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  • Set-up Sunday

    7/12/2020 10:05:34 AM, by NANCY-

    The titles of these blogs are to remind me what day it is. LOL The days tend to blend together and this is my way of keeping track. Busy week this week. Food prep today, visit youngest and check out program. Monday - meeting, paperwork Tuesday - shopping, meetings, mask fittings Wednesday... Read more

  • Savvy Saturday

    7/11/2020 11:07:15 AM, by NANCY-

    With the anticipation growing about middle son's return to his day program, I was grateful to find this timely reminder in my email today: "When stress threatens to derail you, touch the timeless in three breaths. ACTION STEP Carefully set down what you are doing, take three long, r... Read more

  • Frolicsome Friday

    7/10/2020 3:44:09 PM, by NANCY-

    Ventured out with my mask on. 😷 Errands needed to be done. Checked on if native corn is here yet. Sometimes we are lucky and have it for the 4th, but nothing yet this year. LOL, just realized that this would have been just routine a few months back, now doing errands are a highlight. Who would ... Read more

  • Thankful Thursday

    7/9/2020 2:56:47 PM, by NANCY-

    So much good going on.... ... finally looking forward to healthy meals as my go to. Today's lunch was a green salad with shrimp and balsamic vinegar as the dressing. Yum! ... finally have the back to day program meeting scheduled. Middle son's cardiologist is sending a letter of okay. .... fin... Read more

  • Webby Wednesday

    7/8/2020 1:42:28 PM, by NANCY-

    Tummy doing flip flops today, so I'm parking myself on the internet. Hartford HealthCare sent out pandemic reminders: • Wear a face mask • Maintain physical distance • Wash hands frequently But I like Nebraska's better: *courtesy of ONEKIDSMOM* Nebraska's slogan of ... Read more

  • Transitional Tuesday

    7/7/2020 7:08:44 AM, by NANCY-

    Hubby went to the store alone today. Since our youngest moved out last Friday, we thought it best if we did not take middle son to the supermarket. Hopefully middle son will be starting back in his day program in a week. Risky business I know, but we are down to 69 hospitalized in the state. Hop... Read more

  • Meditative Monday

    7/6/2020 8:10:00 PM, by NANCY-

    My thoughtful, heartfelt blog disappeared into thin air. :( Oh well! Tomorrow is another day to blog. :)... Read more

  • Summer Homeschooling

    7/6/2020 4:36:47 PM, by AMSHARK

    Welcome to day 1 of ESY homeschooling! One of my twins was enrolled in Pre-K for kids with special needs (the official name is "Disabled Pre-K" - don't get me started), but then the world fell apart and after going through 2 months of meetings and evaluations to get the child admitted to the p... Read more

  • Summery Sunday

    7/5/2020 10:37:07 AM, by NANCY-

    A quiet fourth, well at least within the walls of my home. Watched Hamilton, vibrant is one word I would use to describe it. Illegal fireworks going off in our neighborhood. Celebrate freedom with love and kindness. 8 Practical Ways to Stop Resisting What's Good for You https://www.spar... Read more

  • Goals for July 2020

    7/4/2020 8:33:07 PM, by WIZARDHOWL

    Goals for July 2020: Nutrition: 550 Try one new fruit or veggie OR one new fruit or veggie recipe each time I go to the grocery store. I started this in June and want to continue it. 551 Eat 5-7 freggies per day with 3-5 of those being veggies. 341 Stay in calorie range Sunday... Read more

  • Independence Saturday

    7/4/2020 11:17:34 AM, by NANCY-

    It doesn't matter how old your child is letting go gets to your heart. 46 Yes, he has gone away before, but now he is not returning. He has his own lovely, safe home. Heavens that is what I wanted for him. Letting go is hard to do. Now he will learn how good he had it our home. LOL Two do... Read more

  • Festive Friday

    7/3/2020 10:18:00 AM, by NANCY-

    No plans for the 4th. My youngest just left the nest, and will be spending his first night in his new home tonight. Middle son still doesn't understand his brother has moved out, but will soon. Our cats are flustered about all the activity. My eldest has asked me to babysit for his birthday... Read more

  • Goals & Gratitude 7/2/20

    7/2/2020 8:14:00 PM, by WIZARDHOWL

    I had wanted to do a goals blog on the first of the month but haven't had a chance. This will just be an update blog. Felix's trip to the vet was very, very stressful. Poor little thing was so stressed out by being in the carrier. And then we had to wait in the car (instead of the office-- no o... Read more

