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    7/14/2020 3:58:23 PM, by LOWFATVEGAN

    40 I. HAVE. NO. CRAVINGS. 40 Whaaaaat? I'll say it again, I have no cravings. It's a simple statement but for me it is more intensely charged emotionally that anything else I can think of right now. If you've had years of really overwhelming food cravings you know what I'm feeli... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Tuesday, July 14, 2020

    7/14/2020 6:50:26 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 14, 2020 LASTING CHANGE A positive and lasting change in life can do great things for us and others. When we remove our bad habits and replace them with good ones, we reap many rewards. Some say they were successful replacing bad habits with good ones due to will power. Others may say they... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Tuesday, July 14, 2020

    7/14/2020 5:31:55 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I do not hold fear about what is happening in the world. I am responsible for how I conduct myself in the events of my days, and endeavor to not dwell in fear about anything." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • Monday

    7/13/2020 10:34:15 PM, by TSHAWGER

    I got new brace for my right foot and walked for 45 mins this morning. It helped with the pain. I did my water jogging and exercises. DH and I went to Dunhams and bought his new hiking boots for our trip out west.... Read more

  • Drawing Board (not back to, just still at it!!)

    7/13/2020 12:04:12 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    282 I had an awesome first appointment with my new Internal Medicine FNP-C!! It was like watching an episode of House, how she pieced things together and came up with what our next move would be for some of my issues. She still looked at my previous labs that I brought with me for my A1C's and looke... Read more

  • "Monday Fun~*~How's your day?"

    7/13/2020 10:56:45 AM, by BARBIEE52

    "One night a father overheard his son saying his prayers "God bless Mommy and Daddy and Grammy. Goodbye Grampa." Well, the father thought it was strange, but he soon forgot about it. The next day, the Grandfather died. About a month or two later the father heard his son saying his prayer... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Monday, July 13, 2020

    7/13/2020 6:19:39 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 13, 2020 LIVING OUR BEST LIFE Much has been written about living our best life. In fact, we have information overload. Living our best life means we are successful having all we need but we are also giving to others. We are striving to be better yet we are content with what we have and who... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Monday, July 13, 2020

    7/13/2020 2:57:26 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " There's NOTHING that I " must ", " have to " or " should " do today." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • 12th of July

    7/13/2020 12:46:29 AM, by NOCALORIES

    I am so excited I got to go to church today. I came home and enjoyed a piece of pie with my husband. Then for dinner I had a hot dog with chili a real summer time treat to me and then I tracked all I ate and was still in my calorie range. I also achieved drinking 64 oz. of water. This made for a gr... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/12/2020 10:27:40 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Had the garage and kitchen to clean up from the graduation party today. Then I went to watch my 2 grandsons so their parents could go play volleyball. Came home to make steak, corn on cob and salad.... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/12/2020 10:27:39 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Had the garage and kitchen to clean up from the graduation party today. Then I went to watch my 2 grandsons so their parents could go play volleyball. Came home to make steak, corn on cob and salad.... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/12/2020 10:27:37 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Had the garage and kitchen to clean up from the graduation party today. Then I went to watch my 2 grandsons so their parents could go play volleyball. Came home to visit steak, corn on cob and salad.... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/12/2020 10:26:46 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Had the garage and kitchen to clean up from the graduation party today. Then I went to watch my 2 grandsons so their parents could go play volleyball. Came home to visit steak, corn on cob and salad.... Read more

  • Well, I think I may have figured it out.

    7/12/2020 8:22:34 PM, by WILDKAT781

    Ohhh, two blogs in one day! From nih.gov……... “It has long been known that B vitamins at doses below their toxicity threshold STRONGLY promote body fat gain.” “a nationwide increase in the consumption of many vitamins, especially FAT SYNTHESIS-PROMOTING B vitamins, including B1 (thiam... Read more

  • Points to ponder. Thank you, Sparkfriend!

