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  • Snowy hair, snowier weather.

    2/26/2020 12:40:30 PM, by PICKIE98

    I finally got a haircut, but we are in a blizzard, so I had the entire salon to myself. My hair is white, but that darned snow is even worse. We had two of our four bridges closed until this morning, so I had to do some creative traveling to go just three miles. When I got home, I shoveled t... Read more

  • Ash Wednesday

    2/26/2020 12:30:13 PM, by JONSEY74

    So far, so good. Not sure why this day of fast and abstinence means so much to me, especially since at my age many of the guidelines do not apply. Meatless no problem for me, I love tempeh, eggs, salmon, the many healthy choices still available. No doubt those Polish pastries resting in the freezer ... Read more


    2/26/2020 12:10:00 PM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing ok went to gym grocery store and funeral home now friday morning family will view her bodythen her funeral is saturday at 1p keep us in your prayers love and blessings to all of you 247 248 247 304 593 386... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    2/26/2020 12:07:11 PM, by MOMMY445

    it is snowing steadily here today and that is okay with me and my daughter. i will get in a jillian michaels and a leslie sansone dvd later on today. both budgies say cheep, cheep! have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more

  • Ash Wednesday

    2/26/2020 11:50:59 AM, by DWROBERGE

    I started the day at Church for the mass and ceremony of distribution of ashes marking the beginning of the Lenten season leading up to Easter Sunday. It will be a very busy season for me. Keeping focused for more successes. Praying for all affected by recent tragedies. Thanks again to all for t... Read more

  • Success

    2/26/2020 10:43:52 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    To become successful you must be a person of action. Merely to "know" is not sufficient. It is necessary both to know and do. Napoleon Hill ... Read more

  • 02/26/20 Challenge Yourself

    2/26/2020 10:15:15 AM, by NANASUEH

    "Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do, and what you'll find is that you can overcome anything." "Stop! That is not what to do when we're out of baby wipes!" A neighbor was watching a little boy playing with a ball and bat in his ba... Read more

  • Week 8

    2/26/2020 10:01:27 AM, by PAIGE2017

    This weekend my kids were on winter break from school (not sure what winter break is since they were just off over the holidays but whatever) and had Friday and Monday off. We woke up Saturday and decided to surprise them with a quick trip to Branson, MO. I NEEDED new tennis shoes for walking and ... Read more

  • Hello there....

    2/26/2020 9:26:54 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    This really does bring everything into perspective, doesn't it? 250 Hope you're having a great day too... even if it is snowing. 576... Read more

  • Starting Over Again! 2.26.2020

    2/26/2020 9:26:34 AM, by MRUNGE54

    Here I go again trying to start over again with accountability to my eating habits and to lose the 35 pounds I have gained since I met my goal back in 2012. It has been a roller coaster with my weight but I must do this. I can do this one day and one step at a time. I log food and read all the ar... Read more

  • Happy hump day

    2/26/2020 9:19:19 AM, by EVILCECIL

    Have a great day. 386... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    2/26/2020 9:17:04 AM, by RO2BENT

    Another full but easy evening. Managed to leave chicken out overnight so there goes $15... Read more

  • What really matters?

    2/26/2020 9:00:46 AM, by BEARWHISPERER

    ... Read more

  • -4C cloudy

    2/26/2020 8:58:16 AM, by MAJORK29

    -4C cloudy Sunrise@ 7:28 Sunset @ 6:06 Yesterday's Stats Steps: 5499 - ran out of power while at work Floors: 5 Active Minutes: 0 Sleep: 5hr43min Quote of the day - Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. - Desmond Tutu Went to The Edmont... Read more

  • Social Security Office Woes

    2/26/2020 8:49:03 AM, by LISAMARIE2015

    If you ever want to sit in a heat-filled room that reeks of every kind of smoke imaginable - cigar, cigarette, pot, crack (not sure if crack is smoked but I am going with it), who knows what else, as well as various forms of the worst body odor you have ever smelled (including a van full of middle s... Read more

