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  • July 21 to july 27 Cal def.

    7/23/2019 11:03:49 PM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Sun 569 Mon 927 Tues 1117... Read more

  • July 23

    7/23/2019 10:02:20 PM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Evening. Full of water... swollen... Read more

  • Tired

    7/23/2019 9:42:31 PM, by MAMAROU

    Mit tooth Socket still Hurts. Will be so glad Ehen IT stoos. Soft foods are hard.... Read more

  • daily thought

    7/23/2019 8:59:58 PM, by IMREITE

    my thought for today: when you feel like know one hears you, take a moment to listen. today during a meeting today someone said “I feel like I am not being heard” . wanted to tell her she was heard but she rarely listens or follows directions. if she did listen, she would know that we ... Read more

  • Slow & Steady... Right. :-/

    7/23/2019 6:53:05 PM, by CFBAIZE

    I was determined to do this right... I still am... but July has been incredibly stressful. By the time dinner comes around, I don't want to measure and usually forget (or, honestly, just don't bother) to track - which makes it incredibly difficult to use my log to plan things. I can't believ... Read more

  • July 23

    7/23/2019 9:18:19 AM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Had a lazy night an a few too many calories, including the oatmeal bars. Up one pound but that doesn't shock me. I am so tired. The B12 is not working. After work today I need to keep moving, as soon as I sit I am done. My challenge for today is to get everything completed before I sit down. ... Read more

  • 7/23/19 Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. Oscar Wilde

    7/23/2019 8:37:50 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Quote of the Day Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact. George Eliot Love Quote of the Day There is no love that is not an echo. Theodor W. Adorno Art Quote of the Day In reality art is always for everyone and for no one. ... Read more

  • too much water

    7/23/2019 6:22:45 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    rain has returned. what else is new. i dont know how many days we have had this summer when it DIDNT rain!!! work today then off for a week and i just hope i can get one or two days of no rain to enjoy the outdoors. we are water logged.... Read more

  • Apprenticeship...

    7/23/2019 4:08:00 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    246 334 Keep smiling!! 334 247 390 ... Read more

  • Too much to do

    7/22/2019 9:43:38 PM, by MERRYPINK

    I can feel myself shutting down from trying to manage too many tasks. Something has to be marked off the list.... Read more

  • Oych

    7/22/2019 8:14:57 PM, by MAMAROU

    Just got a tooth pulled. Thought I had a week yet 😏... Read more

  • Survived!

    7/22/2019 6:31:34 PM, by JJLDH_VA

    I survived the weekend. Made mostly healthy choices, ate within my goal, tracked my food. In also got my husband to join a gym with me. Its two blocks away so easy to walk to in summer, and a community center so more reasonable than a "pro" gym. Into the week I go. With a bit more pep in ... Read more

  • My restful Summer so far

    7/22/2019 3:10:25 PM, by CARRILU

    My last blog was written near the end of the Spring semester as I neared finals. All I could think of during those last few weeks of school was Summer, Summer, Summer and for the first time in a few years a break. A break from school (I have taken summer courses, often more than one for the last few... Read more

  • Going for it...

    7/22/2019 2:39:26 PM, by TAYGRL

    2000 fitness points, that is...It’s been a minute but with 9 days left in the month, I think it’s in the bag. Me to myself: stay the course, girl. You got this. *high 5’s self*... Read more


    7/22/2019 12:18:31 PM, by SMIDGON

    All last week our eldest couldn't be reach! Not by us nor her kids. Finally she called on Friday. She had had a reaction to a prescription anxiety drug! She couldn't even hold a phone. I talked to her yesterday and s he sounded a lot better. PTL. How is your weather? For a bit we... Read more

  • July 22

    7/22/2019 11:17:16 AM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Back to basics... salads... love em... they do not love me. Lettuce makes me bloat soooo bad. Ate oatmeal bar.... see what it does, for some reason it has always made me gain... fast... Read more

  • 7/22/19 Maybe this world is another planet's hell. Aldous Huxley

    7/22/2019 8:57:51 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Quote of the Day The buried talent is the sunken rock on which most lives strike and founder. Frederick William Faber Love Quote of the Day Nobody loves a woman because she is handsome or ugly, stupid or intelligent. We love because we love. Honore de Balzac Art Quote of the Day ... Read more

  • So many veggies!!!

