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  • Freshpair

    8/5/2020 10:02:48 AM, by SPEDED2

    National Underwear Day Freshpair, an online underwear retailer, founded National Underwear Day because they believe underwear is the most important thing that people wear, and because they believe it can make people feel confident and good. Since the first holiday in 2003, there have been Ne... Read more

  • August 4, 2020 - BONUS Post (boy am I motivated)

    8/4/2020 2:15:51 PM, by DSHONEYC

    I thought this was worth sharing. Why? Because it is so doable and more important it is the right thing to do that The Right doesn't seem to grasp. (note from CNN update on health) 5 simple steps to avoid a shutdown On last week’s CNN Town Hall, “Coronavirus: Facts and Fears,” Dr. Anthony... Read more

  • August 4, 2020 - I DID IT! I accomplished some 'to dos'

    8/4/2020 1:40:11 PM, by DSHONEYC

    Amazingly after 'kicking myself in the seat of my pants' I did get several important (and dreaded) tasks...some frustrations but overcome. I am thinking success is a great motivational factor. There is just one thing that is called 'motivation' - it is a composite of many factors and I am... Read more

  • Most Popular

    8/4/2020 11:32:25 AM, by SPEDED2

    National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day The chocolate chip cookie is the most popular cookie in America. It was invented after 1930, most likely in 1937 or 1938, by Ruth Graves Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, when she added cut-up chunks of Nestlé semi-sweet choc... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    8/4/2020 9:37:26 AM, by SHERYE

    A travelling salesman was held up in the west by a rainstorm and flood. He e-mails his office in NY: "Delayed by storm. Send instructions." His boss e-mails back: "Start vacation immediately!"... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    8/3/2020 7:53:42 PM, by SHERYE

    A woman said to her friend, "I don't know what to do. My husband is such a mess maker that you can't imagine. He doesn't put anything in its place, I am always going around the house picking up after him." The friend says, "Take a tip from me. The first week after we were married I told my husband... Read more

  • August 3,2020 - Why can't I buckle down and 'just do it'?

    8/3/2020 1:00:00 PM, by DSHONEYC

    The famous logo should be motivational...but it isn't and I am not motivated and I always have the best intentions. So here I am when I should be tackling something more important. Why am I dragging my feet? Will not going to figure that one out today, so good bye and I will... ... Read more

  • Melon

    8/3/2020 10:03:05 AM, by SPEDED2

    National Watermelon Day National Watermelon Day on August 3rd recognizes the refreshing summertime treat enjoyed at picnics and fairs! And since watermelon is 92% water, it is very satisfying in the summer heat. This vine-like flowering plant originated from southern Africa. While the ... Read more

  • My Weekend

    8/2/2020 5:22:03 PM, by KATHY_2019

    Hello Let me Just say this I have a Awesome Husband I have been wanting to go Out for a Date NIght But with the Virus We are Not Allowed So He did the best Next Thing He work all Day to make a Special Place for Us in the Back Yard and Cooked our Dinner. I Didnt know anything until i walked outside I... Read more

  • Yay I finished a cowl

    8/2/2020 3:41:30 PM, by BABSAWRITER

    This was a really fun pattern to make--Moko Moko Cowl. I made it in a yarn that is a blend of merino, alpaca, silk, and angora. And yep--it's as wonderful as it sounds.... Read more

  • Sandwich

    8/2/2020 1:43:55 PM, by SPEDED2

    National Ice Cream Sandwich Day Today we celebrate ice cream sandwiches in all their forms and flavors! They first appeared in the late 1890s in New York City, being sold by street vendors for a penny. They consisted of a thin quarter-inch layer of ice cream between two thin graham wafers. S... Read more

  • oh well

    8/2/2020 1:08:16 PM, by DRUMMERCHK

    This is the first time in a long time I've uploaded an image. Not sure it's going to work. Anyway, I have slowly but steadily been losing - 16 # so far. In my mind I thought I was looking much better, however, took this picture with my son as he headed back to NC this morning and what jumps... Read more