    7/12/2020 6:22:17 PM, by CTUPTON

    dual.asp?blog_id=6688119... Read more

  • One Pound of Fat

    7/12/2020 5:22:40 PM, by WILDKAT781

    What I wouldn't do for 1 pound right now! Hello! Do you know me? If you don't, you should. I am ONE POUND OF FAT, and I am the happiest pound of FAT that you would ever want to meet! Want to know why? It's because no one ever wants to lose me! After all, I am only ONE POUND OF F... Read more

  • Corrected last entry to note it was in INDOOR walk - today I will try outdoors

    7/12/2020 2:59:30 PM, by CKOUDSI617

    Hello, Obviously I don't intend to walk very fast - it's so hot and humid right now, but at least I'll be moving. I have to purchase some items and it's not supposed to get much cooler for a while; so here I go! Stay safe! ... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Sunday, July 12, 2020

    7/12/2020 12:25:42 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I Never " Need To". " - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • Zero Calorie Foods - uhm... LOW calorie FOODS

    7/12/2020 9:30:34 AM, by ELIZABETHBECK1

    What in the world does this mean? It doesn't mean anything because they don't exist. However, a better term is LOW calorie foods. (Yes, I know why people spout off this term but it simply isn't true and is very misleading. You'd actually have to consume insane amounts of food to make it work.)... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Sunday, July 12, 2020

    7/12/2020 7:41:14 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 12, 2020 ALL DAY LONG Some of us probably have habits we do all day long. Some of us may fidget. Some may whistle. Others may have bad habits they feel they can’t live without. We have consciously or unconsciously made them a part of our routine. They happen as naturally as breathing does.... Read more

  • When Insults Had Class...

    7/12/2020 12:42:12 AM, by ILOVEROSES

    A member of Parliament to Disraeli: "Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease." "That depends, Sir, " said Disraeli, "whether I embrace your policies or your mistress." "He had delusions of adequacy." Walter Kerr "He has all the virtues I d... Read more

  • 11th of July

    7/11/2020 11:29:23 PM, by NOCALORIES

    we had another hot day. It was109degrees. Made a limeade pie and enjoyed a piece without going over on my calories for today. I also achieved my goal of drinking 8 glasses of water. It is thundering and the night is cooler lots to be grateful for.... Read more

  • Graduation party

    7/11/2020 11:15:55 PM, by TSHAWGER

    I had high school graduation party for Madison. She was so appreciative. Did a taco bar. Cafe was great too.... Read more

  • I've done all the programs on my Walk off Belly Fat video now!

    7/11/2020 9:31:59 PM, by CKOUDSI617

    Hello, Although it's only 40 minutes (not counting warm-up and cool down), that interval walking session (video, not outside) was HARD! (Whew! I'm am SO out of shape right now!) Glad I did it though. I am very interested in finding out how much weight and/or inches I might lose after doing five... Read more

  • Thoughts about my 70th birthday (July 9)

    7/11/2020 6:19:08 PM, by 7STIGGYMT

    I posted the following paragraph on Community Feed last week after the July 4 weekend: "Non-scale Victory: Whole camping with our family this weekend, we all hiked up a mountain that was 1.5 miles, mostly uphill. I made it with 3 rest stops. The main reason I stopped was because others had to catch... Read more

  • Foods with no carbs or sugar

    7/11/2020 5:33:19 PM, by KATRINAKAT23

    1. Kale 2. Eggs 3. Pecan Nuts 4. Cheese 5. Chicken 6. Butter 7. Beef 8. Salmon 9. Coconut Oil 10. Green Tea 11. Watermelon 12. Cauliflower 13. Blackberries 14. Xylitol 15. Mint 16. Turmeric... Read more

  • July 11 Journal

    7/11/2020 3:22:08 PM, by TERRI32260

    I have been in the Cinderella mode lately. I bought a few movies along that line. Why is it that most of the “be all you can be, follow your destiny, build your self esteem” type movies are all teen or kid movies? Maybe because as an adult we should have already reached our destiny. Who am I to b... Read more

  • Week One Results; Feeling Amazing!