    7/22/2019 8:06:55 AM, by MEZZOJO

    I have a CSA (community supported agriculture ) farm share, so every week I get six different kinds of veggies. I'm trying to get better at making use of all of them, so I'm posting my haul for the week, and my plans. This week I got cabbage, kale, cucumbers, spring onions, green peppers and pur... Read more

  • Soooooo hot!!!

    7/22/2019 4:16:22 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    It has been so yucky hot!! Ugh!! The "real feel" temperature yesterday, with humidity, was around 110 degrees F. I'm staying inside today!! 334 Keep smiling!! 334 247 390... Read more

  • moving day

    7/21/2019 11:36:06 PM, by IMREITE

    My inlaws are moving at the end of this week. they keep saying they are going to get rid of everything. the lady at the usps store knows them both on a first name basis because of all the stuff they are sending to their new place. ovver 30 years of cluttter. some of it is valuable but most of it is... Read more

  • More rain

    7/21/2019 7:41:40 PM, by MERRYPINK

    Need a long bath. Did little chores. Tidied up the porch. Neighbor kids played a little while. On my second 30 oz of water. I need a good scary movie to end this day on.... Read more

  • Sun july 21

    7/21/2019 4:02:47 PM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Was gone for weekend. Didnt stick to diet. Had a bottle of wine. And junk...but alot more walking Will weigh in tomorrow morning and see what happened... Read more

  • Workouts for July 21-27

    7/21/2019 3:05:55 PM, by NEWME2BSKINNY

    July 21=30 min walking.30 min walking.30 min house work.TOTAL 90 MIN.BURNED 530 .DRANK 6 GLASSES OF WATER.CALORIES ATE 1.000 91 9191919191 July 22=70 min walking.30 min house work.TOTAL 100 MIN.BURNED 590.DRANK 5 GLASSES OF WATER.CALORIES ATE 1,000 9191919191 July ... Read more

  • Back again!

    7/21/2019 1:21:17 PM, by WENDYWRITES

    I've taken major steps to turn my life around. I had to get some negative/toxic people out of my life, changed careers, advanced in my new career, and took some vacations. Now I'm fully comitted to getting back into this journey of weight-loss/healthy living. I'm learning how to balance my life (aft... Read more

  • Having another heat wave breakfast! Berries, Ice, Vanilla whey powder!

    7/21/2019 12:09:25 PM, by NOELANCONTRALTO

    Having another heat wave breakfast! Berries, Ice, Vanilla whey powder! Cold veggie pizza for lunch and diner. Covers all the food groups! ... Read more

  • 7/21/19 Less is only more where more is no good. Frank Lloyd Wright

    7/21/2019 8:42:25 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Quote of the Day The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it. Jean Paul Love Quote of the Day We are nearer loving those who hate us than those who love us more than we wish. Francois de La Rochefoucauld Art Quote of the Day ... Read more

  • crochet unicorn

    7/21/2019 12:58:34 AM, by IMREITE

    i have a pattern for making a crocheted unicorn. i have the pieces now i have to put it together, the pattern of course does not give these details... Read more

  • Amazed!

    7/20/2019 11:19:00 PM, by CJSLOVE

    Every day I find it even more amazing how much my life is changing and has changed in the last 7-8 years. Six years ago this month I took a huge step and walked away from an abusive situation. It was really hard because I had no self confidence and didn't know how I was going to survive. I foun... Read more

  • Wet rainy muddy day

    7/20/2019 11:03:07 PM, by MERRYPINK

    Lots of rain. Grass shooting up. Picked up one grandchild, just cannot resist. Napped. Being consistent with water intake. Doing okay all around.... Read more

  • Watch mooon landing in real time! NOW

    7/20/2019 5:17:08 PM, by NOELANCONTRALTO

    Watch moon landing in real time! NOW https://apolloinrealtime.org
    /11/ https://apolloinrealtime.org/1
    1/... Read more

  • 7/20/19 Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. Confucius

    7/20/2019 12:50:46 PM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Quote of the Day We all have ability. The difference is how we use it. Charlotte Whitton Love Quote of the Day There is always something left to love. And if you ain't learned that, you ain't learned nothing. Lorraine Hansberry Art Quote of the Day I am not strong on perfection.... Read more

  • Cafe Mocha smoothie for breakfast!

