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  • Running in the rain... Well, a bit...

    4/9/2020 9:40:40 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    I went out earlyish to beat the wind and storms coming later, but I also wore my handy rain anorak in case the rain started before I got back. Good move, since it did, but I was in my own little dry world, hearing the rain patter against my rain protection. Well, mostly. But with waterproof socks, d... Read more

  • Working it out... and a cranky elbow...

    4/8/2020 10:37:03 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    The storms ended and left me a WARM sunny day for running. I got started by 8:15am in 57 degrees and low wind. SHORTS! Wow. It's the first day in a long time I've worn those for an outside run. Since the rest of the week will see iffy running weather, I decided to get in a speed workout to meet my "... Read more

  • Building on the rest..

    4/7/2020 11:38:06 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    And boy, did I rest. Looong & good sleep last night. And a lovely morning awaited me after that - partly sunny, 52 degrees, very low wind. I opted to go northeast and up along the Delaware River, going a half mile farther than I have before past the park where I usually turn back. Then, with i... Read more

  • Back-off days...

    4/6/2020 9:17:19 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    I had a very, very mild sniffle/stuffy nose and even milder funny throat feeling yesterday morning, so I opted to take a day off given my super hard effort on Saturday. I haven't done a true race effort like that in years, and it probably went beyond "immune system boosting" to "immune system taxing... Read more

  • Spring Challenge

    4/5/2020 10:12:55 AM, by 3VEGGIES

    After the sunrise this morning, I stepped into the fresh air and got on my bike for 10 miles in the 43 degree weather. Yesterday kicked off the spring 5% challenge and for the next 8 weeks I hope to navigate my way through life and to improve my life in big or small ways. Each day is an oppo... Read more

  • Rocking the Virtual 15!

    4/4/2020 10:22:03 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    Treating today's virtual 15K like a real race was worth it given the outcome and confidence boost from it. I woke up early (5am!) and was out of the door, through the 1.25 mile warmup over to the Schuykill River Trail, and resetting my Apple GPS watch to time my 15K by 7:15am. Zzzz. :) Wea... Read more

  • Easy day, windy day, sunny day so far...

    4/3/2020 11:44:15 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    I got out despite the wind to see how much I'd be up to running (or even walking). I ended up getting in more than expected (5 miles) in the most isolated park I use for running (1.5 miles there and another back, with 2 1 mile loops, and hardly a soul in sight). Overall the wind wasn't that bad, but... Read more

  • Strengthening!

    4/2/2020 10:05:36 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    Good call to make my 2nd day off running this week happen today - the wind speed is already up to 21mph and it's only high 40s, so it wouldn't have been fun [for me anyway] out there. I did, however, stick to my strength training commitment, doing all 3 workouts (upper body, lower body, core) t... Read more

  • Off to the river on a sunny day in Philly...

    4/1/2020 10:56:05 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    Windy day but 40s temperatures got me out of the house; the sun and blue sky pulled me to the Delaware River and up, up, up along it. There weren't too many people out and we distanced properly, but it was just so nice to be out - and have a lovely view during it. I'm doing a mild taper week since, ... Read more

  • Tuesday off (running) but not off working out!

    3/31/2020 10:26:09 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    Since I got in a decent run yesterday, I opted to miss getting out in today's chilly, drizzly morning. But I took advantage of the extra time to get in all 3 strength workouts (upper body, lower body, core). I did posture exercises yesterday, so that gives me 1 day of all 4 for the week so far.... Read more

  • Oops - Sorry, not Sorry...

    3/30/2020 10:42:15 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    So today is normal "Monday off" [from running], but with uncertain weather days later in the week, I decided to do a short, shakeout run after yesterday's 15 miles (and hard 13.1 of that). I decided to start out in a less traveled direction - over to the Delaware again, but south, from Spruce S... Read more

  • Fitbit

    3/29/2020 11:49:43 PM, by DEE845

    I got a Fitbit to help keep me on track... Read more

  • Virtual Racing! (Virtually Racing?)

    3/29/2020 1:30:00 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    Today would have been the Love Run Half Marathon in Philly. I knew I wanted to run today and didn't have a concrete plan in place so, despite having done 10 miles on Friday (NOT something I would normally do before a race), I thought maybe I could at least run 13.1 miles even if I didn't race it. ... Read more

  • Work social hour... And getting the workout done...