    7/11/2020 12:21:38 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    Week #1 of the 5% challenge has passed and I am excited about my results. This week I worked on getting in more water Staying active most of the day Eating healthier And making sure to create an environment free of a lot of stress. I lost 5 pounds this week! I feel really good too! ... Read more

  • SMART goals for Week 2 5% Challenge

    7/11/2020 9:43:33 AM, by ELIZABETHBECK1

    My SMART goal for Week 2 Continue walking every afternoon/evening. Other exercises as I can fit them in but walking is the minimum! EAT MORE broth-based soups like chicken noodle or vegetable. Be sure to look for soups that have less than 200 calories per 1 cup serving. >>> I know it's hot... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Saturday, July 11, 2020

    7/11/2020 6:08:42 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 11, 2020 CHOOSE TO FEAR There is so much to be afraid of right now if we think too much about the issues in this world. There are killings. There is a virus we know little about. There is our unstable economy. Our leaders continue to bash one another rather than show they are really trying... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Saturdsy, July 11, 2020

    7/11/2020 4:26:49 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I am ME. I am not my attachments. I am not my possessions. I am not the people in my life." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • 10th of July

    7/10/2020 11:54:36 PM, by NOCALORIES

    We had a very hot day. It was 104degrees. I was truly grateful for having a home with air conditioning. I also had no problem drinking 8 glasses of water. Lots of Bible study time. Many opportunities for being grateful.... Read more

  • Friday

    7/10/2020 9:24:41 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Today was another hot day in the 90's. I got to watch my 2 grandsons today for 4 hours. Mother had to ger her classroom ready. They were so much fun.... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Friday, July 10, 2020

    7/10/2020 11:16:23 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I am the master of emotions - I transform fear to love, anger to compassion, pain to comfort, scarcity to abundance, expectation to gratitude, and jealousy to generosity." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • Progress and plans

    7/10/2020 8:25:26 AM, by PATTI24

    I made a little bit of progress last month with walking more and drinking more water. It is helping me in losing weight. My plans for this month are basically the same but more exercise and watching my intakes.... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Friday, July 10, 2020

    7/10/2020 6:46:00 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 10, 2020 WHY COMPLAIN? It is so hard to not complain about things. We hear people complaining on a regular basis when we watch television or get on social media. We witness actions of those who are not happy with the way things are. They don’t speak out their complaints but they take actio... Read more

  • Donald Trump and the Family.

    7/10/2020 6:20:52 AM, by ILOVEROSES

    The Trump Family is flying from New York to DC when Donald looks down on the cities below and says ” I think I’ll throw a $1000 bill out the window and make some American happy.” Melania says “Oh, honey why not throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make 10 Americans happy?” So then Iv... Read more

  • 9th of July

    7/9/2020 11:52:47 PM, by NOCALORIES

    I had a good day. I stepped on the scales and had a 2.25 loss to report to the Biggest Loser Challenge for week 5. I am excited. I met my goal for today and drank 8 glasses of water. Summer and hot weather certainly make the challenge easier.Hoping everyone is staying safe and being motivated to liv... Read more

  • Hot Thursday

    7/9/2020 9:27:49 PM, by TSHAWGER

    We had another day at 95 degrees. Our pool water is so hot, not even refreshing to get into. This got weather will soon bring on thunderstorms. Everyone stay hydrated.... Read more

  • reasons and reasoning

    7/9/2020 7:48:46 PM, by OOLALA53

    I wrote a long response to someone on a team I lead and realized I was sermonizing so I'm moving it here. I promise it did relate to an expressed problem, though come to think of it, I'm not sure my opinion about what to do about it was asked for, so it's even better that I'm moving the text. ... Read more

  • Health Update

    7/9/2020 7:22:56 PM, by LKWQUILTER

    June 11 I went back to St. Vincent’s Hospital and had another heart cathe and had to have 2 more stents—I had 4 last November so am up to 6 stents now. One from November had closed up 99%. Today I saw my cardiologist and he told me he had not had one do that in over 3 years like that —I told him ... Read more

  • 100 Days (since April 1st) ALCOHOLIC Beverage FREE and 18 lbs. down!

