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  • Trying blogging again

    3/30/2020 9:00:10 AM, by MOMMA_TULIP

    Last week my youngest daughter was telling me about some meme where you determine your "pandemic name" by combining two words--the emotion you're feeling and the last thing you ate. Well, I ended up with Disgusted Goldfish (as in goldfish crackers), lol! Can anyone else relate? Before all this... Read more

  • Instead of eating

    3/30/2020 8:50:46 AM, by AURA18

    Day 61 Emotional Box 19100 Days - Linda's bloghttps://u.nu/cfzk5 Child • Quiet inside 436 and playful outside 575 Adult • Reflective before I say anything - Stoic (choosing my battles) • Evenings I'm tired and may eat instead of labeling or expressing feelings 100 things to do b... Read more

  • Just for laugh 😂

    3/30/2020 12:15:24 AM, by ILOVEROSES

    Just for laugh 😂 - to break the Covid-19 tension. Plane with 5 passengers on board, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, the Pope, Chairman Xi Jin ping and a ten year old school boy. The plane is about to crash and there are only 4 parachutes. Chairman Xi said 'I need one. I still have an ... Read more

  • The tests for the new antigen are in BUT:

    3/29/2020 10:23:15 PM, by MNABOY

    After eating M&M Almonds every hour on the hour I was pleased to note there were no symtoms of COVID-19 and prepared to notify the President of the cure. However, I failed to account for the hours I slept WITHOUT eating the M&Ms. Now I don 't know if I will start again and use an alarm clock or sinc... Read more

  • How was your day

    3/29/2020 9:10:35 PM, by MTNGRL

    It was a beautiful day. I agree.After the rain stopped. I tried to post all day but the only internet I have is through my phone and I barely had any connection today. My neighbor Dale stopped by to look at Joe's old truck. He found 2 blown fuses that might be why it won't start. Probably blew whe... Read more

  • Things That Make Me Smile

    3/29/2020 5:28:50 PM, by VIBRANT4LIFE

    Some photos I've taken over the last few days that make me smile. All from my yard while staying safe at home. Living in central FL we have moved quickly to summer, with some days reaching 90 degrees. Black Bellied Whistling Duck who stopped by to check out the bird feeder area. Ano... Read more

  • Sunny day

    3/29/2020 2:44:43 PM, by MOMMY445

    Another mild weather day here today. My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep. Stay safe. Have a great day, everyone!... Read more

  • Joy for the Journey

    3/29/2020 12:18:00 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    Spotted on the drive home from work ~ Today's Centering thought ~ "I find a reason to hope in every situation" Namaste 458... Read more

  • Update

    3/29/2020 11:39:06 AM, by JACQUELINE2010

    Things we have been doing... Husband has had a bunch of video conferencing interviews. I applied for unemployment didn’t make enough. I applied for food stamps. We make too much. We started our garden... We started our seeds.... All those containers are full of s... Read more

  • Staying Positive

    3/29/2020 7:22:32 AM, by PAMBACH

    I find myself slipping down the rabbit hole sometimes during these stressful times. However I have worked very hard to stay positive. I choose to do a yoga practice every day. VERY HELPFUL! I use that time to meditate during the practice. Today I am beginning a specific daily meditation. Also doin... Read more

  • Glad to see crime zone tape!

    3/28/2020 11:55:24 PM, by MNABOY

    While the UAMS East complex is closed the hiking/running area was left unlocked and some of those that have been walking on the inside walking/jogging floor have ventured outdoors and were walking on the Blanche Lincoln outdoor trail. While there are more there than have been there it is not crowded... Read more


    3/28/2020 9:51:00 PM, by LYNMEINDERS

    Day 4 of lockdown and we have had our first death from COVID - 19.....an elderly woman with other complications as well....we have 12 in hospital; 2 in ICU; 56 have recovered; only 63 new cases today after 78, 85 & 83 on the preceding days....maybe we are getting control with this lockdown....maybe ... Read more

  • 2020-03-28 Protecting ourselves during this pandemic - info

    3/28/2020 3:28:14 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    Please use your own judgement ... take the information within these youtube posts as sources of information I felt a real need to share these with you... but I am not qualified to guarantee that the information within is the best or most correct information available. a video PSA Safe ... Read more

  • A mild day

    3/28/2020 3:20:25 PM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep, cheep. We are doing well and are taking it easy. Have a great day, everyone.... Read more

  • Weekend cheer!