  • New Day today

    8/2/2020 11:44:10 AM, by BABSAWRITER

    Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster for me. I was down on myself because of my weigh in even though I knew rationally that I didn't really gain 1 1/2 pounds overnight! There was a storm at 4 this morning and somehow that storm also stormed through my brain and mental state and I woke up ... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    8/2/2020 11:11:10 AM, by SHERYE

    Bumper Stickers If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat? Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math. A closed mouth gathers no feet. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance. A penny saved is ridiculous. All that glitters has a high refractive... Read more


    8/2/2020 9:09:01 AM, by SMIDGON

    I just finished listening and watching our Church's online service. It was titled "God of the Broken" Very good ! It made me think. How in the world did our planet get this way ? When will it end? We are surely being tested. Maybe I am not to write this way, but it is my righ... Read more

  • Crazy fun week

    8/1/2020 7:41:43 PM, by PRETTYPITHY

    I had a great week this week! I started my new job and it was incredibly exciting. It will be a fast paced environment (which I like) and the people are great! Lots of great benefits, too. I felt a little under the weather at the start of the week but am feeling great now. My stomach was ... Read more

  • Those good brain chemicals and how to get them

    8/1/2020 5:37:41 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Yellow Not Brown

    8/1/2020 5:33:43 PM, by SPEDED2

    remember the good ol' days? 2017...little did we know National Mustard Day National Mustard Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in August and recognizes the versatile condiment. Used in many different cuisines, mustard comes from the seeds of the mustard plant. Depending on the kind o... Read more

  • Lost 15.4 Lbs. in 5 Weeks

    8/1/2020 3:49:03 PM, by GIVENTHANKS

    I had my five week weigh-in this morning. I am down 15.4 lbs. I have been eating differently, sometimes multiple times a day and sometimes intermittent fasting on a 12:12, 16:8 or just eating one meal a day. I am trying to keep my body guessing so it does not get used to the same thing all the time.... Read more

  • August 1, 2020 - Glad to start a brand new month

    8/1/2020 3:16:20 PM, by DSHONEYC

    I feel a little stuck with my weight...gained 3 pounds during the home confinement days and while I have lost 3 pounds during the 5% Challenge - I am right back to being 5 pounds over my challenge commitment to lose and 7-8 pounds over my ideal weight. 11 So commitment to get unstuck start... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    8/1/2020 1:57:20 PM, by SHERYE

    Daddy, how was I born ? The father answers, ‘Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cybercafe. We sneaked into a secluded room and googled each other... Read more

  • Comments from my DD

    8/1/2020 1:38:28 PM, by CTUPTON

    She told me I spend too much time focusing on eating healthy foods. Huh? I don't think so. I have come a long way but it takes this much effort on my part to make progress. On the phone I told here I was snacking on chopped walnuts mixed with bitter sweet chocolate bits. She congratul... Read more

  • That sneaky irrational brain

    8/1/2020 7:31:33 AM, by BABSAWRITER

    Why do I choose so many times to listen to the irrational side of my brain? You know, the side that is whispering--You failed this week because the scale said 200 and last week (and even earlier this week) it said 199 or 198. Yesterday it was 198.0. The side that is saying, you may as well give up b... Read more

  • July 31, 2020 - Thinking about my Dad

    7/31/2020 10:01:11 PM, by DSHONEYC

    This would have been his 111th birthday. We were together on his 95th ... brunching at a local restaurant. He had been in a convalescent care center awaiting a room in the local Bethany Home which had various levels of care and where he would have friends. He was not coming home again. picture... Read more

  • Friday the 31st

    7/31/2020 1:24:42 PM, by KATHY_2019

    Today Challenge was to unplug For 1 Hour Well I did That This Morning I went on a 10 Mile Bike Ride. Got up Feeling like a New Person This Morning. I went to bed at 730 last Night Got up at 700 this Morning. I needed the Rest. Have a Birthday Party Tonight we well do a Zoom Time with the Child... Read more

  • Spun Sugar

    7/31/2020 12:22:59 PM, by SPEDED2

    National Cotton Candy Day Today celebrates cotton candy, a popular confection at fairs, circuses, and amusement parks, that is almost all sugar. There is some indication that cotton candy originated from "spun sugar" in Europe in the 19th century. But, the story and creation of machine-spun ... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    7/31/2020 8:45:30 AM, by SHERYE