    7/9/2020 6:54:39 PM, by CKOUDSI617

    It's hot and humid in Boston today. I couldn't manage to get my apartment below 80 degrees until now (currently 79 with fans on and portable AC running all day)! I still did my Jessica Smith "Flat Abs Power Walk" DVD (55 minutes and 3 miles not counting warm-up and cool down) though; so I'm feeling ... Read more

  • Berry Pickin' Fun & Week 1 Almost Done!

    7/9/2020 1:39:14 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    I have been berry picking a bunch at several farms. I also picked raspberries out back here. I picked juneberries and tart cherries. The blue colored berries in those flats and containers are called Honey Berries. They have 10x the antioxidants that blueberries have. I wi... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Thursday, July 9, 2020

    7/9/2020 6:36:56 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 9, 2020 THE BENEFITS OF DISCIPLINE We have possibly been on both the receiving end and the giving end of discipline. Discipline isn’t enjoyable while we going through it but it does have many positive attributes. First, as parents, we discipline our children because we love them. If we did... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Thursday, July 9, 2020

    7/9/2020 3:51:01 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I am a Master of Alchemy ; I Transmute Fear and Hate Into Love." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • 8th of July

    7/9/2020 12:01:41 AM, by NOCALORIES

    Had a good day Drank 8 glasses of water.... Read more

  • Stopped losing temporarily but I think I know why

    7/8/2020 9:55:18 PM, by WILDKAT781

    Just a bit of an update on what is going on with me. I have not lost any weight in several days. But I think I know why. I thought I was getting plenty of water but my husband says I have not been drinking as much since I went to my doctor on the 2nd. I believe he is right. So, I am trying a new sy... Read more

  • Have a Seat

    7/8/2020 9:39:38 PM, by TONEDTORI

    Monday I was on fire!!! I hiked in morning and in afternoon, I decided to do ST and more cardio with zumba. Well, I got Adventurous and found a utube that included Hula hoop with zumba. They danced around the hoop on the floor. good.Overzealous me, got into it so much that I forgot to lift my leg wh... Read more

  • Wednesday

    7/8/2020 8:38:38 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Another hot humid day in the 90's. The 4 legged friend I had been watching for last 2 days, was picked up today. I now realized why my daughter sweeps every day. Dog sheds a lot. But he is a good dog for me.... Read more

  • Real Talk About Depression and Struggles While On This Journey

    7/8/2020 7:44:26 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    I realized in my past two posts that I've only really highlighted my goals and where I'm planning and trying to make progress. I have not let you take a peak at what has prompted these somewhat drastic changes. Yes, school starting and me wanting to be ready for that is part of it. Wanting my kids t... Read more

  • Progress Update from March 15, 2020 to July 7, 2020

    7/8/2020 6:24:19 PM, by CKOUDSI617

    Weight Loss: 17.6 lbs. down since latest restart (March 15, 2020) - almost 16 lbs. of FAT lost! NOTE: This averages to a loss of about 1.1 lbs. per week. SLOW, but...IT'S HAPPENING! :) Added bonus: My blood pressure dropped way down also. Heart rate is also lower on average. Tomorrow... Read more

  • I am now OUT of "Obesity Range" (just barely)!

    7/8/2020 3:18:45 PM, by CKOUDSI617

    ... Read more

  • Another Health update for timeline purposes

    7/8/2020 9:58:36 AM, by GRAMMACATHY

    Granddaughter had her MRI. There has been no more bleeding from the bubble on the vessel in her brain, but there is some brain damage. Too early to tell much. No one is pushing her to do anything that causes much anxiety including school as they don't want to set that bubble off again or any of t... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Wednesday, July 8, 2020

    7/8/2020 9:11:43 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I love myself as I truly am - and live courageously." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Wednesday, July 8, 2020

    7/8/2020 6:19:49 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 8, 2020 GETTING REVENGE There should a book about this. Getting revenge. Maybe there is. So many people are really good at getting even with those who have hurt them. Some even live to do this on a regular basis. There are those who go to extremes to get revenge because they feel they have... Read more

  • 7th of July

    7/8/2020 12:37:56 AM, by NOCALORIES

    Had a good day. Achieved my goal drank 8 glasses of water.... Read more

  • Bonus spins

    7/7/2020 10:32:13 PM, by TSHAWGER

    I hate when I only get 1's on my bonus spins. It makes me happy to get 25 and 50.... Read more

  • Trying New Tuesday

    7/7/2020 9:50:26 PM, by TSHAWGER

    I made a new recipe using some of the my fresh produce. It was so yummy. Zucchini, onion, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, ground turkey. Also added 1/2 block cream cheese.... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    7/7/2020 8:19:33 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " I love myself as I truly am." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • Summer! Fruit smoothies are perfect.