  • Happiness

    2/26/2020 8:37:02 AM, by 4CONNIESHEALTH

    ... Read more


    2/26/2020 8:35:22 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    Next goal is less salt. I don't overdo usually, but lately haven't done that well. I love salty stuff and can escalate easily. Today is the first day of less (not cutting it out completely) salt. Wishing all a wonderful day. "I love myself when I am laughing." Zora Neale Hurston... Read more

  • Hi

    2/26/2020 8:17:54 AM, by CKEYES1

    ... Read more

  • GI doctor tomorrow

    2/26/2020 7:40:03 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    I called him myself, told them it was “urgent” a week ago and have an appointment tomorrow. I’ll have to be scoped when we return from Panama, but my stomach has been bothering me for 8 weeks, although the diarrhea has finally stopped.... Read more

  • Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Believe

    2/26/2020 7:35:33 AM, by BESSHAILE

    Even when the measuring devices don't register. Especially when they don't. Because I have been gently struggling (is that possible??? a GENTLE struggle?) with a 5-7 lb gain now for over a year. During that time there was an overhaul in the family cooking to adjust to the needs of my now diabetic D... Read more

  • 2/26/2020 Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their pa

    2/26/2020 7:27:24 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. Martha Graham Quote of the Day A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition. William Arthur Ward Love Quote of the Day Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for love is suffi... Read more

  • What really Matters

    2/26/2020 7:24:58 AM, by PIZZA5152

    What Really Matters. February 26 2020 “ The third time He said to him, “ Simeon son of John, do you love Me? Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, Do you love me? He said, Lord You know all things: You know that I love You. Jesus said, Feed my sheep.” ... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    2/26/2020 7:23:35 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    ... Read more

  • National Pistachio Day

    2/26/2020 7:11:21 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : Always February 26 National Pistachio Day is a nutty day. You can celebrate National Pistachio Day by eating them, and learning more about them. We're going to help with the learning part........ read on. Nutty Pistachio Facts: Pistachios grow on tre... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    2/26/2020 6:29:31 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    February 26, 2020 GOOD HEALTH We all want a healthy life. Health is not just about our bodies even though that is where many of us focus. For a firm foundation in God, we need a healthy mind, spirit and body. That covers our mental health, physical health, emotional health and even our financia... Read more

  • 2-26-20

    2/26/2020 5:40:35 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Creaking Bones!

    2/26/2020 5:23:16 AM, by JSTETSER

    I have been concerned about the fact that my shoulders and knees often crack as I stretch. Consistently, I have a concern when I hear my bones snap, crackle and pop when I workout. I wondered if I was hurting myself, but I was not! Today this is what I learned in a Google search. Q. My... Read more


    2/26/2020 5:18:41 AM, by MARYJOANNA

    HAPPY HUMP DAY, SPARKERS!... Read more

  • Wednesday

    2/26/2020 5:17:45 AM, by ROX525

    Had to fight for a couple hours sleep again last night. Must take something tonight. Have a good day.... Read more

  • Tue 2/25 tai chi

    2/26/2020 4:22:12 AM, by ARNETTELEE

    It's Tuesday, and we had tai chi practice today. It was a very good practice session today. We also did the rest of the laundry today, and it was a little rainy so the laundry ended up in the dryer. Oh well. Have a great Tuesday! *********Note: If you are a sparker who does not allow comme... Read more

  • LENT

    2/26/2020 3:06:22 AM, by USMAWIFE

    After thinking hard of what to give up for lent.. finally figured I am not going to start any new projects until I finish up those already started. i... Read more

  • 2-25-20

    2/26/2020 1:28:23 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    We had some strong winds today. I thought my house was going to be blown over. They suggested the gusts were only about 60 MPH. It was a very cold wind, too. We did have some melting. Had the snow not had a couple of days of sunshine and had the snow develop a crust, I'm sure the wind would have pic... Read more

  • Day 57: So We Had Some Snow

    2/26/2020 1:27:23 AM, by DIVAGLOW

    "Live life and take chances. Believe that everything happens for a reason and don't regret. Love to the fullest and you will find true happiness in life. Realize that things go wrong and people change, but things do go on. Sometimes things weren't meant to be. What is supposed to happen will w... Read more

  • Tue

    2/26/2020 12:41:50 AM, by PIPPAMOUSE

    Today I started my day with a massage. It was not a relaxing massage. I found this massage therapist last fall. He does sports medicine and athlete massage. He does full range muscle work which doesn't leave me with sore muscles like the poke and push until the muscle knot releases. He gave me some ... Read more

  • Weather

    2/26/2020 12:16:10 AM, by ZRIE014

    It warmed up to mid 70s after 51. It is 67 outside and 70 inside.... Read more

  • Frustrations stayed away but?