    A very proper business lady was on the lot of a Mercedes dealership in her local town. She strolled through the vehicles until she found a car that caught her eye. After looking it over for a while she noticed the car was unlocked. She opened the door, and bent over to touch the soft leather s... Read more

  • I need to stop/turn off

    7/30/2020 8:43:16 PM, by BABSAWRITER

    I need to get off Instagram for a bit--and Facebook too although I don't really have a big problem with FB as I only ever put 2 friends on there and mainly only use it to check out weekly specials from a few local businesses. But Instagram in particular right now is giving me major anxiety. And... Read more

  • Thursday

    7/30/2020 4:28:49 PM, by KATHY_2019

    Good Afternoon Hope Everyone is Feeling Well. Woke up this Morning Feeling not so Good. But i Pushed Myself to get up and Do Some Exercise. We Had a Thunder Storm Here Today It so so Loud it Rattle My Windows in my Home. I went and go in my Bed and Pull the Covers over My Head. lol Hopef... Read more

  • A Golden Girls Favorite

    7/30/2020 3:24:37 PM, by SPEDED2

    National Cheesecake Day Cheesecakes are popular desserts at bakeries and restaurants around the world, especially so today, because it is National Cheesecake Day! Cheesecakes usually consist of a mix of cheese, sugar, and eggs over a thin crust, with a topping of sweet or salty items. The ty... Read more

  • July 30, 2020 - I did it

    7/30/2020 3:11:32 PM, by DSHONEYC

    Awoke at 1:30am and had trouble getting back to sleep, so I wrote in my journal and eventually did get back to sleep around 3:30 or so. It meant I slept in a little, but was not going to fall into my 'task trap'. 56 So I gardened all morning and planted 376 more lemon cucumbers, ... Read more

  • SP article . 8 Habits of Successful Dieters

    7/30/2020 12:37:14 PM, by CTUPTON

    I hope this helps someone. It is part of an SP article. chris 213... Read more

  • Another sadness

    7/30/2020 9:18:38 AM, by BABSAWRITER

    It doesn't seem to be stopping for this year. I got a phone call yesterday that my cousin's best friend dropped dead of a heart attack early in the morning. I wasn't close to the man--hadn't seen him in probably at least 30 years. But still.... It makes me realize how very precious life is. I'm... Read more

  • 29 July 2020 - The hair cut my parents did for charity

    7/30/2020 2:29:08 AM, by DSJB9999

    My parents decided to raise money for their favourite Animal Charity Animal Care, in Lancaster on their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday. My daughter and I helped to do some of the cutting and my girl took all the photos and more! We had a good laugh and I am really proud they appear to hav... Read more

  • July 29, 2020 - Figured something out

    7/29/2020 1:41:01 PM, by DSHONEYC

    I guess it has taken me waking up with 'foreboding' to stop and analyze my feelings. And I now realize I have been creating a rut of 'tasks that HAVE to be done" but I really 'don't WANT to do'. Of course we all have things we don't really want to do but filling ones to do list with them has created... Read more

  • Rain

    7/29/2020 11:26:09 AM, by SPEDED2

    It's raining here today. Appropriate. Rain Day Who hopes for rain to pour down on the day of their event? The folks in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, that's who! In the late nineteenth century, at JT Rogers & Co Drug store on Waynesburg's High Street, a farmer made a remark to pharmacist Willia... Read more

  • Wed Morning

    7/29/2020 10:01:06 AM, by KATHY_2019

    Good Morning Woke with a New Attitude I can Do This. I have had a Few Set backs the Last couple of Weeks But I am not Letting that get me Down. I can only Manage a Mile and Half walking without My Feet Hurting but that is ok. I have manage to find Different kinds of Exercise. I Do Zumba on Line Two ... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    7/29/2020 12:21:53 AM, by SHERYE

    A man went into a cafe and asked for a meat pie. "Shall I cut it for you?" said the waiter. "Yes, please," said the man. "How many pieces?" asked the waiter, "Four or six?" "Better make it four. I don't think I can eat six!"... Read more

