did some bodyweight exercises for strength training. The workout was about 20 minutes long, and I was sweating a little. Well, today, I did a 50 minute Latin dance workout and I was really sweating at the end! I dug out one of my workout DVDs, and did it. I actually wanted t... Read more

  • Tuesday morning thoughts

    3/24/2020 6:10:40 AM, by JAW379

    Grateful this morning for all the people in this world helping others. Grateful for all the people who understand the importance of social distancing right now. Praying daily that this disease does not get on the doors of our nursing home. Working hard daily to prevent that. This is an unusual time ... Read more

  • Worked out today

    3/23/2020 8:29:44 PM, by TAP6583

    Ironically, I enjoy exercising. The problem is getting started. I'm not sure why I don't do it regularly but I will chat with a coach to help me with this. I walked outside for 22 minutes and that was good. Kept up with the calories. The stay in place order on the city of Chicago is a little h... Read more

  • A good workout today!

    3/23/2020 9:25:52 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I did a 20 minute Zumba dance workout today, with 15 minutes of floorwork. I didn't manage to do all the reps though, my abs were killing me! I was sweating buckets by the time I finished! My tshirt & shorts were soaked with sweat! I love this workout! It was really fun! Just go to youtube & se... Read more

  • A snow day

    3/23/2020 9:10:38 AM, by MOMMY445

    It's snowing here now. Then it is going to rain. My daughter says hello. Both budgie birds say cheep, cheep. Everyone is doing well. Have a great day, everyone... Read more

  • Grateful

    3/23/2020 6:19:44 AM, by JAW379

    Today I am grateful for all our staff who are coming in to work everyday. My family owns a nursing home, and my husband runs it, and I am one of the managers. We are grateful for all the support people are showing towards healthcare personnel at this time. We have staff and some of their family mem... Read more

  • I'm Back!

    3/22/2020 5:40:45 PM, by TAP6583

    Hello SP, I haven't been here in a while. I read my last post that I wrote 5 years ago and a lot has changed. The main thing is that I had a major problem with alcohol and had to go to treatment. I'm now 6 months sober and very happy about that. I've gained a lot of weight and I'm ready to get... Read more

  • Reset

    3/22/2020 4:29:05 PM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    It is so hard to post about some of the positive aspects of the imposed social distancing for fear I might appear to be trivializing or minimizing the gravity of this ever worsening global pandemic. Forgive me if I offend anyone. I went through a much needed period of anger as I was preparing for so... Read more

  • Long Run Saturday

    3/22/2020 12:58:57 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    Hello! I got my long run in yesterday. It wasn't pretty, but I got it done. It will take alot of weight loss and work to reach my goal of a 2 hour half marathon. As it takes me 2 hours right now to run 10 miles. But I have faith I can get there. I have lost 1.5lbs this week. I ran by the Ch... Read more

  • Sunday...had some neat church community time

    3/22/2020 12:03:17 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    Online, but our pastors put together a playlist on YouTube of our different parts of worship. It seems that about 50 households have watched the entire playlist during the first part of our normal Sunday worship hour. It was neat to feel connected and centered. oh, and our church music d... Read more

  • A sunny day

    3/22/2020 10:12:48 AM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to everyone. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep, cheep. Have a great day everyone. Stay safe.... Read more

  • Took it down a notch today......

    3/22/2020 7:15:23 AM, by EOWYN24241

    After Friday's dance workout where I nearly killed myself jumping around, I took a break yesterday, didn't work out but I felt I had to work out today. I did a gentler walking workout. I sweated a little but I didn't want to overdo it because my knees are complaining. I certainly don't want to overt... Read more

  • It's Saturday

    3/21/2020 10:49:01 PM, by MOMMY445

    I had a good walk outside earlier today. After dinner, I danced for quite a while. My daughter says hello. We are doing well with having to mainly stay in due to the corona virus that is happening around the world. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep. Have a great night everyone.... Read more

  • Lost 25 Pounds...Gained Anxiety

    3/21/2020 1:31:24 PM, by CLEO210

    Our world is in chaos at the moment and I believe for at least the next several weeks. With the Covid-19 and stock market (I work in the industry) in the news there are constant reminders of what is out of my control. With everything going on comes worries of job security, providing for the family... Read more

  • Starting over

    3/21/2020 8:20:59 AM, by HOTMAMA608

    It has been quite a while (almost 10 years) since I have added a blog entry. A lot has changed since then and yet so much has stayed the same. One of the biggest changes is that I have gained weight and am at the highest I have ever been. I cannot look at that as failure though. I have just cons... Read more

  • A lazy Saturday......

