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  • Song of the Times to Perk You UP!

    3/30/2020 6:46:51 PM, by --KREN

    We have to keep laughing and smiling through these crazy days! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v
    XfBYZpMtlXmBXR46G... Read more

  • Holding Steady

    3/30/2020 6:17:41 AM, by LOPEYP

    Hubby and I are holding steady. We are only leaving the house for groceries and to exercise. I am glad that they have the early shopping hours for seniors. We went yesterday at 6am. There were many people there but nothing like the first time we went at that hour. I think that because early shoppi... Read more

  • Masked Heroes

    3/30/2020 5:12:01 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every extra moment we have, we work on our mask-making mission And pray that our masks will help those who need them most. We mask our fear with hope. We mask our anger with love. Mailing masks to those beyond our reach but not beyond our care. Using up our extra fabric, ... Read more

  • Getting lost in a book

    3/30/2020 12:48:18 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    It was a grey, rainy Sunday, so I decided to be elsewhere -- engaged in an interesting book. My favorites are mysteries, and today's book was an historical fiction mystery: The Beekeeper's Apprentice. The premise is not one I would have preferred - a smart teenage girl, Mary Russell, who dev... Read more

  • "I've developed a new philosophy...

    3/29/2020 10:36:45 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    I only dread one day at a time." Charles Schulz Awaiting a toilet paper delivery; who would've thought tp would be such a precious commodity not easily located in any of the nearby stores? I am so happy that I've been off sugar since the beginning of the year as I feel this helped keep my... Read more

  • Morning Walks on my Country Road

    3/29/2020 5:07:03 AM, by JSTETSER

    I live on a dirt road. There is no tar on this road, just dirt. It gets very muddy in the springtime when the snow melts and I sometimes track the mud into my house. I still like my country road because it is very quiet. When I go out for my early morning walks, no one can hear my footsteps on... Read more

  • I Hate to Brag but...

    3/28/2020 10:47:56 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    I was avoiding people long before the pandemic hit. (courtesy of a cartoon I saw) Hoping our weather starts to warm up. It's been colder much longer than I remember in prior years. Have a happy, healthy day, friends. "Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose the... Read more

  • Zoom

    3/28/2020 9:34:05 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    I am about to try a new communication application: Zoom. It is a platform that allows members of a meeting to sign in, have their faces appear on the screen, and participate in online meetings. Some folks have described their personal use of Zoom for having a virtual dinner party with frie... Read more

  • Sleeping In

    3/28/2020 6:37:26 AM, by JSTETSER

    I am a very busy early riser who sticks to a full schedule. Not today. Today is my rest day and I really need it. Every once in a while, I need to cut myself some slack and sleep in! I'm so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed! ... Read more

  • Just for laughs

    3/28/2020 6:14:36 AM, by GOANNA2

    Three friends from the local congregation were asked, "When you are in the casket and friends and congregation members are mourning over you, what would you like them to say?" Artie said, "I would like them to say I was a wonderful husband, a fine spiritual leader, and a great family man... Read more

  • April is coming!

    3/28/2020 1:08:03 AM, by ELIZINJAPAN

    It's a grey day in my city in Japan, but I'm listening to a fun Spotify playlist, looking at some pretty flowers behind my computer, and drinking a fun coffee drink that's super low in calories and unsweetened. I'm trying to practice gratitude these days and spend less time worrying about thin... Read more


    3/27/2020 4:58:20 PM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    So, I'm waiting for doc’s office to call, the one I have an appt with on April 2. Nurse practitioner called a couple of hours ago, she was the first one I saw. Well, my swabs came back positive for two different viruses. And after doing research after that call, I see that many common colds are c... Read more

  • Togetherness & Gratitude

    3/27/2020 11:34:55 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    During this time of physical isolation, my dh and I are spending all our days together - just the two of us. We talk on the phone or Face Time with our family and friends; he attends his meetings that are now online; and I interact with the photo club members online. We are cooking and eating me... Read more

  • Riding the Wave of COVID 19

    3/27/2020 5:29:12 AM, by JSTETSER

    Everywhere I look, I see more bad news about the COVID 19 pandemic. Finally, I had to turn off the news. There’s only so much bad news I can listen to. Last night I had a nightmare about the virus, and realized that I have had TOO MUCH BAD NEWS! "What’s in my dreams at night?” My mother in ... Read more

  • "It takes all the running you can do...