  • No Fries

    7/28/2020 12:07:08 PM, by SPEDED2

    My guilty pleasure. National Hamburger Day National Hamburger Day takes place twice a year, and there are other burger related holidays throughout the year as well. Why more than one day for burgers? Is it because they are so good? Well, that may be part of it. Another reason may be there a... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    7/27/2020 4:06:03 PM, by SHERYE

    A man looked at the menu at the airport restaurant, and saw that the sandwiches were named for planes. "I'll have a 'jumbo jet'," he said. When the order arrived, he was disappointed to see how small his burger was, but he ate it anyway. He called his waiter over. "Was that the 'jumbo jet'?" h... Read more

  • any opinions on knee replacement?

    7/27/2020 3:27:34 PM, by DRUMMERCHK

    Went to an ortho the other day who confirmed my knees are bone on bone d/t arthritis. I will have to have a knee replacement. I am on a roll right now losing weight, having lost 14 pounds in the past 8 weeks & I walk a lot so I am going to keep muscling through any pain and keep with my weight los... Read more

  • July 27, 2020 - Was going to post lots of angst today...but I got this instead.

    7/27/2020 12:09:55 PM, by DSHONEYC

    _QZ-N611SUaCSsEKk_sFg I believe this to be a model of a life well-lived, with credit going to healthy diet, good exercise and having a mission in life. Enjoy and perhaps y... Read more

  • Playlist: I thought I could do it myself! But I got confused very fast.

    7/27/2020 10:56:35 AM, by CTUPTON

    I googled how to make a music playlist. This showed up. But when I used my google Play Music app, I got totally confused! 198 Create a playlist or add to an existing playlist 1. Open the Google Play Music app . 2. Next to an album or song, tap the Menu icon. > Add to playlist. 3... Read more

  • How do I make a music playlist? for my android phone

    7/27/2020 10:31:41 AM, by CTUPTON

    It sounds very time consuming to me to do this. Is it easier than I think? chris... Read more

  • Use of my MISFITS order

    7/27/2020 10:29:00 AM, by CTUPTON

    4 1. sliced up some of the jicama ("hick i ma") in my salad with the buttery lettuce and other things 551 2. Just getting the harder veggies cooked in the Instapot pressure cooker. Cooked each veggie separately. Also I had my own head of cauliflower. 3. Put the cooked veggies in the ... Read more

  • Folk Instrument

    7/27/2020 8:54:05 AM, by SPEDED2

    Bagpipe Appreciation Day Today we celebrate the bagpipes! The instruments have long been associated with the Scottish Highlands, although they have come from many different places, and there are many variations of them. They have also been used in many different contexts. The main co... Read more

  • Aunts

    7/26/2020 9:25:28 AM, by SPEDED2

    Auntie's Day Auntie's Day, started by Melanie Notkin, founder of Savvy Auntie, honors aunts and celebrates the relationship between aunts and their nieces and nephews. Not only are "aunties by relation"—or ABR's—honored, but "auntie's by choice"—or ABC's—those who have aunt-like relationship... Read more

  • Haven't Been This Sick in Several Years!

    7/25/2020 6:09:16 PM, by PYNETREE

    Woke up yesterday feeling Fine. Had a higher carb breakfast, then I probably should have. About an hour later I was in severe belly pain, then my temperature started to rise. Pain left by 5:00pm, but fevers persisted... still going up! Ibuprofen doesn't seem to be lowering them. I am only eati... Read more

  • Yes baby steps lead somewhere

    7/25/2020 5:55:58 PM, by TIKITAMI

    I'm a huge believer in baby steps. Let's face it, it originally got us going so why wouldn't we believe it would lead us somewhere great again? Eight weeks ago I started running again. I set my goal on 5KM a week to start. The first week I split the amount over three runs and pretty sure I w... Read more

  • My first MISFITS order.