    2/25/2020 11:11:44 PM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends - my computer needed 5 hours for down loading and updating. Then 2 hours online to restore past features on Microsoft Office I use daily. Only drank 1 cup of green tea and 6 almonds plus went the bathroom during my abbreviated 30 minute lunch since we had a meeting also.... Read more

  • Lucet class at conference

    2/25/2020 11:05:58 PM, by GETULLY

    A lucet looks like a fork with the middle two tines removed. This is not a real good one since you cannot see the part that is held in the hands. But we made cords. Lots of short cords as the instructor wanted to be certain we could start and bind off what we did. I played around a bit ... Read more

  • What a glorious day!

    2/25/2020 11:01:06 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Sunshine and 65 degrees makes for a perfectly lovely February day, and the reports of bluebonnets are beginning to circulate, so I am SO happy to enjoy it! When I went to the grocery store, I expected pears on sale for 88 cents per pound, but I was thrilled to find fully smoked (already cooked!... Read more

  • Conflicting Proverbs

    2/25/2020 10:57:40 PM, by JAMER123

    Actions speak louder than words. The pen is mightier than the sword. Look before you leap. He who hesitates is lost. Many hands make light work. Too many cooks spoil the broth. A silent man is a wise one. A man without words is a man without thoughts. Beware of Greeks bea... Read more

  • Tuesday February 25

    2/25/2020 10:44:04 PM, by SISSYFEB48

    ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    2/25/2020 10:20:25 PM, by TSHAWGER

    I hate these blah, rainy days. Makes my joints ache and feel tired. I'm hoping for warm weather soon. Please let me see the Sun shine.... Read more

  • 25th of February

    2/25/2020 10:17:23 PM, by NOCALORIES

    It was not a day to walk outside. It was cold and very windy. A good day to enjoy reading. I love finding motivational articles on Spark people to help me live healthier.... Read more

  • Weather

    2/25/2020 10:07:54 PM, by GEORGE815

    Cooler and windy today... Read more

  • 2019 emoticon for how you feel today

    2/25/2020 10:07:33 PM, by GEORGE815

    213... Read more

  • Blood sugar readings

    2/25/2020 10:07:11 PM, by GEORGE815

    Lower number today... Read more

  • 2/25/2020

    2/25/2020 9:51:04 PM, by CSEGUIN2

    Today was a great day! I got some short walks in. Went to visit my new TOPS chapter with Mom today. It was a great visit. Everyone was very welcoming. The program was a really good one. Tomorrow is our last day at the old TOPS chapter. I hope the weather cooperates tomorrow so the meeting doesn't ge... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 359 - Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

    2/25/2020 9:25:24 PM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - I like to party. It's Mardi Gras! Some zydeco music to get you moving, homemade jambalaya to fill the belly, purple gold and green beads. C.J CHENIER: "JAMBALAYA" https://www.youtube.com/watch?
    v=4JHK08oOg0Q Buckwheat Zydeco: "Let The Good Times Roll" https://www.youtube.... Read more

  • No Psychiatrist In The World

    2/25/2020 9:23:51 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    There is no Psychiatrist in the world---------- like a puppy licking your face. 338... Read more

  • It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood

    2/25/2020 9:10:05 PM, by MNABOY

    Accomplished several tasks today and stayed within my limits on eating.... Read more

  • Tuesday

    2/25/2020 7:16:27 PM, by PICKIE98

    Today I had a later rehab session, so am pretty tired tonight. I finally had to buy some eggs. Nick said they would bring some when they come over for game day, but the hens are only laying about 2 or 3 a day for now. Moni should be flying in from Germany tomorrow morning, so we should hear ... Read more