    3/26/2020 11:54:41 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    to keep in the same place." Lewis Carroll Just wanted to check in and say hi to all of you wonderful folks. Hang in there.... Read more

  • The Marvelous Mask Makers!

    3/26/2020 5:16:57 AM, by JSTETSER

    I have not been alone in my mask-making endeavor! There are many more and I don't know all of those lovely people. Last week(3/20/2020) I received a request from my friend Babette to make masks for a hospital. I asked lots of questions and did my research before starting the project. By ... Read more

  • Unwanted Spring Snow

    3/25/2020 5:04:06 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yesterday's snowfall amounted to 7 inches. This is not what I want or need, But it’s today’s experience. I shovel away this soft, white heavy, unwanted gift from God. My predictable world grows wild and exciting when I open my heart and accept this beautiful present. The burdens a... Read more

  • Virtual Tours

    3/24/2020 4:10:12 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    During 2008-2009, my dh was assigned to work in London, in the UK, and so we spent the year living in that wonderful city. Some of my favorite museums are in London, and I have discovered that now there are virtual tours available online for some of them. (Many of them are currently closed bec... Read more

  • 2nd Blog.......Ever!!

    3/24/2020 11:50:07 AM, by PBVHCCVH

    This a letter that I sent to all the Teams on which I am the Leader or the Co-Leader. Several people asked if I would post this where anyone could read it, so here it is. Even if you're not on the Teams, I still care about you! MESSAGE TO ALL TEAM MEMBERS During this time of turmoil i... Read more

  • Finding the New Balance

    3/24/2020 5:22:32 AM, by JSTETSER

    I've had so many changes lately! Finding a new balance is difficult and I have become aware of how these changes affect my health! I am getting into a new routine with teaching at home. I find that it takes all my attention and concentration. I do best when I'm home alone and my husband is... Read more

  • It's Spreading!

    3/23/2020 5:23:40 AM, by JSTETSER

    I have something more contagious than the Coronavirus, and You may have it too! It's faith, hope, and kindness! It is more powerful than any virus because you don't need direct contact. It is still powerful when masked. This is a time when we all need to be contagious with faith, hope, an... Read more

  • Sunday Ramblings

    3/22/2020 4:45:56 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Today, Sunday, reminded me of what Sundays were like many years ago during my childhood. Except, that is, for the church service that I followed online this morning. What a good idea live streaming is for those who cannot attend church. I think it should stay around forever as an alternat... Read more

  • We're In This Together

    3/22/2020 5:26:22 AM, by JSTETSER

    Are you feeling alone and separated from family and friends? Join the party! We have to work together to make it through the pandemic. Our community is only as healthy as the weakest person. Each of us needs to give what we can! Call a friend and tell them that you're thinking of them. ... Read more


    3/22/2020 2:04:13 AM, by GOANNA2

    A woman walked into a pharmacy and told the pharmacist that she needed some cyanide. The pharmacist said, "Why in the world do you need cyanide?" The woman explained she needed it to poison her husband. The pharmacist's eyes got big and he said, "Lord have mercy - I can't give you... Read more

  • Coffee & Last Day of Work

    3/21/2020 7:57:25 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    Tuesday night my roommate mentioned that we were having a meeting the next morning. I knew different rumors had been going around so I decided to send my boss a Facebook message to see what he knew. Sure enough we should find out everything that we need to know at our 10:00am meeting yesterday (Wedn... Read more

  • Today I am grateful for...

