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  • Life Unmasked

    6/28/2020 6:00:28 AM, by BRAINNOISE

    The world is a very strange place. Unrecognizable from where life was a few months ago, we live in some sort of bizzarro land. People argue and bicker about every single thing, jockeying to position their belief in the winners circle. Thoughts instantly become words, expressed thoughtlessly. C... Read more

  • More About Diet

    6/8/2020 11:15:06 PM, by CINDILP

    One of the values of blogging is processing your own journey. My blog two days ago was processing my own weight loss journey. I didn't tell you about every little diet or program, just the major ones that were successes and stand out for me. It's a way to get the big picture of what worked and what ... Read more

  • The Mullet Diet.

    6/6/2020 11:24:47 PM, by CINDILP

    When I was working from home I read an article about Mullet Dressing. It is dressing work appropriate on top and your bottoms being otherwise. Such as wearing a suit shirt and jacket with pajama pants, or a nice top with old ripped jeans or no pants. It was fun to chuckle about some of my work outfi... Read more