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  • 210.6 Day 91 Sat biked 10ish miles 3 beers

    7/12/2020 4:40:35 PM, by JOE14250

    Biked West Reading near Mike M's to Stevens and Grandview. 10 miles Balance board 12 minutes caught up so 10 min average over the month. Supine alternate leg lift 80 x French curls with 8.5 # 30 Mini squats. 3x15, 1x20 right knee hurting. Longest streak ever that ... Read more

  • 211.2 Day 90 Biked 27 miles PB record 25 min balancing 2 beers

    7/10/2020 10:50:10 PM, by JOE14250

    Fay tropical storm was just approaching so got on my bike and got a nice ride in during a slight drizzle. 26 miles. road south the mist started so came back and continued to WAWA. It would up being a long ride. Personal Best 25 minutes balancing on the balance board. Started afte... Read more

  • xxx 209.9 last weight day 89 bike Ephrata lititz trail. 3 beers

    7/9/2020 8:12:00 PM, by JOE14250

    so far this month 73 minutes on the balance board a little behind goal. bike 15 miles today. 11910 steps yesterday with Tom G. good socialization hiking with a friend one day, kayaking with a different guy the next, leading a biking group today. My hiking buddy is going sober! No booze an... Read more

  • 210.4 Day 87 (getting close to 100) Tuesday 7/7 3 beers

    7/7/2020 5:11:50 PM, by JOE14250

    Kayaked with my buddy VS his third time on the water. He is hooked. We both have shoulder issues. No big deal. I picked a small lake that had a disability ramp that I love because it helps getting in and out of the water easily with your arms lifting and helping with hip and leg weaknesses. ... Read more

  • Success now

    7/6/2020 11:53:34 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. – Albert Schweitzer © Source: https://www.quotespedia.org/au
    thors/a/albert-schweitzer Happiness is the key to everything good. Always look on the bright side. Don'... Read more

  • Day 5 Whew, Sugar Addiction. Who knew?

    7/1/2020 5:34:50 PM, by LOWFATVEGAN

    Day 5 of no dairy, sugar or flour. For me that includes sweeteners both natural and artificial. The reward center of the brain, especially the nucleus accumbens, releases dopamine when we eat these foods. Those of us who are particularly susceptible can become addicted to those foods. Why? It's the ... Read more

  • 211 Day 78 Biked to Rittenhouse Village to visit Bob 2 beers

    7/1/2020 9:32:14 AM, by JOE14250

    Biked to RV chatted with Bob angry and depressed. 12 miles Chatted with a couple on bikes, on the way back who were Colorado visiters. Love Colorado but family here. Helped them with directions. Cool young couple. Drove to Philly for my wife's regular eye appt. beat when returned.... Read more

  • Sparkpeople Community Team

    7/1/2020 7:26:06 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Joining the SparkPeople Community Team www.sparkpeople.com/community/
    community_team.asp could be one of the most important steps in reaching your goals. We’ve found that people who both give and receive support and motivation on our message boards increase their odds of getting GREAT results. We... Read more

  • The 3-5 year plan

    6/30/2020 6:52:54 AM, by OLDEROWL

    "It’s amazing to think that we - human beings - can actually get ​so incredibly good at something that people are in such awe that they prefer to justify it as god given talent, rather than the effect of hard work & dedication." BOGDAN JUNCEWICZ I would like to qualify the above quote because 1... Read more

  • xx Day 75 Biked to waw a West Wyo 3beers

    6/27/2020 11:14:57 PM, by JOE14250

    Biked to wawa west wyo 9-11 miles Balance board 10 min lime loop 3 sets outside using wrought iron fence tough lunges - genuflections 5 total hard and painful will work on it!... Read more

  • Encourage One Another

    6/27/2020 9:44:04 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Many people have a vision but never reach it because others don't support it, or even say discouraging things. How many wondrous things were lost because of doubts of others. Don't rain on the parade of others unless something harmful about it is apparent. People always need encouragement, If i... Read more

  • 214 Day74 Biked to Albright 4 beers

    6/27/2020 6:46:36 AM, by JOE14250

    Biked to Albright WAWA and back along the river. Hairy ride at times. Balance Board - 13:00 while watching rowing in Heidelburg PT=Scapular Retraction PT- Dips on steps 30x count of 20 down stretch; count of 20 up stretch PT- archer exercise with HW ... Read more