    3/21/2020 5:31:13 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Today I am grateful for... -- the deep breaths that I am able to take. -- the sun that started to shine through the clouds this afternoon. -- the birds that are calling to each other among the trees. -- the signs of springtime budding all around. -- the House & Garden television c... Read more


    3/21/2020 10:23:02 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    Another talented soul departs, and he will be missed. Thanks for all the great tunes, Kenny. Rest in peace. Well, friends, I haven't had much to say so my blogs have been fewer lately. But I'm trying to stay updated on all of you who write daily. Day 5 of antibiotics as my cold turned i... Read more

  • 2020 Spring 5% Challenge

    3/21/2020 7:44:57 AM, by MAWMAW101

    2020 Spring 5% Challenge Community Many times as I continue to struggle to be healthy I get disappointed if I’m not making progress and seem to be stuck on a plateau. But the truth is that sometimes staying the same for a while may be best. I realize that the wonderful community of f... Read more

  • Making Masks

    3/21/2020 5:19:53 AM, by JSTETSER

    My world changed yesterday when I got a call from my friend B who told me that hospitals are out of masks and I can help! I started immediately and made over a dozen last night. I've included a link to the pattern for my sewing friends. These are nonmedical masks and will help protect people unti... Read more

  • Being Happy - and Grateful

    3/20/2020 3:05:55 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    One of the last things Mom said to me was, "LIve" and "BE HAPPY " I am taking that as a directive - a command. Fortunately, there is a lot in my life to be happy about. So, even though I have said good-bye to my mother, and I am feeling sad... I am focusing each day on t... Read more

  • Keeping My Distance

    3/20/2020 5:31:30 AM, by JSTETSER

    We are in this together, and I want to keep my friends, neighbors, and family safe. I am a healthy person that the medical community fears the most. Someone in my household has a cough and cold, but I do not. I have s sore throat. I am an" asymptomatic carrier of the common cold." In years g... Read more

  • All is as Good as it Can Be

    3/19/2020 7:40:39 PM, by LOPEYP

    Hubby and I are good. We are both working from home now until whenever. We are only going out to get food or for exercise. We use to eat out a lot but obviously no longer and I must admit that I am a bit paranoid about getting take out so I have been cooking up a storm. I have my menu board (on ... Read more

  • We Will Survive and Thrive

    3/19/2020 5:05:09 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yes, these are tough days. I’m home teaching my virtual lessons and making the most of it. There’s always extra stress when there’s a change of plans. My schedule has been turned upside down, and it’s uncomfortable for me. I’m figuring out how to teach and enjoy my students from a distance. ... Read more

  • My Positive Pandemic Plan

    3/18/2020 5:21:58 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every so often, fear and stress show their ugly faces, and I over-react. Yesterday I got so angry at my husband after I broke my laminator. I needed to get some pages laminated for my students. Now I need to order another one or make the trip into Staples. I did not need to get angry, b... Read more

  • New life, new goals

    3/17/2020 9:34:18 AM, by ELIZINJAPAN

    It's been a wild month so far! Everything here in Japan pretty much shut down at the end of February/beginning of March. I thought that maybe I could be helpful to others during this time. And then I fell down the stairs. For a week I was stuck in a cast in my 4th floor walk up apartment.... Read more

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    3/17/2020 7:20:18 AM, by MAWMAW101

    ... Read more

  • Take Good Care of Yourself!

    3/17/2020 5:18:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    This pandemic has helped me understand just how important it is for me to take good care of myself, and to become much more aware of any changes in my body. According to healthline.com, flu symptoms include the following: fatigue sudden fever (usually above 100°F [38°C]) scratchy or sore t... Read more

  • Teaching from Home & Staying Healthy

    3/16/2020 5:22:23 AM, by JSTETSER

    I'm a public School teacher, in the process of learning to teach from my home. For the next 3 weeks, I have no commute which will save me over an hour. I have a lot to learn since I've never done very much remote teaching. The teacher has a lot to learn before I can teach my students. Wednesd... Read more

  • Walmart During an Epidemic

    3/16/2020 3:48:31 AM, by CANYON_GAL

    Obviously nobody is washing dishes at home because they are buying paper plates. One of the many random couples buying water and a bunch of paper goods. I started wondering if everyone expected the faucets to break or their wells to dry up. I never buy any bottled water because the water... Read more

  • Pandemic Opportunities

    3/15/2020 5:21:18 AM, by JSTETSER

    The last few weeks have been difficult. I am unable to visit my mother, and she is getting anxious. The bus drivers in my family can't work and will not get paid. Tomorrow I meet with other teachers to learn if the school will be in session, and how it will be handled. In the middle of all... Read more