    7/20/2019 12:04:00 PM, by NOELANCONTRALTO

    My own frozen cafe mocha smoothie with coffee, small banana, peanut butter and TJ’s chocolate protein powder. Breakfast of the Gods during a heat wave! ... Read more

  • One of the Ways You Know its God Calling

    7/20/2019 4:41:32 AM, by SPARKKITTY2016

    Have you ever wondered if you are hearing God’s voice, the enemy’s voice, or your own voice? I am sure this has crossed your mind. It does for most believers. How to discern the voice of God is not always an easy thing to describe or get across. Of course the Bible is God’s true word fo... Read more

  • 7/19/19 Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the wo

    7/19/2019 8:59:08 PM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world. George Bernard Shaw Quote of the Day When in doubt, don't. Benjamin Franklin Love Quote of the Day Don't brood. Get on with living and loving. You don't have forever. Leo Buscaglia ... Read more

  • End of the week - into the dreaded weekend

    7/19/2019 6:11:13 PM, by JJLDH_VA

    So I know this sounds funny to say the weekend is dreaded... who dreads a weekend? Really? I have kept up with my tracking during the week because I am at a desk and taking a min to track on my phone or computer is functional to stick to. The weekend are about time off, relaxing, spending time wi... Read more

  • Going For the Prize of A Good Inner Life

    7/19/2019 4:00:36 PM, by SPARKKITTY2016

    Are you seeking the good life— good feelings-- through the rat race or God’s race? There is a well read portion of Paul’s letters in the Bible about running the race to finish well. You can find it here in the NLT version Philippians 3:12-19. https://www.biblegateway.com/p
    assage/?... Read more

  • i dont like gummies

    7/19/2019 12:22:10 PM, by IMREITE

    i normally dont like fads but i really hate the current fad to make vitamins/supplements into gummy candies. Gummies are my least favorite candy. they are the 1 kind i never buy for myself and dont eat when they are offered to me. when i started mindful eating, i realized gummies where the worst min... Read more

  • Week

    7/19/2019 12:02:43 PM, by MERBCANDO

    I had surgery yesterday and it went very well. I feel pretty good but need to lay low for a few days. Bike is out of the question and we are under a heat wave advisory so walking is out too. I am working on maintaining until I am healed. I have decided that this is actually a good thing for me to go... Read more

  • Samsung Galaxy S 9

    7/19/2019 10:55:23 AM, by NOCALOVE1

    So, I am an Android user for life. I don't want anything to do with an IPhone ( no offense ) I had a white Galaxy J7 I bought two years ago. It has been a great phone besides the fact that the phone sometimes cuts in and out when you are talking. ATT&T offered me a sweetheart deal for a Galaxy S9... Read more

  • Friday july 19

    7/19/2019 10:48:43 AM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Fridays will be fruit breakfast and lunch day. Experiment: will fruit help or hinder gut issues. Will insulin resistance skyrocket? Will know tomorrow morning at weigh in.... dun dun dunnnnn...... Read more

  • July 18

    7/18/2019 10:53:06 PM, by ONMYOWN2019

    I have to work in more activities but with chronic fatigue its hard... needing ideas... google here I come!... Read more

  • Finally the scale moved!!

    7/18/2019 10:48:54 PM, by KAJK193

    This morning started off just they way I was hoping. With my scale showing fewer pounds then last week. I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. I am not one of those people who watch the scale every day. I work with a girl who would weigh herself at least daily if not a couple ... Read more

  • So cold in here

    7/18/2019 8:54:26 PM, by MERRYPINK

    My husband has to have a cold environment, around 69 degrees. I'm in a sweat shirt and leggings. Felt all blah today. Ready to finish this class. Stress. So cold+stress. Probably why I was so sleepy all day. That and a grandchild with an earache last night. About 100 calories over my goal.... Read more

  • Clowns to the Left. Jokers to the right.