  • Opportunity Zones - Trump got this right

    6/26/2020 7:48:24 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Opportunity zones are areas previously economically depressed where there are tax incentives to attract private investment, development and education. Many communities have been revitalized.... Read more

  • Beginning Saturday

    6/25/2020 5:37:54 PM, by LOWFATVEGAN

    I have been failing with eating lately. The cravings are so intense; I can't eat sugar, flour or dairy in moderation without them triggering cravings. I've gained 10 pounds trying to get off of flour and dairy due to the intense cravings that come when I don't eat them every day. The sugar cravings ... Read more

  • Nutrient Density

    6/24/2020 2:05:39 PM, by AURA18

    Day 20 Half-off Special - Cut calories with Super Foods Nutrient dense less calories - Calorie dense less nutrients "Reducing your calorie intake can be an effective way to lose weight. However, not all foods are equal when it comes to nutritional value. Some foods are lo... Read more

  • 214.4 Day 71 /100 Biked with VS 3 beers

    6/24/2020 11:36:23 AM, by JOE14250

    Over ate ice cream bought it and wouldn't stop eating it. 3 beers and a sausage sandwich after an 11 mile easy ride. 6:38 on balance board Alphabet spelling with feet in the air both feet. Swim kicks sitting 100x Arm rolls 30 front and 30 backwards... Read more

  • 212.8 Day 71 Biked the perimeter of WR 2 beers

    6/22/2020 10:49:57 PM, by JOE14250

    Biked the perimeter of my municipality and the next one over. 9 miles balance board 13 minutes Scapular Retraction 3x10 Resistive tube for legs diagonal in 4 directions 3x10 for each leg tough and tiring... Read more

  • 211.9 Day 68 done Biked Lincoln from Sheetz 2 beers 2 wines

    6/21/2020 7:57:04 AM, by JOE14250

    Biked at 7:45 after playing too many chess games with my nephew. 11 min balance board 3x10 ab roller 2x50 squeezes foam 4" ball My nephew has a physical impairment from a TBI he lives for chess. He can't walk nor use his right arm. His mind is sound, but his speech is difficult. ... Read more

  • Power Thought for June 20

    6/20/2020 8:29:54 AM, by OLDEROWL

    06-20 Gather Up the Fragments My take on the day's power thought - Joyce Meyer's “Power Thoughts Devotional”, for June 20. When they all had enough, Jesus turn to his disciples and said gather up all the fragments, so nothing may be lost and wasted (John 6:12) As Joyce Meyers says, don’t just ... Read more

  • Power Thought for June 19

    6/19/2020 12:00:20 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Today I received Joyce Meyer's book "Power Thoughts Devotional - 365 DAILY INSPIRATIONS FOR WINNING THE BATTLE OF THE MIND." It is my intention to post my take on the day's scripture (Isaiah 40:31) and Meyer's discussion, the night before. Indeed [those who] "wait on God" (look to God for their s... Read more

  • 212 Day 65 Biked to Giberaltar 6PM 1 beers

    6/17/2020 10:28:12 PM, by JOE14250

    Biked for a fast trip 10miles before chess and dinner. 10 minutes Balance Board Squeeze soccer sized ball legs and arms; practice my strangling muscles (just in case) Dips of ankles on stairs holding extended up and extended down 20 fast rotations of ankle R and L both directions... Read more

  • xxx Day 64 Tuesday Biked with VS 3 beers

    6/16/2020 8:52:30 PM, by JOE14250

    Biked about 9 miles with VS a light ride. He is not able to shift gears and really doesn't want to learn. I have resigned myself to do a "light stroll" on the bike with him. I value his friendship and enjoy his company anyway. Balance board 10min 2 minutes archer exercise with 3# w... Read more

  • 211.1 Day 60/100 biked to Albright through city 5 beers

    6/13/2020 11:05:05 AM, by JOE14250

    No reason for 5 beers! a zoom with my buddy and his shrink prescriber worked out well! Biked to Albright too dangerous in the city traffic at the time I went! dumb 10 -11 miles balance board 8 minutes 111 for the month. Ball squeeze 10x 10sets Stretch bands 10x10sets Ro... Read more