  • Jackie's Healthy Smoothie

    3/14/2020 5:36:30 AM, by JSTETSER

    Jackie’s Healthy Smoothie ⅓ Cup chopped kale leaves, oregano leaves, parsley or swiss chard ½ banana ½ cup blueberries ⅔ cup Vegetable juice (I make my own) 1 Tablespoon Flaxseed meal 1 cup of Kefir For the past 5 years, I have been making a morning smoothie. I drink... Read more

  • My Mom and The Corona Virus

    3/13/2020 5:12:27 AM, by JSTETSER

    I cannot visit my Mom because her nursing home is under a strict "No Visitors Until Further Notice" because of the COVID 19 virus. I think that Scott Wheeler, owner of the Quabbin Valley Healthcare made a wise and proactive choice. He closed The Quabbin HealthCare Facility to all visitors. ... Read more

  • Meditation and Knowing Myself

    3/12/2020 5:22:49 AM, by JSTETSER

    Meditation I look at my meditation as a time to find the wisdom that is within me. It’s as though I’m letting my heart preach a sermon to my mind. This is a time to listen and be still. Sometimes I hear the message of love, letting me know that I am who I am, and that is good! Other ti... Read more

  • My Secret Ambition

    3/11/2020 5:01:24 AM, by JSTETSER

    It's our ambitions that keep us moving forward and our life interesting. I have always wanted to go on the PBS TV show Finding Your Roots with Educator Henry Louis Gates Jr. My grandmother Harriett Bullard voted at town elections in 1902- long before women had the national right to vote. Here ... Read more

  • Take Time To Evaluate!

    3/10/2020 5:18:02 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every 2-3 months, I take the time to review just how I’m doing with my control of T2D and my glucose numbers. I find that my own evaluations often help my doctor and my Diabetic Nutrition Counselor to help me. By taking the time to evaluate my progress, I know where my attention is most needed a... Read more

  • 51 percent Sodium!!!!!!!

    3/9/2020 10:50:01 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    I absentmindedly grabbed a product I never buy, just for a quick snack on a busy day. My March goal is to use less salt and I've been doing very well with it. I caught a glimpse of the label last night and couldn't believe my eyes. Thought it was a typo on the label. 51% sodium. WOW! Cup... Read more

  • Tolerance for Others

    3/9/2020 5:09:02 AM, by JSTETSER

    No one sees exactly the same thing. Just because I see the 9 doesn’t mean that you will see the same thing from your perspective. Remember to give people the respect and space to have their own truth. See life through new eyes, and you will have a clearer understanding of what you see. Have... Read more

  • Keep Coming Back To You

    3/8/2020 6:40:21 PM, by MLUDKE22

    Hey again Spark, I know it’s been several years since we last talked. You feel like that friend who I don’t see for a long time and then we fall into step like we’ve never been apart. This time friend, a lot has happened since we last connected. You knew I got married, well now we have a son! A s... Read more

  • "I have found little that is 'good' about human beings on the whole...

    3/8/2020 12:17:41 PM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    In my experience, most of them are trash." Sigmund Freud Happy first day of DST! Welcoming longer daylight and the coming of Spring. Seems like we've had colder temps this year and I'm ready to start complaining about the heat. (smiling) Wishing all a fun day.... Read more

  • I Need a Force Field

    3/8/2020 10:31:42 AM, by LOPEYP

    Things have been a bit stressful. Some is caused by me or my perceptions of things and other caused by externals. The externals are work of course and a little at home around some home improvements. I only go into the office two days a week now having been kicked out of my cube because I only... Read more

  • Grateful for Good Health!

    3/8/2020 6:44:53 AM, by JSTETSER

    Yesterday visited my mother in the nursing home, and there I was surprised when I met a friend. Kim has been living at this facility for over a month, and will be there after she has major surgery as well. I was shocked to think about someone my age living in a nursing home. All of a sudden, m... Read more

  • "Before enlightenment- chop wood, carry water...