    7/18/2019 8:49:45 PM, by CURLYGRL777

    I will admit I can be a little jaded and cynical. I try label myself a realist. I am not Little Mary Sunshine nor The Princess of Darkness. My life experience has brought me to this position. My home life? Too much detail to go into but just a brief summary. Husband on dialysis three days a week.... Read more

  • 7/28/19 Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Georg Wilhelm Friedr

    7/18/2019 9:10:12 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Quote of the Day Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space. Orson Scott Card Love Quote of the Day Love has no errors, for all errors are the want for love.... Read more

  • preparation

    7/18/2019 6:21:43 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    I have a friend on FB who has recently started her own home organization group and is turning it into a business. Teaching others how to organize and clean out their junk rooms before it becomes out of hand. I am following some of her tips and am going to do two rooms as soon as I get a free day, ... Read more

  • swimming

    7/17/2019 10:51:55 PM, by IMREITE

    went swimming at my parents. my sister brought her 3 kids and we watched them in the river. the oldest is a bit fearless. the 3 year old floated because her pullup absorbed a lot of water. it became boyant. but i still kept a tight grip on her. the middle one kept the life jacket on untill her sis... Read more

  • Day 2 of sparkplan

    7/17/2019 8:22:45 PM, by HIMELISSA2007

    I have come up with hurdles of a busy schedule and feeling lethargic most days. I do know that if I excercise I won't feel as tired and be able to do more. There are a lot of responsibilities on me with my adult children, grandson and parents to juggle. I hope I can have a consistent schedule and... Read more

  • Day 3

    7/17/2019 8:16:24 PM, by GUITAR_DAVE

    Did better yesterday but still ended up going over my calories with late night snacking. Need to get to bed earlier and avoid the temptation. Today is going fine so far. I'll try and keep my focus and be mindful. No eating while watching TV.... Read more

  • 7/17/19 Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Josh Billings

    7/17/2019 3:49:42 PM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Josh Billings Quote of the Day Patience is the companion of wisdom. Saint Augustine Love Quote of the Day If this be not love, it is madness, and then it is pardonable. William Congreve Art Quote of... Read more

  • Almost naptime

    7/17/2019 1:15:02 PM, by MERRYPINK

    Little chores this morning. About to fold a load of laundry. Cream of broccoli soup on the stove. Took a walk around the yard, pushed grandson in the tree swing. Leisurely day so far. Swimming planned for later. Hoping naptime is soon.... Read more

  • Trying to Be DIET Honest

    7/17/2019 10:18:06 AM, by NOTTHATONE

    I have 59 days until my cruise embarkation. I started my first 30 day challenge yesterday - to exercise at least 10 minutes a day every day. I'll do a second fitness type challenge for the final 30 days before the cruise. So, yesterday I ate a Hershey's Almond bar and forgot about it. I didn't ... Read more

  • Act as if...

    7/17/2019 9:07:57 AM, by DARCY-B

    Self- efficacy (the belief you can do it) is a much more powerful force than we give it credit for. Believing you can, utilizing power poses, and presenting yourself as confident bleeds through and has a positive impact. In a power pose, someone would be open, hands on hips, standing like Wo... Read more

  • i need a vaca from my vaca

    7/17/2019 7:17:36 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    back to work today, its been nice having the last week off. i love and hate this schedule. on one hand, i get one full week off every three weeks, which means less money, but also it means more ME time and time to unwind. but i am so tired this morning. went to bed early last night and have had ... Read more

  • My Apple watch

    7/16/2019 10:54:28 PM, by KAJK193

    I bought an Apple watch last week to help me keep track of my fitness goals. Let me tell you, those little colored rings stress me out! I stare at them, glare and them, and call them all sorts of names under my breath. I know, I know I need to stand up for a couple of minutes. I will exercise ju... Read more

  • A good time to listen to my body

    7/16/2019 9:02:11 PM, by SWEETEMTB

    I've had an upset stomach for the past two days. I guess that's what I get indulging in ramen and a slice of pizza. I know that I should stay away from dairy but sometimes I do crave it. Sometimes I do give in. This time I was so unproductive that I've basically written these two items off my diet. ... Read more

  • Hydration?

    7/16/2019 8:15:42 PM, by THRUTHESTORM

    Saw this video and am pondering... Hydration. Adam Ruins Everything - You don't need 8 glasses of water a day https://youtu.be/OWASUMMQ
    jj8... Read more

  • Day 2

    7/16/2019 3:46:03 PM, by GUITAR_DAVE

    Day 1 went ok till I walked into the kitchen and threw together a quick meal without really concentrating. Ended up going way over my calories - surprise, surprise. Today is a new day...being more mindful about my choices and will try to keep it in check. I'm aiming to do a daily blog t... Read more

  • Monday & Planning

    7/16/2019 12:27:13 PM, by JJLDH_VA

    I always feel like I can kick things off on a Monday for some reason. Its a new start to a new week, a beginning, and I do block off time to plan and look at my calendar. So this week and into next, I added some personal time to track my food, write a blog, read the article of the day. I also put... Read more