    7/7/2020 5:18:22 PM, by CTUPTON

    I just happened to buy frozen fruit today. then I saw this blog. https://www.sparkpeople.com/
    r_berry_smoothie_recipes... Read more

  • Found the location, huge butterfly flower sculpture: from Disney Fla.

    7/7/2020 11:24:06 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Two blondes became bird hunters

    7/7/2020 8:49:56 AM, by ILOVEROSES

    Two blondes suddenly got into bird hunting and were eager to try it out for themselves. They had read that a bird dog is a great and useful accessory in bird hunting, so they decided to go to the pet shop and buy one. They purchased a well-trained bird dog and headed home. The two blondes ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    7/7/2020 6:44:55 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 7, 2020 GETTING NOTICED We see so many people pushing for attention in this world. Some people posts outlandish things on social media. Others act out in negative ways. Then there are those who constantly brag about their lives in an attempt to impress others. Striving to get attention and... Read more

  • 6th of July

    7/7/2020 12:30:12 AM, by NOCALORIES

    Had a good day. Cleaned the shower. Lots of squats and bending and stretching to clean all the grout on my tile. Also get the joy of sleeping on clean sheets tonight. Very grateful for my DH who helped lift the heavy mattress and put the sheets on.I will close with a Woo Hoo for getting my 8 glasses... Read more

  • Monday

    7/6/2020 10:14:42 PM, by TSHAWGER

    We had a hot 95 degrees today. I stayed well hydrated with my H2O. Hope everyone had a good day.... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Monday, July 6, 2020

    7/6/2020 6:35:06 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Like a Rose, I Thrive - Blessed With Both My Thorns and My Blooms." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • Have I Mentioned My Love of Monday's?

    7/6/2020 5:49:01 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    Monday's 249 are a fresh start to the week and boy did I need another one of those! We had a wonderful 4th! 232 195 though I was too busy taking care of the dogs to go out and watch the fireworks that ALL of the neighbors seemed to be determined to be putting up (have I mentioned we are a... Read more


    7/6/2020 3:48:58 PM, by YOUNG-AT-HEART

    Today is a sad day. Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation. — Rumi Last night (July 5, 2020) I said my final goodbye to Buddy our 13 year old pug. It is always hard to lose a p... Read more

  • Get Back Up Again

    7/6/2020 9:07:01 AM, by TERRI32260

    It is not whether or not you fall, but whether you get back up again. This reminds me of a verse, “Let us not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.” ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:9‬ ‭CSB‬‬ Let me share my weight roller coaster journey with you. ON MY... Read more

  • The older we get....

    7/6/2020 8:23:25 AM, by ELIZABETHBECK1

    Man, o, MAN, why didn't I listen when I was younger? I've been told from an early age to: "Take care of your weight" "It's harder to lose weight when you get older" "Form healthy habits in your teens/20's" "Don't eat too much sugar" "Walk every day for at least 30 minutes" ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Monday, July 6, 2020

    7/6/2020 6:58:37 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 6, 2020 THE RIGHT PATH We rely on electronic maps to get us where we want to go quickly and safely. Most of the time, we are directed correctly but occasionally we get off the right path. Taking a wrong turn can make us late to where we need to go. It can lead to frustration and confusion.... Read more

  • 5th of July

    7/5/2020 11:36:24 PM, by NOCALORIES

    Enjoyed going to church. Had delicious leftovers for lunch.Enjoyed a restful day. Made my goal of drinking 64 oz. of water today.... Read more

