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  • Need A Fitness Buddy,

    7/18/2020 9:37:21 AM, by PINKGIRL23

    Hey guys how are you doing? I am doing fine. Just read an interesting article yesterday. Did you know it helps weight loss to have a fitness buddy? Who knew? The author of the article calls them Golden Buddies. A golden buddy is someone who can motivate you. It is good to have someone wh... Read more

  • My Journey

    7/14/2020 9:25:08 AM, by PINKGIRL23

    Not sure if you know, I was on here a few years back. My first page was under GeorgiaGirl23. Mom made it up for me my Senior year in High School. We done the exercises and the dieting together. I lost a lot of weight. Went from an 18 down to a 12. Felt good and had a lot of energy. H... Read more

  • Better Sleep/Walk This Way Challenge

    7/13/2020 7:17:55 AM, by PINKGIRL23

    Hi guys how are you this morning? I am doing fine. Just been busy as usual. Noticed I have been having trouble with sleep. So, I decided to join the Better Sleep Challenge yesterday. Will start my sleeping journal today. Write down all the things that they ask. Like what time did you fal... Read more

  • Have you tried Sparkpeople Premium

    7/9/2020 6:44:30 PM, by --MAY--

    If you have would you recommend it!! Is there a place where I can read more re about it!! ... Read more