  • Thankful Thursday

    7/2/2020 1:57:10 PM, by NANCY-

    Had an issue this morning so the order of the day is to recover. Thankfully I can do so. Still haven't checked out online shopping, but it looks like today is the day. Oops, guess not, but I will persevere. “Remember how far you've come, not just how far you have to go. You are not wh... Read more

  • what's up

    7/2/2020 12:17:33 PM, by AMSHARK

    So, here's what's up. Work & homelife if overwhelming... but also, just one big blurred thing. Anywho, I started back up on SP yesterday, and here's what I did well: Tracked food & stayed in range Blogged Increased my water intake (not sure if I reached my goal) Here are my misse... Read more

  • Still kicking

    7/1/2020 12:14:59 PM, by AMSHARK

    Just a note - I'm still kicking. Just back into tracking. At the start of social distancing in March, I was actually down 5lbs, but then I don't know exactly what happened and I blew past that 5 and added 10 more. Ok, I know what happened - baking calms my nerves, ok? Walking around just my... Read more

  • Wonderful Wednesday

    7/1/2020 10:33:02 AM, by NANCY-

    Hubby enjoyed his birthday, gifts, BBQ and open Strawberry pie. As for me, I didn't over eat, over do the sauce. The only thing I would have done differently is have more veggies. I am really pleased that I have been focusing on making healthy choices. I may turn this into losing the COVID-19 pounds... Read more

  • Goals & Gratitude 6/30/20

    6/30/2020 10:20:14 PM, by WIZARDHOWL

    Well, it's been quite a while since I've blogged, I realized! I'm still working from home and love love loving it! I am planning to work from home for the rest of the summer and just watching how the whole COVID thing plays out. We are having a major resurgence of cases here in my county and mo... Read more

  • Terrific Tuesday

    6/30/2020 2:57:07 PM, by NANCY-

    Happy Birthday to Hubby! Hard to buy for, but with him food works just fine. BBQ and Pie. And since it is raining I told him I would water the lawn for him. ❤️ Grateful - Hubby is enjoying his day! It is raining. I'm not bored! ... Read more

  • Meditative Monday

    6/29/2020 11:57:21 AM, by NANCY-

    I'm back to meditating, thanks to Deepak Chopra's free 21-Day Meditation Experience - Renew Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit. https://chopracentermeditation
    .com/experience He offers 21-day meditations about three times a year. I have done many of them, but have I stuck with it even though there... Read more

  • Sunsational Sunday

    6/28/2020 1:36:59 PM, by NANCY-

    What a difference a year makes. Audrey Loves Paris posts shareable things on Facebook. The following struck me: No, I do not like to wear a mask. But I will do what I must to protect not only myself, and those that I love, but also those that need protection. I wear a mask out of... Read more

  • Sapid Saturday

    6/27/2020 12:44:49 AM, by NANCY-

    Okay... I may be a bit of a foodie. It is something when the owner, of the place listed by Food Network's as best deli in Connecticut, knows you. Granted deli food isn't usually healthy, but man their food is good. I brought home dinner for the guys. Woo Hoo, I do not have to cook! Got hubby so... Read more

  • Fantastic Friday

    6/26/2020 1:54:18 PM, by NANCY-

    It;s been a strange day, not one of routine. I'm about to depart to see the grands. Don't know if the opportunities will still be available in a month from now so ... Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. (translation: “seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow”.) ❤️ Grateful - To ... Read more

  • Thriving Thursday

    6/25/2020 12:06:53 PM, by NANCY-

    Amazing how getting stuff done lifts the spirit. Music also can lift the spirit. Focusing on Livin' la Vida Sano. (Livin' the healthy life.) Working on my mindset about food, meal plan. I have a tentative workout plan, but have placed my focus on my behavior regarding food. I am creating a new... Read more

  • Whimsical Wednesday

    6/24/2020 1:57:48 PM, by NANCY-

    After ignoring my polite requests since the beginning of April, I finally put my foot down and ... IT WORKED!!! I put my foot down with a vengeance with hubby and he finally took middle son out so I could have quiet and focus on an important and necessary task for the both of us. It is time sen... Read more

  • Tropical Tuesday

    6/23/2020 11:34:26 AM, by NANCY-

    Got the humidity and the temperature, now all Connecticut needs are breezy beaches with palm trees and refreshing tropical drinks. Ran some errands and got cranky and an upset stomach from the heat and I was home by 10:30 am. Will choose healthy, refreshing meals. ❤️ Grateful - To put m... Read more

  • Magical Monday

    6/22/2020 12:39:23 PM, by NANCY-

    Eating out so to speak, meant lots of added salt. I magically felt puffy, especially around the eyes. Back to being in control of my food. ❤️ Grateful - Water retention is temporary. To be able to hide from the heat and humidity. My youngest is adulting today by becoming a homeowner.... Read more

  • Father's Day Sunday!