  • Sunday

    7/5/2020 10:18:59 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Day after annual July 4th party. Lots to clean up, thank goodness DH had day off, I normally have it all to do by myself. Went to a bike ride to see some land my daughter and sil want to buy. Boy I'm tired today.... Read more

  • Favorite Member Blogs for Future Reference

    7/5/2020 3:01:07 PM, by TERRI32260

    I don’t know how to add blogs to my favorites page so I will make a list here of blogs that have information I want to save for future reference: 1. What “self love” can look like. —- By Warriorsue518 —- 6/28/20 www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_pub
    ?blog_id=6684725 ... Read more

  • A man with severe headaches went to the doctor.

    7/5/2020 11:32:40 AM, by ILOVEROSES

    A man with severe headaches went to the doctor. The doctor examined him and eventually said: “The good news is I can cure your headaches but the bad news is that you have a rare condition which causes your testicles to press up against the base of your spine and the pressure creates one hell of... Read more

  • Snails Pace

    7/5/2020 9:36:51 AM, by MISSPEACHES3

    I have finally caught up with my laundry 🧺. I am working on other regular cleaning projects. That I am way behind on. My sadness has not gone away..... I realized I was going to very soon be out of some clothing items if I did not get out of this funk and do laundry. Six loads and two days late... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Sunday, July 5, 2020

    7/5/2020 7:29:08 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 5, 2020 THE IMPORTANCE OF MEETING TOGETHER We have many groups of people in this world with varied beliefs. We have good groups who work together for a common cause and do good things. We have other groups who create and stir up others to do wrong. We have groups who worship and pray. Be... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Sunday, July 5, 2020

    7/5/2020 6:39:29 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Like a Manatee, I am Peaceful, Respectful, Gentle, Kind, and Self-Healing." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • 4th of July

    7/5/2020 12:24:02 AM, by NOCALORIES

    Nice day being home. Made potato salad and stood at the cutting board chopping extra onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and jalapenos. I made fresh pico de gallo.My sweet DH grilled burgers. We had a celebration dinner. Fresh srawberries for dessert no sugar or whipping cream just enjoyed the berries. I wa... Read more

  • July 4th

    7/4/2020 11:53:26 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Ha6poy July 4th everyone... Read more

  • Ahhhh Nature at its best poem

    7/4/2020 10:46:23 PM, by CTUPTON

    Whenever I need to leave it all behind Or feel the need to get away I find a quiet place, far from the human race Out in the country Before the breathin' air is gone Before the sun is just a bright spot in the night-time Out where the rivers like to run I stand alone and take back some... Read more

  • Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy 4th of July! Enjoy!

    7/4/2020 7:09:48 PM, by CKOUDSI617

    ... Read more

  • 4 July 2020

    7/4/2020 3:32:54 PM, by DSJB9999

    I have had the most lovely afternoon today with a good friend, her daughter and her dogs, they got a lift here and so she could drink. I chose to drink 3 Bacardi and diet lemonade. I wore a black dress I don't think I have ever worn before and feel really good By the way do you know... Read more

  • 5% Weight Warrior Devotion/Motivation

    7/4/2020 10:39:54 AM, by ELIZABETHBECK1

    THE DISCIPLINE OF CONSISTENCY Though it takes great discipline, one of the most important keys to success is consistency. The Israelites had been walking in the desert for 40 years. That’s 14,600 days of putting one foot in front of the other. They finally arrive at Jericho, which was on the edge... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Saturday, July 4, 2020

    7/4/2020 10:33:26 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Like a Butterfly, I have been Reborn with Bold Colors and Strong Wings." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • Worried again

    7/4/2020 9:27:22 AM, by CAMEOANDLACE

    I am 2 years out with having had breast cancer surgery. I now have a problem in that breast. I can only hope it is a cyst. Going to the doctor in 4 days. Worried sick... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Saturday, July 4, 2020

    7/4/2020 6:19:45 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 4, 2020 FEELING FREE? It’s hard to focus on freedom when so many are hurting. It’s hard to focus on our freedom when we are dealing with violence, sickness and blame. We have people hurting one another. We have a virus with no known cure. We have politicians pointing fingers at one another... Read more