    3/7/2020 9:51:37 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    After enlightenment - chop wood, carry water." Zen proverb Starting to feel a lot better from this cold. Looking forward to the time change this weekend. Wishing you a wonderful day. ... Read more

  • 5% Winter Challenge Afterthoughts

    3/7/2020 9:37:31 AM, by PEORIAPOLE

    The 5% Winter Challenge was a bust for me. I have to figure it out. I have managed to stop destructive behavior in the past, I am smoke free for over 10 years, I quit eating potato chips about 5 or 6 years ago, and I am nearing 2 years without a soda. I CAN do difficult things, I have the WHY, but... Read more

  • Kindness Always Wins!

    3/7/2020 5:16:39 AM, by JSTETSER

    I am learning a lot about the mean attitudes of people from my family. I really wish it was not so. I hope that the stress and anguish that I’ve felt will help me to realize just how important it is to be kind and gentle. Kindness will always win in the end. Everyone has feelings that c... Read more

  • 5% Challenge: Walking during weekdays

    3/6/2020 3:10:51 PM, by ANACORAZON

    On weekends we walk on the beach or in the forests near my Son's University, but on weekdays, I love to walk at the park near home. They designed it in a way that you don't get bored, with workout machines scattered all over and a concrete trail surrounding an artificial lake. We have ducks, t... Read more

  • Temptation Knocked Loudest When I Wasn't Feeling Well

    3/6/2020 9:50:51 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    Yesterday, after making some stops, I sat in the parking lot. Recuperating from a cold, not feeling my best, I suddenly thought of the fast food place across the street with its popular breakfast meals. What would it hurt once in awhile, I thought. And maybe a coffee. I gave up coffee at the beg... Read more

  • Trim Healthy Mama - Total Fail

    3/6/2020 9:17:44 AM, by SHIRLEYX

    Hubby was on board with me to try the Trim Healthy Mama diet plan. It calls for a lot of weird ingredients (collagen, gluccie, etc) but we felt we could give it a go. The first recipe that I made from the book was buffalo chicken which called for a whole lot of Frank's Hot Sauce. The meal really ... Read more

  • ME Time!

    3/6/2020 5:18:04 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every week, I try to add some fun into my Fridays! This is the time to do whatever I choose. Yes, I have had to explain myself many times. People don’t like hearing that I’m not available to take care of them at that moment. I love the liberty of being able to have an evening where I feel ... Read more

  • A Passing

    3/5/2020 11:57:46 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Mom passed tonight. I was with her all day when she was in the hospital. I was there when they took her by ambulance back to the nursing home. She struggled with her breathing, and it only got worse as the day went on. I reminded the nursing home staff that she needed the morphine so sh... Read more

  • 5% Spring Challenge: Getting those miles early.

    3/5/2020 6:41:53 PM, by ANACORAZON

    I like to exercise early in the morning. On weekends, I combine my early walking with my catching-sunrises hobby. We wake up quite early, take a car ride and go for a walk at the beach boulevard. We enjoy the gorgeous sight while we walk breathing that delicious seaside air while talking about... Read more

  • Anniversary of the Hula Hoop

    3/5/2020 9:44:13 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    Today's date in 1963, the hula hoop was patented. Where is mine? In the garage. It's a special one with additional challenges when you hula. However, my hip hasn't felt like hooping in a long time. Maybe one of these days when the pain is 100 percent gone. It's almost there. Wishing all a... Read more

  • Drink up! It's Thirsty Thursday!

    3/5/2020 5:19:21 AM, by JSTETSER

    One of the most overlooked parts of good health is drinking 8 glasses of water every day! One key element to good health is water. Many people underestimate the power of drinking 8-9 glasses of water each day, but it is a discipline worth adding to your life. To function properly, all the cell... Read more

  • 5% Challenge. How can I get 120 workout minute/miles?

    3/4/2020 3:58:19 PM, by ANACORAZON

    Thinking about working out for 120 minutes is overwhelming for most of us because we have the tendency to believe they mean to exercise during straight two hours. But in reality, it's very doable. You can spread those 2 hours in small segments of 10-15 minutes. Go for a little walk around the block,... Read more

  • "Success is peace of mind which is a direct result...