  • Tuesday’s Words

    2/25/2020 6:31:25 PM, by JUDY1676

    ... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    2/25/2020 5:48:58 PM, by SHERYE

    Cop: I’m arresting you for illegally downloading the entire Wikipedia. Man: Wait! I can explain everything.... Read more

  • My life

    2/25/2020 5:34:40 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Weight training today got a floor workout done ... Read more

  • more jokes for today

    2/25/2020 5:31:04 PM, by KITTYHAWK1949

    Why do hummingbirds hum? Because they can't remember the words. Why do birds fly south for the winter? Because it's too far to walk. Why didn't Noah fish very often? Because he only had two worms. Where do otters come from? Otter Space.... Read more


    2/25/2020 2:23:28 PM, by JOANN25

    The day's not over but I have accomplished a lot this morning. I am decluttering while I do income tax work. What does that have to do with income tax? I have found little slips of expenses that I could count mixed in with other papers... I have posted everything as I find it to Cattle Max. My ... Read more

  • Special Blessings-February 25, 2020

    2/25/2020 2:01:52 PM, by KATHYJO56

    Today I am blessed for the following: Hugs, kathy Believe... Read more

  • Fear Filled Tears

    2/25/2020 1:41:46 PM, by HOPEM61

    There are some areas of emotional pain in my life that will put me in tears if triggered. I recognise them as fear of rejection and fear of failure. They most often raise their ugly head when someone calls me down for saying something they don't like. Usually this takes me by surprise and adds a sho... Read more

  • Shrove Tuesday

    2/25/2020 1:38:40 PM, by JONSEY74

    In keeping with allowance for special treats ate 1.3 Polish pastries with my lunch. Froze the rest of the package with every intention of leaving them in the cold until after Lent. It was a tasty treat, almost too sweet, and am not throwing myself into a state of guilt over it. Program dinner in the... Read more

  • Foodie Review

    2/25/2020 1:37:17 PM, by GOLFGMA

    Tried this yesterday and would buy this again. For a meal ready in 4 minutes it was a good choice for the time I had. 290 calories stood out when I saw the box. I must say it was tasty and was very filling at 9.2 oz. Total Fat ................13g-17% Saturated Fat 2 g Trans Fat ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/25/2020 1:27:14 PM, by MOMMY445

    a mild day here today. in the morning, it rained a bit and snowed a bit. now it is just cloudy outside. my daughter says hi. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! i am heading for a long walk after lunch. have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more

  • How Much Does a Dog Cost Per Month on Average?

    2/25/2020 12:57:57 PM, by LOSER05

    r-month-on-average/... Read more

  • Busy Week

    2/25/2020 12:55:51 PM, by TERRISTREK

    Hubby is out of town this week, plus softball started last week. That means with have something to do in the evening every day this week. Will be extra thankful for Friday this week! I knew it would be a busy week so I picked up a bunch of easy stuff to make out of meals. Added benefit, it's st... Read more

  • Tuesday activity

    2/25/2020 12:27:50 PM, by DWROBERGE

    I have been outside cleaning up the driveway after the trash men picked up the yard waste and recycled material. Keeping very focused for more successes. Happy Mardi Gras to all. Getting ready to take my wife to her hair appointment and then into Fort Walton. Hope all are having a great Mardi Gr... Read more

  • Last Week of February TTD List

    2/25/2020 12:18:34 PM, by BESSHAILE

    Meeting all my uniquely personal goals in February was always going to be a stretch because I had so many obligations to fulfill. Of course, fulfilling all those obligations was a big part of my February goals to begin with. All the things that were of service to others were a rewarding success for... Read more

  • Hot Air Balloon Sightings - 2-25-20

    2/25/2020 11:33:10 AM, by KOFFEENUT

    On clear mornings you can see the hot air balloons floating over the valley (well, you can if you get up EARLY enough!). Cyndi Marlowe spotted the Pegasus balloon sneaking by a barn: And the Wild West balloon often lands in the field behind our church: Several times a year a B... Read more