    3/21/2020 8:14:40 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I woke up super late at 1:30pm because I had to charge my activity tracker, resulting in a very late Friday night. I have to remember to charge my tracker earlier so I can get to bed earlier. I stayed up watching a youtube vid on Princess Diana. So sad and tragic that she left us so early! So, ... Read more

  • Life

    3/20/2020 10:17:17 AM, by SHAWDOCAT

    Amazing to read my blogs and see my Spark page from four years ago. Yet, here I am removing all distractions to truly meet my healthy goal weight. During the four years, I have learned a lot about foods..what is good, bad and best choice for me. Just by changing my eating habits I went from 194 i... Read more

  • Rainy Day

    3/19/2020 12:23:05 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    Well, today is my day off (always on Thursdays - not because of the pandemic) and I slept in. Unfortunately I didn't check the forecast before going to bed last night and slept right through the part of the day when it wasn't raining. Now it's raining so I guess I'll be running indoors today. S... Read more

  • Extra time at Home

    3/19/2020 11:25:27 AM, by STEPH6377

    So since I am working from home now during this COVID 19 crisis I am trying to use the extra time I have to exercise and get healthy. Anyone else using their extra time to do things to make a positive impact on their lives? ... Read more

  • Frustrated

    3/19/2020 10:39:49 AM, by MAMAHUTCH221

    I am so frustrated that I am slipping on my modified eating plan! :( I have bought an apple watch and have been doing excellent with everything. This virus comes along and everything is messed up! The Gym is closed. This leaves me with having a very hard time to get my 30 exercise minutes in during ... Read more

  • day 2, a little sunshine a little music

    3/19/2020 8:59:39 AM, by AMURDOCK68

    We had very little sunshine yesterdat, but it was fairly warm and things are blooming. The first photo are blooms from our weeping cherry. I did quite a bit of practicing yesterday to prep for a Skype lesson with my harp mentor in Australia.... Read more

  • Grateful this morning

    3/19/2020 6:20:08 AM, by JAW379

    I work in a nursing home, and am just so grateful for how positive our staff have remained so far. Everyone is stepping up and helping keep our residents engaged. Office staff are serving meals, to increase the number of faces people see, and all managers are each focusing a little extra attention o... Read more

  • Frustrating times

    3/18/2020 10:55:30 AM, by SHERREB

    So today I tried to go grocery shopping and got so frustrated. Went to my usual store and there was a line to get in. So, I went to my second choice. Naturally there was no fresh chicken or beef available. No frozen beef or chicken either. All the usual staples of canned goods gone. No bread. Even t... Read more

  • Day 1 Work from home, study from home- Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    3/18/2020 9:39:54 AM, by AMURDOCK68

    Day 1 intentions At 9 am I have a FaceTime "date" with mom to do our yoga routine. Our local recreational center is closed for now. I have been going to yoga there since some time in January and had built some consistency. Mom has been doing the treadmill and going to yoga classes for a lot ... Read more

  • Keeping active despite lockdown

    3/18/2020 7:00:17 AM, by EOWYN24241

    Malaysians are ordered to a 2 - week lockdown by our Prime Minister. The lockdown is from the 18th to the 31st of March. My parents have even forbidden me to take my usual walks because we need to just stay indoors. This is the 2nd day that I'm confined indoors, I started the lockdown a day ea... Read more

  • This Time I am Serious!

    3/15/2020 8:15:37 AM, by MAMAHUTCH221

    Joined the gym on February 21, 2020. I have been going 5 times a week. I do 30 minutes of cardio everyday (even on the 2 days that I don't go to the gym, I go for a walk/hike). Everyday I do abs. I alternate legs and arms every other day. Last week I started a modified eating plan and for the first ... Read more

  • a windy and cloudy day

    3/13/2020 1:57:57 PM, by MOMMY445

    it is a cooler day here today. my daughter has started her march break from school. with the corona virus that is going around, public schools across ontario, canada, will be closed for two weeks after march break. she is gettng a longer march break than she realized. i am sure we can do something d... Read more

  • Sometimes we Just Need to Laugh at the Insanity: Covid19 Memes:

    3/13/2020 11:45:31 AM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    Schools closed. Lots of telecommuting. People all around with coughs. Sometimes, I just need to laugh rather than cry...I understand not everyone appreciates dark humor, so please know I do not mean to offend. This is so me lately... I don't know how they got this photo of m... Read more

  • Just posted my In-between challenges *optional* weight on team tracker

    3/13/2020 11:44:01 AM, by AMURDOCK68

    Today I weighed the least I have weighed... well, in the last 3 months, maybe longer. One snapshot of my 2020 winter 5% Challenge Journey is my personal posts on the team mandatory weight tracker: Starting weight 01/11/20: 186.8 lbs Goal weight: 150 lbs for a healthy BMI 5% goal for challe... Read more