    3/28/2020 11:25:27 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    Yesterday's "Friday Social Hour" video chat with about 10 folks from my group at work was surprisingly enjoyable. We hail from diverse locations - Omaha, CT, NJ, NY, Philly - and we don't see each other than often (a few from Omaha, I've never met but only talked to by phone) even in the normal cour... Read more

  • Longish run... and a weekly goal/tracking chart!

    3/27/2020 11:03:06 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    Another day I thought would be "rained out" turned into a LOVELY day for a run. And with no specific timetable in mind (i.e., work can be pushed forward and I had no calls awaiting me), I decided to get in that "longish" run for the week after all (I do expect tomorrow to be rained out, so I had res... Read more

  • Workout day - check!

    3/26/2020 11:36:23 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    I got myself moving today, talked myself down from completely overdressing to just mildly overdressing, and drifted over to "speedwork park" (AKA Penn Park) to see if my body was up for the normal "Thursday tempo run" workout. It was, indeed! I ended up doing 4 miles total at tempo pace around ... Read more

  • On the precipice of…

    3/25/2020 5:01:16 PM, by MAHGNIMARF

    Hey, in all the craziness, I am less than a pound away from weighing BMI ‘normal’! It will be nice to have that milestone passed. I am not sure when that will happen as the Covid-19 thing has thrown me off my routine for exercising, taking away my access to a gym. I’ve also noticed an exp... Read more

  • A "bonus day" out...

    3/25/2020 11:06:39 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    I had planned to take today off from running given we were forecast both rain and wind, with 40ish temps. Then I decided I can't take EVERY rainy day off during our isolation mode when I don't have a gym available, so I decided to gear up and at least get out for a mile or two for practice at dealin... Read more

  • Day #2 of the new strength training commitment...

    3/24/2020 8:33:15 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I almost let it slide again, but got myself moving while watching TV with M... nothing spectacular, but got in a simple lower body workout (5 kinds of squats, reverse lungs, calf raises, etc.) and a simple core workout (9 of the 10 ab exercises that I can remember from the old Power 90 DVD plus brid... Read more

  • Out out out...

    3/24/2020 10:02:48 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    Another beautiful day - in general and for running (albeit a tad windy), so I got into gear and ran over to my favorite park for speedwork. It's on the U of Penn campus, paved paths around and between various athletic fields, etc. with options for convenient distances (about 1/4 mile, about 1/2 mile... Read more

  • Jelly arms!

    3/23/2020 5:16:19 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I almost let it slide, but... I did it! I got out the Bowflex dumbbells and started in on an upper body workout. I was amazed to find I remembered all of the moves in the first 3 rounds of P90 (Tony Horton's Power 90, the *original*, not the "X") that I haven't done in years. I might look into their... Read more

  • A no run day doesn't have to mean a veg out day...

    3/23/2020 9:34:50 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    I'm taking my normal Monday off from running. Unlike the norm, though, I'm using the enforced isolation to kick off a new attitude. With my gym no longer an option, there are going to be other days I can't run, too (too cold & rainy, too windy, etc.). Maybe, at some point, we'll even lose the p... Read more

  • Sunday moving & sitting...

    3/22/2020 1:50:47 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I did get out for a run - colder today (high 30s) but less windy (by the numbers anyway - it actually felt windier out on the run). As nice as it is to run with so little traffic I can use the paved road vs sidewalks a lot of the time, it's still so surreal. But I found the happy spot along the... Read more

  • Keeping it going...

    3/21/2020 11:42:02 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    It was a little windier than I like, but reasonably warm (40s), so with my gym treadmill not being an option at all currently even if I were willing to use it, I geared up and got outside. Starting out in the direction of the wind let me say hello to a different part of Philly since my return, ... Read more

  • First day of the current normal...

    3/20/2020 12:24:02 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I got up reasonably early - and feeling like I caught up on any missing sleep - so I got out for my first run back in Philly AND after the pandemic scares. I thought about it before deciding it's doable. I did implement "social distancing" - I was never withing 6 feet of anybody. I never heard anybo... Read more

  • And the backup plan...

    3/19/2020 2:48:32 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    Addendum to last blog... My backup plan for dealing with the virus is, well, if I get it, I get it. I'm relatively young, fit, recover well from things. I have a high confidence level that I'll be okay and might even recover reasonably well here at home, sans any hospital visit. And then, hopef... Read more

  • Taking a day off activity while figuring out the new normal...