  • 3rd of July

    7/3/2020 11:46:52 PM, by NOCALORIES

    Had a pleasant day. Spent time with Bible study. Fixed a low carb lunch. Enjoyed avocado toast for supper. It was a successful day. I achieved my goal of drinking 8 glasses of water.Now to be c areful and eat wisely tomorrow.... Read more

  • Friday

    7/3/2020 11:15:24 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Had a good day till the end. I stress out so much when we have our annual July 4th party. DH had to yell at me tonight. I wish I didn't even have to be here for this damn party. Hebtold me to leave, don't be here. It's all his family. I go all out for it too. I am so done. Wish I was gone... Read more

  • Mercy I'm a hot mess

    7/3/2020 6:40:10 PM, by CAMEOANDLACE

    So I have been up and down for years. Even with knowing what I have to do and having friends who are supportive. I don't know what on earth I am going to do with myself. I guess just continue to try. I have challenged one of my friends to a 3 week no sugar challenge. So far so good. ... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Friday, July 3, 2020

    7/3/2020 11:07:11 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " My life is the eye of the hurricane - an island of calm in a sea of uncertainty." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie jlh@sail7.com... Read more

  • A lid dropped out of an overhead cabinet and broke to smithereens!

    7/3/2020 6:58:35 AM, by INFLATED

    I wanted to put he cat food on a sandwich plate to feed her. I got the plate and a lid to a Pyrex or Corning Ware pan fell and hit the granite counter top. I don't know how it happened because the sandwich plates are not near the lids. It shattered. There were some pieces that were easy to pick ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Friday, July 3, 2020

    7/3/2020 6:16:28 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 3, 2020 WHY PRIDE MATTERS There are two kinds of pride in this world. There is pride of a job well done which requires something to be accomplished. We can take pride in what we did or be proud about what those around us have done. That type of pride is good because we did something and fe... Read more

  • ""I'm Celebrating My 3rd year Anniv. of Being Seizure Free~A Very Blessed Day For Me""

    7/3/2020 1:25:19 AM, by BARBIEE52

    I got my 1st seizure when I was 19. After 3 of them, and going to see a neurologist, having many tests, he determined I had epilepsy, caused by some kind of trauma. I was angry, HATED God for doing this to me..why me, had I done something wrong, and was this His way of punishing me? Of course, I ... Read more

  • 2nd of July

    7/3/2020 12:12:59 AM, by NOCALORIES

    Enjoyed a beautiful day. We had showers of rain which made the evening cool and the air smell fresh. I enjoyed walking outside this evening. I also was happy that I achieved my goal of drinking 8 glasses of water.... Read more

  • Thursday

    7/2/2020 11:10:58 PM, by TSHAWGER

    Got a lot of cleaning done, made an ice cream dessert for July 4th party. I'll make deviled eggs tomorrow. Tey to stay cool.... Read more

  • 25 books from brother-in-law!

    7/2/2020 1:34:40 PM, by CTUPTON

    Well these will keep me busy for awhile. I get my books now from the library. I don't want to be adding to my clutter. books multiply so fast! Mostly detective and crime. David Baldacci 2 Janet Evanovich all fiction he gets them from a used book store. most are fa... Read more

  • Monkfruit sugar? Does anyone use this?

    7/2/2020 1:18:51 PM, by CTUPTON

    I have been using powdered Stevia. Is monkfruit sugar substitute better? ... Read more

  • People on a rope.

    7/2/2020 10:00:40 AM, by ILOVEROSES

    Eleven people were hanging on a rope under a helicopter--ten men and one woman. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all, so they decided that one had to leave, because otherwise they were all going to fall. They weren't able to name that person, until the woman gave a very ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Thursday, July 2, 2020

    7/2/2020 6:56:31 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    July 2, 2020 WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW We have a scarcity in this world of something that is greatly needed. It is missing in many homes and communities. It isn’t seen too much on the news or social media. There something in this world that can develop and grow if we choose to start practicing i... Read more