    6/21/2020 2:00:57 PM, by NANCY-

    My carnivores enjoyed their lunch. Hubby had a beef rib, that was enough for two meals. Thank heavens he didn't try to eat the whole thing. Next week is hubby's birthday and he wants a full rack. My tastes have changed. I had no desire for the mac and cheese. I did snitch a few fries but was dis... Read more

  • Summer Saturday

    6/20/2020 10:35:26 AM, by NANCY-

    Nothing stops Mother Nature! Summer is here! The Hot, Hazy, Humid days are upon us. I was hoping to get hubby a fresh strawberry cream pie for Father's Day today, but because of covid they are closed and will not reopen until Tuesday, Pooh! Yes, hubby is big into food and is also willing to eat hea... Read more

  • Familial Friday

    6/19/2020 9:34:45 PM, by NANCY-

    Celebrated Father's Day with the Grands a bit early. Seeing that they haven't gone out yet, hubby felt safe visiting them. It was so nice to spend time visiting them. He will be celebrating fatherhood all weekend. And yes, he likes to focus on food. Grateful - Spending time with my eldest... Read more

  • Goals & Gratitude 6/18/20

    6/18/2020 6:53:53 PM, by WIZARDHOWL

    Some good news about Tang: I got us a vet appointment at the second office (same doctors, different office) a full week earlier than his previous appointment). His appointment is July 1st. A Spark friend mentioned that it could be a cyst and I am really hoping that's all it is. Tang seems his happy,... Read more

  • Thumbs-up Thursday

    6/18/2020 2:54:53 PM, by NANCY-

    We are on the verge of a heatwave. Keeping cool by having cucumber slices in my water, very refreshing. Yesterday's strawberry and peach water was divine, also. I am on Week 4 and just really starting to switch from desires to healthy choice. Yes, it is difficult to make changes, but it can be do... Read more

  • I'm Worried About Tang

    6/17/2020 8:55:10 PM, by WIZARDHOWL

    Meet Tang. You know how you're not supposed to have a favorite? Well don't tell the other two, but Tang has *always* been my favorite. I've had him since he was 5 weeks old, and he is now almost 11 years old. He is never far from me when I'm at home. There's a cat bed under my work desk and no... Read more

  • Wiggly Wednesday

    6/17/2020 8:19:32 PM, by NANCY-

    Do you exercise your feet and toes? My sister came over and we wrote the alphabet with our feet. Came up onto the ball of our feet then lowered a number of times, then wiggled our toes. By the way, my excitement about my son's start date at his day program ... which is about a month away. A... Read more

  • Terrific Tuesday

    6/16/2020 12:46:35 PM, by NANCY-

    We have a start date for my son's day program. 321 321 321 335 Singin' joy to the world All the boys and girls now Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea Joy to you and me. Grateful - For my coffee. The grocery stores were not crowded this a.m. I'm doing better w... Read more

  • Magnificent Monday!

    6/15/2020 9:31:38 AM, by NANCY-

    Another glorious day! Another wonderful week! I know what I put in my mouth is my choice. I know to be kind to myself, I am only human after all. Grateful - I have a menu. The frig is stocked with veggies. Coffee. :) ... Read more

  • Sun-kissed Sunday

    6/14/2020 12:53:27 PM, by NANCY-

    First picking strawberries at the farm stand wafted their fragrance. I have been waiting for this. Ah, the gift of the season, I could not wait experience the flavor of ripe local berries. Yes... thankfully they are on my food plan. Grateful - To have so many blessings. That someone pi... Read more

  • Goals & Gratitude 6/13/20

    6/13/2020 8:50:45 PM, by WIZARDHOWL

    I hit 186.2 lbs. this morning, a new low for me. My next goal has been 185.0 lbs. That will mark 31 lbs. lost on Spark people. My next goal after that is 184.25 which marks 10 lbs. lost since my last TOPS weigh in last March. After those two goals I will have to figure out new mid-term goals. I stil... Read more

  • Satisfying Saturday

    6/13/2020 12:50:57 PM, by NANCY-

    The scale was gracious this morning. I do not know why I give it so much power, as it is just a tool. The choices I have been making are supporting my desire for a healthy lifestyle. The latest things I say to myself have been: I had what I needed. Are you really hungry? “There is no failu... Read more