  • Still Trying To Find That Sweet Spot

    7/16/2019 12:10:06 PM, by SIXLESTER69

    I'm still struggling to get my blood sugars in a normal range. The number was 154 this morning. I like that number. It's not perfect but it gives me hope that I'm moving in the right direction. Keep Sparking!... Read more

  • Mush brain

    7/16/2019 10:04:20 AM, by MERRYPINK

    Grading papers like mad while the grandkids are away for a couple days. Taking a break. About to fix up some True Lemon lemonade. If I don't fix up my water early, I often forget to drink enough.... Read more

  • 7/16/19 When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it. Yogi Berra

    7/16/2019 8:56:39 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Quote of the Day Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Henry Ward Beecher Love Quote of the Day We are never so defensless against suffering as when we love. Sigmund Freud Art Quote of the Day The most seductive thing ... Read more

  • Filtering, Sifting, and Shifting

    7/16/2019 8:08:35 AM, by DARCY-B

    Sometimes life is about filtering, sifting, and shifting. Filtering out the negative. Sifting through all the thoughts and feelings. Shifting our perspective to fit those new lifestyle goals that we hope to become one with so they are the norm instead of new at some point. We all have the... Read more

  • July 16

    7/16/2019 7:21:47 AM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Had bread 😐and sat on my butt all last night. Hypo energy day 😴 Gained .5 lb. Weight goes up and down. Today ill be more active. Hopefully I have the energy Still feeling exhausted. Took lots of b12 7500 helped 3 pm crash slightly. Did some chores but not enough steps or exercise 😥... Read more

  • Exercise journal day 25

    7/16/2019 6:48:57 AM, by SPARKKITTY2016

    Here is the truth.... I really don't care if I lose weight. there I said it. That is the truth. I would like my blood sugar under control and in healthy range I would like to fit into the size 18 clothing I would like to tone my stomach which has a a few inches of solid fat when I... Read more

  • Oooom/Moooo...

    7/16/2019 4:19:57 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    40 20 246 Today is my last blog for several days. I am headed to an annual Ladies Retreat with my sister. I am soooooooooo excited!!!!! 334 Keep smiling!! 334 247 390... Read more

  • Hot steamy day

    7/16/2019 12:09:33 AM, by MERRYPINK

    Tropical storm brought in some rain. The humidity has to be 200 percent. So wet and muggy. Worked hard on housework yesterday, did shopping today. Got 5 chindi rugs, $5 each. Love love. Had a chicken parm. Didn't eat it all. Not really sure what 2 ounces of pasta is so I just guess. Forgot to put in... Read more

  • Starting Over

    7/15/2019 10:30:52 PM, by KAJK193

    I have been using this website off and on for years trying to lose weight and so many times I have fallen off the wagon. I can offer a hundred excuses as to why I stopped but none of them matter. What matters is that I keep trying. I have needed to lose weight for a long time and am a fairly acti... Read more

  • A fresh start

    7/15/2019 4:53:29 PM, by GUITAR_DAVE

    Last time I was faithful about tracking my food and exercise along with doing a daily blog post I got a great start on dropping pounds. Stopped doing that, and three years have gone by and I'm actually heavier than the last time I approached this. So it's back to the simple things. Water, s... Read more

  • Long journey forgotten

    7/15/2019 1:53:37 PM, by SWEETEMTB

    Some days are hard. I look in the mirror when I'm nude and am reminded about the amount of work I have to do on my body. I see the fat and saggy skin. Each day reminded that I probably won't be able to afford excess skin removal. It's hard when my SO tells me that my nakedness is beautiful. I fo... Read more

  • Week 5

    7/15/2019 10:09:59 AM, by NOTTHATONE

    Start Weight: 270.0 Current Weight: 256.6 Lost This Week: 0.8 Total Lost: 13.4... Read more

  • 7/15/19 I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive. Henry Miller

    7/15/2019 8:39:02 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive. Henry Miller Quote of the Day It is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confidence of their help. Epicurus Love Quote of the Day To love another person is to see the face of God. Victor Hugo ... Read more

  • Andy Griffith & Pink Floyd...

