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  • Its been a little bit since last entry

    7/10/2020 6:18:47 PM, by LUV2SNAPSHOTS

    I am happy to be back on track a logging again. It always makes me feel empowered when I complete a day of tracking. ... Read more

  • Last Day 1

    7/10/2020 9:27:48 AM, by PAMALAMS

    This is my last day 1. It is time to say goodbye to the losing struggle, to remember FIRST that nothing every tastes as good as my healthy and fit body feels and moves. Being very fit at least one more time in my life is on my bucket list, and today is the day I pull it out of the bucket. In ... Read more

  • Today is Wednesday?

    7/8/2020 12:59:52 PM, by JIACOLO

    I believe the day is Wednesday because it is trash day. Otherwise, the days blur. I am okay with that though because I don't really have much else to do outside of the house. A couple of weeks ago I started a focused purging of stuff. I am determined to use this time to get rid of the clutter th... Read more

  • Kitchen Closed

    7/8/2020 9:30:18 AM, by MOTIV8TEDMOM23

    Today's tip from Coach Jen was to close my kitchen after supper. I was advised to blog tonight to keep my mind occupied and off of night snacking, but I have other plans for that, so I am blogging now. Since June 27, my kitchen has been closed after supper. I make sure to have my night "snack" im... Read more

  • Moderation

    7/7/2020 8:02:08 PM, by NATTYWIT

    What a great video regarding moderation. I am doing now with my thinking. One day that does not go well from some reason or another I will just say. Tomorrow's a new day 252... Read more

  • Planning Meals for Tomorrow

    7/7/2020 11:20:15 AM, by MOTIV8TEDMOM23

    I am using the meal plans provided by Spark*D with a few modifications. So far, they have been satisfying. Pretty easy to stick to since I am working from home due to COVID. Still looking to see my Glucose numbers come down. They are lower in the afternoon/evening, but still high in the morning.... Read more

  • Went for a walk

    7/6/2020 9:42:52 PM, by RMPOKRZY

    I've fallen off the wagon recently, especially when it comes to tracking. I'm hoping to reinvigorate things. My company gave us today off as a surprise, which was amazing. In order to recenter, I went on a nature walk. It was great to be outside and think. It's easy for me to start spiraling and it ... Read more

  • July 3, 2020

    7/3/2020 12:18:51 PM, by K2020175

    I have many dragons to hunt. Setting myself up over and over again - plan for planning sake and really not even starting the actual work. Sometimes I dip my toes in the water for a few days, but can't make habits needed to build strength and get where I need to go in mind, body, spirit. I hav... Read more

  • Leslie Sansone

    6/30/2020 11:36:28 PM, by RHALL8

    I did leslie today 5K proud of myself... Read more

  • went to level 2 on the exercise bike

    6/30/2020 8:22:40 PM, by NATTYWIT

    Level 2 and kept it at 30 mins 108... Read more

  • Day of Reckoning

    6/29/2020 2:29:13 AM, by TJHARTFORD80

    On June 4th I received a call from my doctor stating I was pre-diabetic, triglycerides were high and 73 lbs overweight from my last football weight of 250 when I was 21. I've been unhealthy since. At 57, weighing 323 lbs I finally got the message. Doc said I needed 3 months detox from alcohol,... Read more

  • Getting back on track

    6/27/2020 11:51:04 AM, by AMYFOL

    Today is day 7 of my latest attempt at weight loss. What is different this time? I think I finally get it! Having started and restarted multiple times, I have racked up a lot of Spark points but haven't lost more than 10 pounds. I am a diabetic and tried following a diabetic diet, but there are ... Read more

  • Feeling good

    6/26/2020 9:36:37 PM, by NATTYWIT

    I don't see the numbers really moving on the scale but I do notice it in the close and my stomache does look slightly smaller. Might need to get a measuring tape... Read more

  • 6/26 Better Week

    6/26/2020 6:20:10 AM, by LOPEYP

    This week has been a good one. All quiet on the home front. The kitchen is finished. It came out great. We are done with the crazy cabinet guy. I still have some boxes to unpack but I have an excuse. 20 I ordered more organizational bins. I am putting things back differently in some cases. T... Read more

  • Another day of God's Grace

    6/25/2020 6:17:24 PM, by RHALL8

    As I was reading my morning devotion and praying, the Lord allowed me to see that He is concerned about every part of my life. This strong-hold that has been plaguing me all of my life, I have never given it over to the Lord and left it there. So I will leave it with Him and let Him show me the way ... Read more

  • Feeling what I ate

    6/13/2020 6:12:22 PM, by NATTYWIT

    Yesterday I had a great day. Ate some amazing grilled chicken with salad and asparagus. Felt great all morning. Me and the hubby wanted a quick lunch and chose pizza. I am so feeling it still at 6pm. I feel sluggish and blah. I really noticed that difference today.... Read more