    7/25/2020 10:41:09 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Red Shoes

    7/25/2020 10:38:17 AM, by SPEDED2

    International Red Shoe Day International Red Shoe Day remembers and celebrates all those who have passed away from Lyme disease and other "invisible diseases" such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It was founded in memory of Theda Myint of Australia, who passed away from Lyme di... Read more

  • Report-Two Days Short of One Month

    7/25/2020 10:24:22 AM, by GIVENTHANKS

    From 6/27/2020 to 7/25/2020: Dropped 12 pounds Neck - lost 1/2" Chest-lost 1/4" Left arm-Lost 3/4" Right Arm-lost 1.25" Waist-lost 1.5" Left Thigh-lost 1/4" Right Thigh-lost 1/2" Left calf-lost 1/2" Right Calf-lost 3/4" Hips-lost 3" Other Perks: In less than 2 weeks, ... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    7/24/2020 11:53:22 PM, by SHERYE

    I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose fitting clothing... If I HAD any loose fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place!... Read more

  • Friday

    7/24/2020 9:30:17 PM, by KATHY_2019

    Well Got this Morning and No Ac in the House. By 1230 it was 100 in here. Went to lowes and Bought 2 window units for here. its down to 89. We are Camping out in the living room and Den. Got the Sad News one of my Friends Son got Murder last Night was shot in the head he was 16 years old They g... Read more

  • Success keeping the cat from doing bad things behind my TV

    7/24/2020 3:11:07 PM, by CTUPTON

    Orange oil worked! 334 Using a narrow bottle and those absorbent sticks that disperse the smell. Cats don't like the smell of oranges. Our daughter thought this might work and it did! I had been barricading the cat from behind the TV but it looked awful. 39 chris... Read more

  • burrito bowl recipe makeover

    7/24/2020 3:06:10 PM, by CTUPTON

    Buying the frozen package is pretty expensive. i am hoping I can make something similar at home. I got a recipe online that is similar. It does have ground turkey in it. I can go with that. B.E. Protein Blend Southwest Style is what I am trying to make at home. No ground turkey in thi... Read more

  • July 24, 2020 - Nearing the end of Climate Reality Project Leadership Training

    7/24/2020 11:32:19 AM, by DSHONEYC

    This has been an intensive week of live and on-demand online sessions with some homework and certainly communing with other people concerned. Met this very interesting man in my table group and wanted to share 'his story'. Not surprised to know a strong woman is his partner. https://www.youtube... Read more

  • Drive-Thru

    7/24/2020 9:36:36 AM, by SPEDED2

    National Drive-Thru Day National Drive-Thru Day was started by Jack in the Box restaurant to recognize all drive-thru businesses and to express appreciation for the availability of convenient meals that can be picked up with a vehicle. Drive-thrus are generally thought of as being for res... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    7/23/2020 9:34:39 PM, by SHERYE

    An Angry Spouse What's the difference between a dog barking on the front porch and an angry spouse yelling on the back porch? The dog quits barking once back inside.... Read more

  • Grandma

    7/23/2020 9:20:12 AM, by SPEDED2

    Gorgeous Grandma In 1984, at the age of 50, Alice Solomon graduated from Wellesley College. She felt that society saw her and other women of her age or older as senior citizens, and as women who were no longer useful or relevant. She set out to change that, and came up with the idea of "Gorg... Read more

  • I feel like I can't take it anymore

    7/23/2020 8:47:18 AM, by BABSAWRITER

    In December my dad had surgery to remove a kidney because he had cancer in it. We just had a phone call today that his cancer has spread. I feel like I just can't take anymore this year. My mom died in February after a battle with dementia--she hadn't recognized me in over a year. Then the pan... Read more

  • Pin point that moment

    7/22/2020 10:01:03 PM, by TIKITAMI

    Eating healthy and working out does so much for the brain. It allows us to think so much clearer, it's the best NSV that I constantly celebrate. I've been running again for weeks, started with 5KM a week, broken over 3 runs. (A start is a start I kept telling myself) Now I'm back up to running 2... Read more

  • Wed the 22

    7/22/2020 8:25:40 PM, by KATHY_2019

    Well Got this Morning and Did My Challenge for Today I did Yoga And Let me Say This I will Keep doing it I Felt so at Peace and Relaxed. Went Shopping on Amazon today for my Grand Kids For Christmas lets see if this one Get Lost.Shopping on Line is the Way to go These Days, Went to Walmart Yest... Read more

