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  • The Battle Metaphor

    4/5/2020 9:42:41 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    If you are self-isolating from COVID-19 related articles, this is not the blog for you . . . so please just skip it. You're not a captive cashier at a check out! No worries if you are a regular commentator here: I'm exploring an idea or two which interest me. nationalpost.com/news/in-a-... Read more

  • Susan Pinker and Cashier Chat

    4/4/2020 11:40:09 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Dr. Susan Pinker is the psychologist whose research on social connection has underscored how important face-to-face interaction is to longevity. Women have lived longer than men in almost all societies because, even in a digital age, they still connect more face-to-face. (Yes, of course there... Read more

  • Totally Stucked Up!

    4/3/2020 9:39:20 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Oh yeah. Yesterday was a totally stucked up day . . . . and yes, I know that's not grammatical but by "stucked up" I mean in the sense of being stuck . . . as per yesterday's blog. Never have I appreciated my wonderful work colleagues more . . . than when I was trying to accomplish all t... Read more

  • The Givens

    4/2/2020 7:34:05 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    ting-unstuck/ This link is to an old (2016 or so) and L-O-N-G video recording a conversation between Michael Neill and George Pransky about feeling stuck. And what it takes to get "unstuck". During this time when so many of us are "stuck" at home, it's ... Read more

  • A Place in the Choir

    4/1/2020 8:43:18 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    atYxE My dear sister sent me this link this morning . . . how remarkable to see people in an audience shoulder to shoulder clapping!! But the message hasn't changed -- each of us has OUR place in choir. And right now for most of us that may be sta... Read more

  • Why Not to Panic About The Coronavirus

    3/31/2020 9:04:56 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    FDb7iY Yes, this short video by Michael Neill (link sent to me by a Sparkie friend) is something I found really useful. It won't tell you anything you don't already know. But that's because it's from that place of innate confidence and calm that is alw... Read more

  • Bricolage!

    3/30/2020 1:39:42 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    Using whatever comes to hand . . . that's one definition of this French-origin word. And yeah: very much what we're doing in so many areas of our lives right now. Experimenting with getting our work done in new and different ways with whatever technologies (old or new) that we can cobble... Read more

  • SOOOOOOOOO Muddy!!

    3/29/2020 10:35:58 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Yes I've always loved e e cummings' celebration of this time of the year, when it's "Just spring" and there are lots of mud-luscious puddles: in Just- spring when the world is mud- luscious the little lame balloonman whistles far and wee and eddieandbill come running from marb... Read more

  • Staying Positive?

    3/28/2020 10:56:39 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Yes, I'm naturally a cheerful and optimistic person . . . annoyingly so, I've been told more than once!! So, what about "staying positive" during COVID-19? Truth is, I've decided to stop efforting and achieving and leash yanking about staying positive. it's an attitude I've borrowe... Read more

  • Scrubbing the Floors!!

    3/27/2020 1:45:36 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    I was giggling a bit today at the posting of a Sparkie Friend grateful for indoor plumbing!! My grandfather's house had a backyard privy . . . up the hill on a board walk. No worries about toilet paper shortage . . . my goodness, such a ridiculous waster of money!! Nothing wrong with neatly scissor... Read more

  • Tete a Tete!

    3/26/2020 8:27:52 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    These mini bunching daffodils are a variety called tete a tete -- head to head. No social distancing required!! And they bloom so cheerfully and so profusely. Are quick to rebloom the next year in my garden if I plant the bulbs out in the fall. And I will. My snowdrops hav... Read more

  • The Evolution of Consciousness

    3/25/2020 11:42:36 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Since listening to Michael Neill's podcast, I've been thinking a lot about that space before thought which he identifies (and yes, fully conscious of the irony of thinking about the space before thought!!). So, says Neill rather tantalizingly, it's that space before thought in which human cons... Read more

  • The Space Before Thought

    3/24/2020 7:57:59 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Yes, that's the title of the most recent Michael Neil Caffeine for the Soul podcast. And: it's a gem. www.michaelneill.org/podcast
    / He articulates in a way that was immensely clarifying for me just why the "power of positive thinking" . . . in all its variations, including that c... Read more

  • How's Day One "At Home" Going?

    3/23/2020 2:42:23 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today told Canadians to "go home and stay home". And Ontario Premier Doug Ford added that all non-essential businesses should consider themselves closed. Both said that these "suggestions" will be enforced with legislation if necessary. Not necessary for me. I a... Read more

  • At Home

    3/22/2020 2:56:05 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    Do you remember all the references to "calling cards" in 18th and 19th century novels? In a time of very formal social interaction, the ladies would get dressed up and leave their cards on a silver salver perhaps at their acquaintances' homes. An engraved card, written in the third person... Read more

  • In a time of distance -- Alexander McCall Smith

    3/21/2020 8:19:59 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    If you've got more reading time on your hands and haven't yet discovered the prolific Scottish writer Alexander McCall Smith, then a treat awaits you!! I'm a particular fan of his Sunday Philosophy Club series with the marvellous Isabel Dalhousie, editor of the Journal of Applied Ethics: who always... Read more

  • Mindful Workout

    3/20/2020 5:25:42 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    itness_articles.asp?id=2593 I really liked this Spark article . . . My morning workout (four sets of 10 push ups, sit ups, mountaineers, squats, followed by a pretty extensive period of yoga stretching and balance exercises) helps anchor me in the moment... Read more

  • Behaving Well

    3/19/2020 8:07:02 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Behaving well when things are going well? Not so difficult. And not particularly worthy of either external praise or heightened self-regard. Behaving well when things are not going so well? Now that's the test!!... Read more

  • SoMe

    3/17/2020 8:46:39 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    OK then -- not every source of social media is Spark People. Not every source is going to serve me, at present. Be SoMe. So much of what's on the internet is panic-inducing. Fears for the future; what will happen next? Regrets for the past; when life was "normal". It's contagious. ... Read more

  • Social Distance and Social Connection in a Time of Contagion

    3/15/2020 7:11:23 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    As much as possible, we need to adopt principles of social distance for our physical health to control spread of coronavirus. Historically, this concept of social distance was first proposed post World War I during the Spanish flu epidemic. It worked then and it will work now. As much as pos... Read more

  • Good News on Coronavirus!

    3/13/2020 7:20:40 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    tes-190048955.html A group of Toronto researchers announced later yesterday that they have already isolated the coronavirus. That's a crucial breakthrough in the process of developing a vaccine. They are sharing the results of ... Read more

  • Heartfelt

    3/8/2020 10:32:22 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    www.michaelneill.org/podcast/ I like Michael Neill's most recent podcast in his Caffeine for the Soul series. He actually calls it Heartfelt v Bullsh#t, and he's thinking about an experience recounted by his mentor and friend, George Pransky, from the Three Principles organization. Pran... Read more

  • No more plastic surgery . . .

    3/7/2020 10:15:44 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    139461.html A little piece on Yahoo Style this morning (the link may or may not work for you, it's Canada) discloses that Jane Fonda vows not to have any MORE plastic surgery. Tacitly admitting for the first time (she always refus... Read more