  • Thin Tuesday (okay, not fat tuesday, but thinner tuesday)

    2/25/2020 10:39:19 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    Another good weigh-in for this week. Slowly going down. Have a wonderful day, friends. "If the young only knew; if the old only could." French proverb... Read more


    2/25/2020 10:20:17 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing good had great workout this morning trying to get back to routine now after saturday hopefully things will go better going to get my mom some gloves for her little hands so frail please keep my family in your prayers love and happiness and many blessings to all of you... Read more

  • 02/25/20 Self Care

    2/25/2020 10:12:52 AM, by NANASUEH

    12 Steps to Self Care: 1. If it feels wrong, don't do it. 2. Say 'exactly' what you mean. 3. Don't be a people pleaser. 4. Trust your instincts. 5. Never speak bad about yourself. 6. Never give up on your dreams. 7. Don't be afraid to say 'No'. 8. Don't be afraid to say 'Yes'.... Read more

  • Continuing Education

    2/25/2020 9:59:49 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    At an all day continuing education seminar today. Why won’t the powers that be admit that we old dogs just will not learn the new tricks... Read more

  • Is this worth it?

    2/25/2020 9:53:11 AM, by ANNIESADVENTURE

    Is it worth it? I was moving in the right direction last year. Down almost 70 pounds. Even though I avoided the holiday sweets, my loss slowed in December. During the first two months of 2020, off-plan eating crept in. There was serious effort to get back to that strong place, but it d... Read more

  • STUCK. Lost 19 lbs now stuck.

    2/25/2020 9:47:32 AM, by CTUPTON

    Last fall my cravings magically lessened. 590 (Not so magically 24 because I spark daily --for over 10 try to do what my sparkfriends suggest.) 220 Stuck for 3 months now! 234 I log my foods daily. Calories about 1500. Aiming at 1200 but night time eating is out of hand--can't sleep. ... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    2/25/2020 9:26:06 AM, by RO2BENT

    Busy evening as usual but again homework light for the kids. Always 100 things to do!... Read more

  • Things looking up

    2/25/2020 9:11:50 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning: I have much to feel grateful today. I got a good night sleep. I went to doctor yesterday - she is wonderful. She listened to me. I told her about the pain that wakes me up at night so I do not get good sleep. I told her I do not want any strong pain killer. I want to get into PT... Read more

  • 2/25/20 - cleaning out horse trailer

    2/25/2020 8:57:19 AM, by LISAMARIE2015

    Yesterday my mom and I started the task of cleaning out the horse trailer that my aunt used for storage of a crazy amount of horse stuff. I swear there were 20 or more buckets of all kinds, 30 or so halters and lead ropes and just sooooo much stuff. So we are planning to donate a lot of it to Wings... Read more

  • Happiness

    2/25/2020 8:45:37 AM, by 4CONNIESHEALTH

    ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    2/25/2020 8:40:00 AM, by ROX525

    Treadmill complete. Off to the grocery store. Then babysitting on this rainy day. Have a good one!... Read more

  • Hi

    2/25/2020 8:17:30 AM, by CKEYES1

    ... Read more

  • It's that time again...

    2/25/2020 8:11:28 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Well it's that time of year here in Canada to start making our Maple Syrup. 484 We'll all be looking forward to Pancake Day in order to have some. How to Tap a Tree for Maple Syrup Method 1 Tapping the Tree. Find a maple tree. The most important step in the process of tapping a... Read more

  • Happy Tuesday

    2/25/2020 8:03:17 AM, by EVILCECIL

    Have a great Fat Tuesday y'all! 386... Read more

  • -12C mostly clear

    2/25/2020 7:52:45 AM, by MAJORK29

    -12C mostly clear Sunrise @7:30 Sunset @ 6:04 Yesterday's Stats Steps: 5380 Floors: 2 Active Minutes: 0 Sleep: 6hr 45min Today's quote - Lord knows, every day is not a success, every year is not a success.  You have to celebrate the good. - Reese Witherspoon Started a new ... Read more