    3/4/2020 10:22:26 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable." John Wooden I enjoy posting quotes because it's interesting insight into the person who has said the statement. It's also very interesting to read the variety of interpretations that people have to t... Read more

  • Counting my Blessings!

    3/4/2020 5:13:00 AM, by JSTETSER

    There is no such thing as a perfect life, but I have found a very good life! I count my blessings and here is today’s blessing! I am blessed that my mother is content with her nursing home surroundings. She still wants to leave, but the staff is good to her, and they will even speak up when I... Read more


    3/3/2020 10:49:48 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    As far as yesterday's blog about weight loss, that's the most I've lost in one week in a very long time. I doubt if it's just less salt for the past week, but a combination of things like no sugar and having this cold. Whatever it is, I'm excited because I was beginning to think my scale was broke... Read more

  • Unexpected good side of our 5% Challenges!

    3/3/2020 8:40:02 AM, by ANACORAZON

    I am very happy now because my very dear Son came to stay with us for the Spring break. Since he came out of his car, I have been attached to him like a kissing tick. More than a month without hugging him! We were talking about one of his favorite subjects: trees. He went to see the oldes... Read more

  • Find A Coach!

    3/3/2020 5:14:01 AM, by JSTETSER

    My advice today is to find someone who will coach you along your exercise/nutrition pathway. SparkPeople has many great coaches that can improve your life. Every month, I take the time to talk with a Diabetes Nutrition Coach. Just taking those 30 minutes every month has made a big difference ... Read more


    3/2/2020 10:34:22 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    A week ago I started my March goal early - less salt. Today I was shocked to see the number on the scale and redid it several times. Yes, 4 lbs. down. You bet I'm excited. Day 2 of this awful cold, but compared to what some of my SP friends are dealing with, this is nothing. I just don't wa... Read more

  • 5% Challenge: Good habits!

    3/2/2020 9:42:18 AM, by ANACORAZON

    Although everyone in the challenge wants to work out the most to get faster to our destiny (exercise minutes = miles), an important part of each weekly challenge is to reinforce good habits to improve our lifestyle. We have the common sense ones, like the 8 glasses of water a day, eat vegetabl... Read more

  • Food - My Medicine Or My Poison?

    3/2/2020 5:32:54 AM, by JSTETSER

    For the past 11 years, I have been learning about which foods are best for my body and eating those foods. I deal with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and I eat a low-carb, Mediterranean-based diet. Food can either be my medicine or poison. It all depends on what I choose. Healthy foods like the ... Read more

  • Hello Fresh

    3/2/2020 2:24:29 AM, by CANYON_GAL

    2 meals It's "Chickpea Powered Mediterranean Couscous" That's everything needed for the veggie meal...supposedly enough for 2 people. I'm not exactly sure why I got this delivery of meals. I had only gotten meals delivered from this company once before in December and then I can... Read more

  • Birthday with Mom

    3/1/2020 7:59:31 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Since my last blog about Mom, there have been many developments. Home care with part-time aides was not sufficient when Mom was released from the hospital -- even with the hospital bed, oxygen, and wheelchair that was supplied to us. It turns out that spending eight days in the hospital ... Read more

  • 5% Challenge: Where the minutes become miles!

    3/1/2020 5:42:42 PM, by ANACORAZON

    SPRING IS COMING! And also the 5% Spring Challenge! The 5% Challenge makes you appreciate more your workout minutes. Each minute is a mile nearer to our destination. Each week we "travel" to a different place. To reach there we have to reach the determined amount of miles. Each member of ... Read more


    3/1/2020 11:12:19 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    I began giving out clover goodies a couple of weeks ago, feeling that Irish feeling ready to surge for March. Yes, I think I DO have Irish in my background. Hard to say, but rumor has it that my bio dad was. Never met the guy, nor have seen a pic. Sad, but true. So, I started my March goa... Read more

  • Simple Rituals bring Success!

    3/1/2020 6:21:46 AM, by JSTETSER

    I have become a person of habit, and these habits have brought good health to me! "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, it's a habit, according to Aristotle. I agree with him! Every morning, I follow the same basic routine of Get dressed Make tea Read my Bible Visi... Read more