  • Down 6 pounds in 11 days

    7/22/2020 3:32:48 PM, by KATBWIN

    It is working. I cut out sweets and a lot of carbs. I am eating 1 protein and 1 vegetable or fruit with each meal. The pounds are falling off. I am thrilled. Only 34 pounds to go. Thanks to Sparkpeople, my friend, and my husband for all the support.... Read more

  • Swingers

    7/22/2020 11:56:45 AM, by SPEDED2

    National Hammock Day On July 22nd, relax in the shade and enjoy National Hammock Day. These portable, comfortable slings create excellent napping spaces no matter where you are! A hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope or netting. When suspended between two points, a hammock forms a sl... Read more

  • Gym, Stress, Bed

    7/22/2020 11:24:12 AM, by NEOMATTLAC

    I did get to the gym on Tuesday. Having that specific time and expectation really got me out the door. I'm really sore today from it! Food prep has kept me straight. When I get home and I no longer have that food prep to keep me straight, and I go haywire. Last night, especially, I over ate. One t... Read more

  • You came up with even more ideas to help me !

    7/22/2020 10:36:46 AM, by CTUPTON

    Oh thank you, sparkfriends. 304 I think your support is even more helpful to me than the actual tips. So thank you! chris 521 381... Read more

  • Tortilla pinwheels for our lunch today--in the park

    7/22/2020 10:29:15 AM, by CTUPTON

    see spark recipes... Read more

  • Play it cool

    7/21/2020 11:53:39 PM, by TIKITAMI

    I've decided that having my husband on board again is more about watching his accomplishments and less about having someone support me. The guy was 14 pounds when he was born (his poor mother), he's never been small. He was the fat, quiet kid in school that got picked on, he was the shy teenager ... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    7/21/2020 11:41:05 PM, by SHERYE

    An architect, an artist and an engineer were discussing whether it was better to spend time with the wife or a mistress. The architect said he enjoyed time with his wife, building a solid foundation for an enduring relationship. The artist said he enjoyed time with his mistress, because of the passi... Read more

  • July 21, 2020 - Bad Habits of the 'staying at home'

    7/21/2020 2:42:12 PM, by DSHONEYC

    I already have developed some 'poor habits' since leaving a regular job. So I am concentrating on addressing now before I succumb to the conditions that these habits wreck upon my body and my wellness. 1) Staying in my nightgown till 11 - 1pm. - Man, this is a bad one, made worse by getting on... Read more

  • Tips: Stopping (lessening) my own evening eating

    7/21/2020 10:35:36 AM, by CTUPTON

    I asked my counselor for help with evening eating. To reduce my snacking, especially evening snacking . Here is what she suggested : -eat snacks at the table, not in front of the TV! -this is a learned behavior so..... start with 5 min. , then 10. min. , then 15 min. etc. -to make eat... Read more

  • Junk

    7/21/2020 8:52:24 AM, by SPEDED2

    National Junk Food Day Junk Food Day is devoted to junk food, which is food mostly devoid of nutritional value, but instead high in fat, sugar, and salt, and often highly processed. When eaten in high amounts, junk food may impact energy levels, contribute to obesity and cardiovascular disea... Read more

  • Tuesday

    7/21/2020 6:59:04 AM, by KATHY_2019

    Good Morning Today is a Goof off Day. I am Cleaning out Cabinets and Drawers. Have a Great Day.... Read more

  • Ya, I'm a loser

    7/20/2020 8:55:23 PM, by TIKITAMI

    Down two pounds this week, which means I'm back under needing to lose 100 to meet goal. That is a horrible, overwhelming thought. Let's change that. Down two pounds this week and I'm feeling awesome about my progress. My husband and I have been doing lots of hiking, usually exploring new, ... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    7/20/2020 8:35:04 PM, by SHERYE

    There was this guy at a bar, just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half of an hour. Then, this big trouble-making truck driver steps next to him, takes the drink from the guy, and just drinks it all down. The poor man starts crying. The truck driver says, "Come on man, I was just jokin... Read more