  • Social Shutdown

    3/12/2020 6:20:25 PM, by SHERREB

    So it seems that we are having a social shutdown with the spread of the Corona Virus. Schools, public meetings, concerts and sporting events, community events, and so on. It is even affecting big business. Flights and cruise lines, much international and domestic travel shut down. I guess this is v... Read more

  • a beautiful sunny day

    3/12/2020 9:59:53 AM, by MOMMY445

    the sun is shining brightly here today. my daughter says hi to all. she is looking forward to march break here next week. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more

  • a mostly cloudy day

    3/11/2020 12:59:48 PM, by MOMMY445

    it is a bit windy today, too. it is not as mild as it was the other day. my daughter says hi. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! i am enoying the zumba class i am taking. i have a few errands to do, then i am off for a long walk. have a wonderful day, everyone!... Read more

  • Where did 6 days go?? Wow, whoopsie, Whoa!!

    3/11/2020 12:09:59 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    Where did 6 days go?? It looks like I did spin the SP wheel each day --but no tracking, no posting blogs, no checking in with SP buddies. Not good not good. Whoa!! I am going to change my perspective. FROM: whew, I finished and was successful with Winter 2020 Challange, TO all right, le... Read more

  • Went for a short walk today.....

    3/11/2020 11:47:21 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I visited a neighbor for a chat. I was feeling disheartened bcoz my Mom keeps shouting at me. I've decided that no matter what she does I will NOT react badly but respond with love. My brother is being a pain as usual. If he really respected me he would let me have the front seat in the car and... Read more

  • Florida

    3/11/2020 10:43:36 AM, by ALLFORELIFE

    Just came back from a week in Florida... weather was great, caught a Blue Jays game and had a wonderful time. However I realized that I am not just fat but super fat... sigh...pictures don't lie. So I allowed myself to wallow a little and today I am hitting the gym with more gusto than before. Wa... Read more

  • New Normal...ing

    3/11/2020 10:26:25 AM, by LOSEDAPOUNDS

    Thank you to my scale for giving me just the kick in the patooty I needed. We had a rocky relationship way back when, but I now realize you show you care about my health by being brutally honest. I saw a number that made me cringe (though last year at this time it would have worthy of celebration). ... Read more

  • Losing a Pet

    3/10/2020 5:36:11 PM, by IOWAGIRLRUNS1

    So we are faced with the thought of losing our dog we have had for about 9 years. She's a super sweet, calm and laid back Corgi-Lab mix. We just adore her. She hasn't been eating at all and so we took her to the Vet yesterday and he said, he can't be 100% sure without blood tests, but he was... Read more

  • a cloudy and windy day

    3/10/2020 2:32:33 PM, by MOMMY445

    there was some rain here this morning. the rain has stopped and the sun has been trying to come out for the past while. my daughter says hi. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more

  • Short break from exercise bcoz......

    3/10/2020 9:32:56 AM, by EOWYN24241

    We have been going thru a heatwave, it's been horribly hot till dusk, even the nights are too warm. The rain, when it comes, is too brief and doesn't make much difference to the intense, humid heat all day, every day! I don't even feel like exercising because of the constant heat! Yesterday eve... Read more

  • Saying “Mercy” and finally giving in, to try SparkPeople again...

    3/9/2020 2:55:57 PM, by JBERRYGIRL

    It’s 3/9/20 Monday, I hate to admit I’m at 215#s ish —>I’ve got to do SOMETHING for myself - my health depends on it, like so MANY of us on “the American way of lifestyle & eating plan”!!! I did SparkPeople years ago (when was 46) & it really worked well for me (think lost 30+#s from like 180#s ish)... Read more

  • Fancy Dress Day Challenge: 32

    3/9/2020 1:49:39 PM, by KATIKOHT

    Well, we are sitting at that month point till we are fancy dressed! After my indulgent weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary, I'm on a mission this week to un-bloat and keep losing! I've finished 9 days of my arm challenge and am set to continue through. I observed that drinking wine (2.5 gla... Read more

  • a mild sunny day

    3/9/2020 12:41:36 PM, by MOMMY445

    a mild and mostly sunny day here today. my daughter says hi to everyone. i will be going for a long walk in a while outdoors. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more

  • Where has the time gone

    3/8/2020 7:06:28 PM, by MISSJACQUE

    I haven't been on SparkPeople in about 4 years. Many things have changed, many things are the same: * I haven't kicked the Rockstar habit - that one is a real battle. * Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure in 2016, high but not too high (Dr.'s words) cholesterol in 2017.... Read more

  • a beautiful sunny day

    3/8/2020 3:05:44 PM, by MOMMY445

    i went to the zumba workout this morning and i had a great time! my daughter says hi to all. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more