    7/15/2019 4:08:47 AM, by NILLAPEPSI

    246 334 Keep smiling!! 334 247 390... Read more

  • July Goal: To Live Boldly

    7/15/2019 1:58:49 AM, by TAYGRL

    Since I’m not in competition with anyone but myself (my weekly FitBit “workweek hussles” don’t count—LOL), I strive to keep getting better and better. “You did not get up today to be basic.” —Robin Arzon, Peloton instructor... Read more

  • Calorie Differential july 14-20

    7/14/2019 11:21:48 PM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Sunday 1215 Mon 705 Tues 1047 Wed 708 ate ice cream and chocolate Thurs 912 Fri 1311 Sat 1186 Total 7164 Should be a 2lbs loss Is...... Read more

  • i arrived berry-ing a gift

    7/14/2019 7:46:22 PM, by IMREITE

    i picked strawberries at a u-pick place. my mom mentioned yesterday that she wanted some but did not have time to get any. so i picked a bucket for her too and dropped it off when we went there . when i came in i said that "i', here berry -ing gifts" i like puns... Read more

  • Starting over again

    7/14/2019 6:02:15 PM, by JENNEWEE

    This time will be different. This time instead of jumping all in, I’m going to take small steps. This week, I’m going to focus on eating 5 servings of fruits/veggies each day and complete a 21 Day Fix workout each day. I will also post how I’m doing and feeling each day. I’m going to try hard to... Read more

  • Starting over again

    7/14/2019 6:01:55 PM, by JENNEWEE

    This time will be different. This time instead of jumping all in, I’m going to take small steps. This week, I’m going to focus on eating 5 servings of fruits/veggies each day and complete a 21 Day Fix workout each day. I will also post how I’m doing and feeling each day. I’m going to try hard to... Read more

  • Cleaning day

    7/14/2019 5:18:49 PM, by MERRYPINK

    Feeling anxious today so I started cleaning. That always makes me feel better. Had a higher calorie day yesterday. I was lying around recovering from a busy busy week with the kids coupled with a few lower calorie days. I need to finish the playroom and the dining room table, but I feel like I'm eit... Read more

  • July 14 NEW SCALE

    7/14/2019 10:21:37 AM, by ONMYOWN2019

    I was weighted at 2 different doctors offices. One was 7 pounds more than my home scale one was 4. So I have been adding 5 to my home scale. I have a second home "smart" scale in our gym that does water,bmi, and muscle too. I put new batteries in it today and will be using it from now on. My w... Read more

  • 7/14/19 History is a vast early warning system. Norman Cousins

    7/14/2019 9:05:48 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Quote of the Day People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them. James Baldwin Love Quote of the Day He is not a lover who does not love forever. Euripides Love Quote of the Day He is not a lover who does not love forever. Euripides Nature Quote of the Day ... Read more

  • Spark Notes?

    7/13/2019 11:18:05 PM, by BUGZNPENNY17

    There used to be a daily journal on this site. Does anyone know if the journal is still available? I'm sure everyone doesn't want to hear me whining and crying all the weight off....... Read more

  • July 13

    7/13/2019 9:52:11 PM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Mowed 2 lawns in 30 degree heat (86F) sweat alot... tired. Forgot to put my fitbit to exercise to estimated the calorie burn... Read more

  • Workouts for July 14 to 20

    7/13/2019 5:43:33 PM, by NEWME2BSKINNY

    July 14=30 min house work.BURNED 176 CALORIES .SO TIRED WORN OUT.DRANK 3 GLASSES OF WATER.CALORIES ATE 1,000 91 9191 July 15=30 min walking.30 min vacuuming and cleaning the car out,30 min gardening,30 min house work.TOTAL 120 MIN.BURNED 889.DRANK 6 GLASSES OF WATER.CALORIES ATE 1,0... Read more

  • Murky waters

    7/13/2019 2:42:23 PM, by CURLYGRL777

    Just feeling really jumbled. Trying to wrap my head around so many different things. Like realizing I have a food addiction. I have to start to understand that I cannot mindlessly eat. I can't just grab some Reese's Cups and shovel them in. Even though I want to. I am going to try to use the metho... Read more

  • 7/13/19 We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. John Dryden

    7/13/2019 1:30:22 PM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Quote of the Day There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle. Alexis de Tocqueville Love Quote of the Day Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers' gardens. Douglas William Jerrold Art Quote of the... Read more