  • Monday the 20th

    7/20/2020 8:10:12 PM, by KATHY_2019

    My Weekend went Good Saturday I went to Walmart got in a Electric WC And did Some Christmas Shopping I have to do My Early. Came Home and Rode my exercise bike for 7 Miles. Not to bad on my Feet. Sunday Stay Home and Read some Books. Saw my Grand Kids and Great Grand Kids for a While. Its so... Read more

  • Hug 'Em...Lots

    7/20/2020 5:53:15 PM, by SPEDED2

    Global Hug Your Kids Day Global Hug Your Kids Day was started by Michelle Nichols in 2008, a decade after her son Mark died of brain cancer at the age of 8 ½. The day reminds mom and dads—especially those who are working parents and often gone—to show affection to their kids by hugging them ... Read more

  • July 20, 2020 - Sometimes I just don't get it.

    7/20/2020 4:02:03 PM, by DSHONEYC

    I signed up for the 5% Challenge and after 2+ weeks have lost a few pounds. Call me happy 334 But I have yet to figure out how to 'successfully' post the 'challenges'...even with help, it appears I don't know how to do it since I never get a related badge. Have gotten some conflicting informa... Read more

  • Getting back up, down; Getting rid of a major excuse; Finally 30

    7/20/2020 3:14:20 PM, by NEOMATTLAC

    As the state and country open up, I am working to get back on track. Yesterday, I began to prep my meals. While I had "enough" food, I was missing the parts of the meal that would have made it more exciting and would have left me full for the rest of the day. I also forgot to add garlic to my sesame... Read more

  • 20 July 2020

    7/20/2020 6:11:53 AM, by DSJB9999

    Heard a story of a person who was really busy with his business, his family and a new house needing lots of work and he said you can either call it STRESSED or BLESSED! In that way I am trying to 'turn things around' and make 'negatives' feel more positive. My girl is still worrying about somethin... Read more

  • We All Scream

    7/19/2020 11:46:04 AM, by SPEDED2

    National Ice Cream Day Today we celebrate ice cream. On May 17, 1984, a bill was introduced by Senator Walter Dee Huddleston of Kentucky, to designate July 1984 as National Ice Cream Month, and July 15, 1984, as National Ice Cream Day. Senate Joint Resolution 298 was passed and became ... Read more

  • What's a girl going to do on a hot day like this?

    7/19/2020 10:59:14 AM, by 3VEGGIES

    Baby it's hot outside! And I'm dreaming of cooler weather! Like I experienced in February. Ok....so I' not sure I'm motivated to get 10k steps in today. But 5400 are already behind me and it's not noon yet. I can walk in the house if I have to! I did just finish up a 16 mile bike ride. Serious... Read more

  • 2 Ears

    7/18/2020 8:08:01 PM, by SPEDED2

    World Listening Day World Listening Day is an annual global event that was started in 2010 by the World Listening Project, a group "devoted to understanding the world and its natural environment, societies and cultures through practices of listening and field recording." The day celebrates t... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    7/18/2020 7:39:19 PM, by SHERYE

    A new widow requested the epitaph "Rest in Peace" for her husband's tombstone. When she later found he had left his fortune to his mistress, she attempted to get the engraver to change the carving. This was impossible, the words were chiselled and could not be changed. "In that case," she ... Read more

  • Friday

    7/17/2020 3:42:01 PM, by KATHY_2019

    Went back to the Doctor for My Results Somehow I got a Infection in Both Feet. Not sure how i got it. I am Taking meds for it. Have to give up Walking Long Distance for a While. So Out Comes My Exercise Bike Again. Had put it up Again Last Night. Have to Soak my Feet for 20 MIns 3 Times a Day. Still... Read more

  • Ink

    7/17/2020 12:20:05 PM, by SPEDED2

    National Tattoo Day Today is dedicated to tattoos, which are permanent marks made by adding pigment to ruptures in the skin. They are most commonly used for decoration but have served other purposes over time as well. Some have been used to show membership in groups, such as in gangs. Sadly,... Read more

  • Best Birthday Present Ever!!!