    3/19/2020 1:34:42 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    A good night's sleep after the loooooong day of driving had me getting up and moving a bit later than normal - I could use a bit more still, actually, but should make that up tonight. A looming conference call would have made a run tight anyway, but I had already decided to take it easy today,... Read more

  • Home!

    3/18/2020 11:07:45 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I made it back to Philly in a one way rental. That Cadillac SUV looked, as we say in KY, "like it's been rode hard and put up wet." Just under 12 hours altogether - two "pit stops" at rest areas and one stop for gas (paid at the pump with Apple Pay so I didn't even have to do a CC), and I took my ow... Read more

  • Let's share something good!

    3/18/2020 9:29:56 PM, by 3VEGGIES

    Name a healthy food. I'll kick this off: Flax seeds... Read more

  • COVID-19 and Stress Eating

    3/17/2020 8:44:23 PM, by 3VEGGIES

    Well....in my previous blog I said this is the opportunity to form new habits. I absolutely want to find something good with this virus that is turning the world upside down. I believe that human kind can unite and work together across the world. We need to work together as friends, coworkers, neig... Read more

  • A plan! Home!!!

    3/17/2020 8:19:08 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I have the car - and wow, what a car, I could live in this car (!!!), or rather SUV - and a plan to get back home to philly before travel restrictions and concerns really make things more difficult. AND back to where I have my familiar life and things and HOME around me to make this isolating time ... Read more

  • Another good run... A call - and even sooner decisions to make.

    3/16/2020 2:02:06 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I was up and at 'em early enough to get a run in at the local H.S. track here in KY. 5 miles of good hard running on a brisk running. Cleared the head, cleared the mind - reassured myself that yesterday's cranky right calf wasn't a harbinger of body aches and illness. :) I worked myself around ... Read more

  • Another good run... A call - and even sooner decisions to make.

    3/16/2020 2:00:23 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I was up and at 'em early enough to get a run in at the local H.S. track here in KY. 5 miles of good hard running on a brisk running. Cleared the head, cleared the mind - reassured myself that yesterday's cranky right calf wasn't a harbinger of body aches and illness. :) I worked myself around ... Read more

  • Don't Miss a Golden Opportunity

    3/15/2020 10:01:44 PM, by 3VEGGIES

    Wow! Well life can change so quickly can't it? I see the changes being implemented in our society as an opportunity to make constructive changes to my habits. 224 #1. The temptation to go out to a restaurant or grab something to bring home or eat on the run is gone. 226 Now there is... Read more

  • Fought the Blahs for Some Fresh Air & Mind-Clearing Running... and Considering Tough Decisions.

    3/15/2020 12:21:18 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I almost let today slide, but... Some normalcy is required. So I hied me out out to the local high school track (near where my sister lives in Kentucky) for a run. It was worth it. The fresh air was good, it was definitely a mind clearing experience and good to be away from social media/news o... Read more

  • Settling in...

    3/14/2020 10:02:31 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    I flew to Knoxville, TN on Thursday, stayed one night with my brother, and am now visiting my sister. I'll be back & forth between the two, but mostly at my sister's place, til I return to my Philly home on March 30th. Obviously, there won't be a lot of activities going on as there would have been o... Read more

  • Dry TURMERIC Tea Recipe

    3/13/2020 3:59:01 PM, by BOBBIESOCKS-46

    106 Dry Turmeric Tea Recipe I have been drinking Turmeric Tea everyday for over 2 years. This is a batch recipe. 1/2 cup Turmeric powder (I found Turmeric in a bag where they keep vitamins at Wal Mart. At first I bought it from the spice area in a spice bottle, one bottle is 1/2 cup). ... Read more

  • Farther or faster? Both?

    3/11/2020 10:50:22 AM, by ROSENJ1965

    I #peptalked myself through just getting out the door today, though it shouldn't have been that difficult given the lovely day awaiting me (sun, blue skies, moderate 6-8mph winds, 45+ degree temps). But I did get out with the promise I could take it easy, even run/walk as needed... But I didn't... Read more

  • "No run" day!

    3/10/2020 3:06:34 PM, by ROSENJ1965

    I had one of those just a couple days ago on Saturday, but it was "the one" for last week and I would normally have made it Monday, Tuesday at the latest. So, since I ran yesterday, ta da. Day off today! I'm kicking off the sort of, mimimized taper for my marathon on the 21st in style. I might ... Read more