  • More positivity

    7/13/2019 8:05:04 AM, by MERBCANDO

    I feel better this morning. I was hard on myself and that is not helpful as it leads me to just feel so bad that I quit. When I had a little time between my disappointment with my choices on Thursday, I was able to look at my actiivity tracker and see that despite less than stellar eating choices,... Read more

  • 17th anniversary tomorrow

    7/13/2019 12:07:40 AM, by IMREITE

    we went away for a trip a few weeks ago. this weekend we plan to kick back. tomorrow we are are going to have some people over for brunch. then homemade pizza for supper. sunday may be swimming or a going kayaking. mostly just time to relax and rest up.... Read more

  • July 12

    7/12/2019 10:31:32 PM, by ONMYOWN2019

    Got a chore done, but bad cramps so didnt do much else... Read more

  • Slacking

    7/12/2019 8:20:30 PM, by MERRYPINK

    Two days of fun fun watching the neighbor kids play with my grandchildren---five total. Swimming pool, slip n slide, hide and seek, Kool aid, snacks, picnics, squabbles, I didn't do it, stop that, etc. Worn out kids. We stayed outside today from 8 until about 4. Neighbors came over about noonish. Lo... Read more

  • I've accepted my fate for now.

    7/12/2019 7:23:21 PM, by SWEETEMTB

    It seems that I've made some really bad financial choices in the past that is keeping me from going to school and getting a job. So God is saying "not now because you need to fix these thing" Our family is so poor that I'm going to have to walk to whatever work I can find. So hopefully I can get a... Read more

  • Goals, Cont'd

    7/12/2019 12:42:15 PM, by DARCY-B

    This is how I feel facing my difficulties with lifestyle changes today. Keeping my eye on the prize ( a healthier more fit me ) as I go up and down, fail and triumph, and learn. Oh the learning! As long as I live I hope I always feel like I should know more to be his old. I want to continu... Read more

  • 7/12/19 The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. Gilbert K. Chester

    7/12/2019 8:35:30 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see. Gilbert K. Chesterton Quote of the Day We have, I fear, confused power with greatness. Stewart Udall Love Quote of the Day To be able to say how much love, is love but little. Petrarch Art Quote of th... Read more

  • Fall

    7/12/2019 8:18:11 AM, by MERBCANDO

    Last night was horrid. I had a stomachache and it was brutal. And the whole time I was thinking I deserved it because I went off my diet like a freaking mad man and have yet to get back on. I am sitting here digging deep trying to understand myself and where the person went who wanted this so badly.... Read more

  • no late work nights this week

    7/12/2019 12:29:31 AM, by IMREITE

    i love the fact that our mandetory overtime is over. they are letting people do extra hours if they want. hahahaha. they are nuts. i am coming home on time, taking naps and spending time outside in my garden. its only been 4 days and i dont want to give up the free time yet.... Read more

  • July 11

    7/11/2019 10:41:10 PM, by ONMYOWN2019

    My father came into the city an i took him and my stepmom to dinner. Just a buffet. I didn't deprive myself but didn't overeat at all. Came home hungry. I didn't count the calories as i wanted to enjoy my evening. I feel a little guilty but i am try ing to find that happy balance. The funny th... Read more

  • It's a bloody day today!

    7/11/2019 12:08:48 PM, by MAMAROU

    Yes that's right, it's a bloody day. My church has the red Cross out today and I'm giving my red life source away. Tried to add a pick and it won't let me.... Read more

  • No Excuses

    7/11/2019 9:55:35 AM, by DARCY-B

    So, this is my office. You can see all but about two feet of it. This is the place I have done the majority of the exercise that helped result in better health, losing a few pounds, etc. Not a ton of space, but I try to use it as best I can. When you tell yourself, "I don't have time," "I ... Read more

  • Frustrated but relieved

    7/11/2019 9:38:40 AM, by WYTRIX

    Last week I blogged about having issues with dizziness, ankle swelling, weight gain and struggle breathing when walking the stairs I walk every day. I emailed my doctor of my thoughts that the new Thyroid meds could be the culprit of all my issues, per drugs.com, and he did not feel the same. Everyo... Read more

  • 7/11/19 You are remembered for the rules you break. Douglas MacArthur

    7/11/2019 8:58:04 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Quote of the Day The pen is the tongue of the mind. Horace Love Quote of the Day In matters of the heart, nothing is true except the improbable. Madame de Stael Art Quote of the Day Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos. Stephen Sondheim Nature Quote of... Read more