    7/17/2020 10:54:44 AM, by KALISWALKER

    This morning I weighed in at 169.8! WooHoo! I am officially in the 160's a weight I haven't seen since 1984!!!! How do you celebrate something like this? Well today is my birthday and in keeping with medical guidelines - smaller groups, bigger spaces and shorter visits, there will be 7 of us f... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    7/16/2020 8:50:12 PM, by SHERYE

    A couple had been married 50 years and decided they wanted to renew their vows. They were discussing the details of their second wedding with their friends. She wasn't going to wear a traditional bridal gown, and she started describing the dress she was planning to wear. One of her friends asked w... Read more

  • Thurs the 16th

    7/16/2020 8:21:59 PM, by KATHY_2019

    Well got up this Morning and got ready to go Walking While I was Walking I started have Pains in Both Feet Felt like Needles in both Came Home and it Got Worse I went to the Er They Took Blood and Did exrays I will get my Blood work back Tomorrow. My Doctor came to the Hosp to see me and Ask me not ... Read more

  • a song to brighten your day

    7/16/2020 4:49:09 PM, by CTUPTON

    You can hear the song with this link! Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watc
    h?v=81aY9aHz-Ro Lyrics I can see clearly now the rain is gone I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind It's gonna be a bright (bright) Bright (bright) sunshiny ... Read more

  • Trouble with a simple task!

    7/16/2020 2:34:14 PM, by CTUPTON

    I am just trying to hang a framed poster on my living room wall. One anchor went in fine. No problem. Then the second anchor would not go in. I thought it was just wall board. Then I thought maybe a stud. Wrong again. Whatever this is, it is horizontal! Huh? I emailed the condo mana... Read more

  • Stress

    7/16/2020 9:48:52 AM, by SPEDED2

    National Stress Awareness Day Stress can be defined as a physical response of the body to changes, during which chemicals are released into the blood. There are so many reasons people become stressed, such as issues with finances, relationships, or work, or a sudden traumatic event. Some str... Read more

  • Thanks

    7/16/2020 9:09:29 AM, by JUDITHANNIE

    Thanks for everyone who made my day in the spotlight so special. You are all very special. Grateful for my spark friends... Read more

  • Where I am now

    7/16/2020 8:54:30 AM, by BABSAWRITER

    Things that are good right now (even when my life has seemed to be falling apart since October 2019): 1. I started doing yoga using Youtube videos in March. It's the exercise I'm getting for now. 2. I haven't gained weight during this whole period. Just stayed steady. 3. A friend introduced... Read more

  • Driver's License, Vehicle License and Covid 19 Part 2

    7/15/2020 4:01:56 PM, by GABY1948

    I know everyone is in confusion/fear/things not going right. That was yesterday's blog. I won't be long because there is no explanation for what is going on now. I explained in yesterday's blog about my truck and drivers license renewal and what would happen no. MIRACULOUSLY, John brought... Read more

  • Urkel

    7/15/2020 3:01:35 PM, by SPEDED2

    National Be a Dork Day Dorks are social misfits, similar to nerds or geeks, who are out-of-touch, which leads to them looking or acting odd around others. According to Wellcat Holidays, the creators of National Be a Dork Day, today is a day "to be a Dork and be proud." No matter if you consi... Read more

  • July 15, 2020 - Finding a new reality, a new normal

    7/15/2020 12:55:07 PM, by DSHONEYC

    I cratered yesterday. So many plans thwarted by the pandemic and new stresses added to my life. I need to sit down and sort out what I have control of and what I can't control. Then I need to chart my course in a positive and grateful way...and channel my time away from the bleak situation of my cou... Read more

  • Go forth and hike my good man

    7/15/2020 11:01:13 AM, by TIKITAMI

    I am so excited that my husband is now back on board with wanting to eat healthy and be active again. It's been a struggle trying to stay on track without him, I was really missing our adventures. Between the the pandemic and him finding out he has a very small (no need to panic) heart issue he w... Read more

  • Back

    7/15/2020 12:23:14 AM, by PRETTYPITHY

    It has been years since I’ve used SP. But it has always worked for me. And right now I need something that works. Tracking works. Exercise works. Drinking water works. SP works. ... Read more