  • Experiencing Feelings Challenge

    2/25/2020 7:51:05 AM, by REMBRY

    From the language of letting go .. yesterday Feb 24th .. those of you that know me well know this is my daily source of inspiration , growth and peace Yet I haven’t completed the challenge yesterday .. why? Afraid I might drop dead and someone read my journal ?? Well yes that has crossed my mind... Read more

  • 2/25/2020 I believe in being an innovator. Walt Disney

    2/25/2020 7:46:27 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    Quote of the Day They can conquer who believe they can. Virgil Love Quote of the Day One forgives to the degree that one loves. Francois de La Rochefoucauld Art Quote of the Day I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. Vincent Van Gogh ... Read more


    2/25/2020 7:44:08 AM, by WHITEANGEL4

    I am heading for work and Hubby back to doctor... Read more

  • New router, life resumes

    2/25/2020 7:24:29 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    Still waiting on my “urgent referral “ to a gastroenterologist. I’ll track down the office myself and call them since we leave Saturday for Panama.... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    2/25/2020 6:47:10 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    ... Read more

  • Paczki Day

    2/25/2020 6:45:24 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Date When Celebrated : date varies In Poland: Celebrated on Fat Thursday, the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. In the United States: Celebrated on Fat Tuesday, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Paczki were created in the Middle Ages, when the King of Poland brought French ch... Read more

  • Perfect Peace.

    2/25/2020 6:22:13 AM, by PIZZA5152

    Perfect Peace. February 25 “ Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will quadruple your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Tuesday, February 25, 2020

    2/25/2020 6:15:04 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    February 25, 2020 WORKING FOR GOD Growing spiritually is important in our lives as we build a firm foundation in God. We do this by reading His word and through worship and fellowship with Him. Another important act of obedience is to do His will. We are all called to use our talents and skills... Read more

  • 2-25-20

    2/25/2020 5:55:25 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • RESPECT Yourself!

    2/25/2020 5:50:28 AM, by JSTETSER

    Taking care of yourself by eating right and getting your exercise is a great foundation. Here are a few ideas from TheHopeLine.com on how to respect yourself: Respect others. Be quick to forgive others. Be friendly to everyone you meet. Friendly people are never miserable people. Hang ar... Read more

  • Mon 2/24 laundry

    2/25/2020 4:59:40 AM, by ARNETTELEE

    Coming back from vacation to Utah, we have a ton of clothes to wash, mainly thick, warm jackets. We did one load today, and we will do the rest tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday. We shall see about that. It was a very nice vacation away from home, and the first time I've seen snow and experienced su... Read more

  • Day 56: Just a Bunch of Wind

    2/25/2020 3:49:20 AM, by DIVAGLOW

    "Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up." (Stephen... Read more

  • Taking back control!

    2/25/2020 3:45:47 AM, by EOWYN24241

    I have decided that no matter how much my family annoys, hurts or offends me, I will never react to them badly again. In fact, I will resist reacting, because no matter how I put it, they won't like it and will say I am answering back or being rude, even it I'm not. I cannot change them, I can ... Read more

  • 2-24-20

    2/25/2020 3:45:25 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Book club today. Time to update the email list so we can stay in contact. We read Bad Blood, about the Silicon Valley company that said they had a new way to do blood testing. They had an idea that they couldn't make work. Instead of saying that, they came up with a secret work around for the blood ... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Tuesday, February 25, 2020

    2/25/2020 2:15:41 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Like an Eagle, I Soar High Above the Troubles of the World." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • Word of the Day: acumen

    2/25/2020 12:29:03 AM, by LITTLEWIND53

    Word of the Day from Merriam Webster Dictionary, Feb 24, 2020 acumen: noun Definition: keenness and depth of perception, discernment, or discrimination especially in practical matters DID YOU KNOW? A keen mind and a sharp wit can pierce the soul as easily as a needle passes th... Read more

  • Goal Met

    2/25/2020 12:25:01 AM, by SHANTRA7

    I achieved my steps goal for today. I feel good about that, I refuse to take anything for granted.... Read more