    3/28/2020 2:42:24 PM, by BCHARIE

    He's adorable, right. Platypuses are semi aquatic mammals, found in Australia, that lay eggs and (of course) endangered. Not a particularly friendly creature though this one seems like he needs a belly scratch. Today Chicagoland is facing some nasty storms so on down to spin bike a... Read more

  • Team Blog 3: Prep for Start -- resources

    3/28/2020 12:49:00 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    if you have never checked out these amazing Spark features, PLEASE do so now. This is the way to simplify entering food into the nutrition tracker and make meal planning a pleasure. Mix & Match Meal Planner www.sparkpeople.com/resource/m
    ix-and-match-meal-planner.asp Plan Healthy... Read more

  • Team Blog 2: Prep for Start continued

    3/28/2020 12:42:48 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    Our Spring 2020 5% Challenge Team is warming up with some pre-challenge tasks and games. They are playing the word change game and the last duo was "office worker" and I changed it to "worker bee." I recorded my weight today: 179.6. I have lost 10 lbs since the beginning of the year. Quite ... Read more

  • Team Blog 1: Prep for Start

    3/28/2020 12:36:50 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    I am looking forward to the beginning of the next 2020 5% Challenge! www.sparkpeople.com/myspark/gr
    oups_individual.asp?gid=71569... Read more

  • 2020-03-28 article re:finding calm

    3/28/2020 9:31:30 AM, by 75HEALTHYME

    11 Ways to Find Calm During a Coronavirus Anxiety Spiral https://greatist.com/connect/c
    aily&utm_content=2020-03-26&apid=... Read more

  • Coronavirus answer

    3/27/2020 6:07:20 PM, by OLDEROWL

    A good answer to the coronavirus is an online connection to a religious site (or a charitable institution if you are not religious). I see religion not as a refuge of the weak, but the foundation of strength by which the individual and the public is able to master the environment without becoming c... Read more

  • Last nights blog that was murdered by a power outage!

    3/27/2020 4:50:07 PM, by MNABOY

    I still, "hunt and peck" instead of typing. Last night I was venting and had gone into the second page when, at 11:22 pm the lights went out all over town. I called the outage in, talking to a computer, and was told that service would be restored in an hour and a half. Then the computer asked if I w... Read more

  • Day 818

    3/27/2020 3:32:11 PM, by BCHARIE

    Aren't these gals cute? I say gals cause they look like little old ladies with bonnets on. Too cute. I love nature, all things great and small. Enjoy! Day 818 of checking in here. Some days are more successful than others but nonetheless this site keeps me plugging along to bette... Read more

  • Sunny Day

    3/27/2020 3:06:25 PM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to all. We are doing well and are keeping safe. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep. Hope that everyone is doing well and have a great day.... Read more

  • Safer At Home Resources

    3/27/2020 9:18:26 AM, by ASH2HEALTH

    Need some activities or helpers to get you through this period? Here are some free resources I've found this week (some may be limited time) Beachbody Kids free videos vimeo.com/showcase/6880106 24 RevWell videos (Christian) www.revelationwellness.org/rev
    well-tv-gift/ not free, but r... Read more

  • 2020-03-27 2nd blog Gardening w/kids fun stuff!

    3/27/2020 8:41:14 AM, by 75HEALTHYME

    Gardening with Kids: https://www.almanac.com/news/g
    ail&utm_term=Gardening+WitRead more

  • 2020-03-27 something for everyone (kids too!!),,, maybe?

    3/27/2020 8:27:35 AM, by 75HEALTHYME

    from my email newsletter from "The Old Farmer's Almanac" a good source for sound advice for home and garden... notice they have a website for kids. check it out !! things truly meant for kid learning and entertainment... can be a whole lot more fun for adults than the stuff meant for adults,... Read more

  • A man took his daughter to work with him.

    3/27/2020 8:03:47 AM, by ILOVEROSES

    An eight-year-old girl went to the office with her father on ‘Take Your Kid to Work Day’. As they were walking around the office though, the young girl started to cry. Confused, her father asked what was wrong with her, but she refused to answer. Eventually all the staff gathered around h... Read more

  • A cloudy day

    3/26/2020 4:06:21 PM, by MOMMY445

    It's a mild weather day here today. My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds say cheep, cheep. In a while my daughter and I will be playing a game of monopoly. Have a great day everyone!... Read more

  • 2020-03-26 misc + recipe search

    3/26/2020 2:56:52 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    from a friend's blog: Have a glorious day! Look for those moments you can latch onto and build from there! https://youtu.be/7kZ1dizcm30 note: I just highlighted this address and then clicked on the 'go to' option I use the Chrome browser on Windows 10 not sure if that makes a ... Read more

  • A break from what's going on,,, with stories that'll lift our hearts

    3/26/2020 11:39:58 AM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    The credit for my blog goes to my fellow leader Patricia-cr on the AWESOME A team a part of the 5% Challenge. ** The 5% Challenge invites will be going out very shortly to all teams, so those of us as leaders have been busy setting up our 12 teams. In doing so today I had sent out an email to ... Read more

  • 3/26/2020 Four for four...and more

    3/26/2020 11:33:58 AM, by AMURDOCK68

    My mom has been doing yoga on her own each day since a week ago Monday, I believe. She has then been a really good sport and has been willing to try Facetime and even Zoom to connect with me, my mother-in-law and our close friend, V. I have been 4 for 4 this week, in terms of participating in ... Read more

  • A Good Laugh

    3/26/2020 7:59:44 AM, by HAPPYELF

    My family, especially my DD loves musicals and this is one of her favorite songs...this made me laugh and I hope it does the same for you. https://www.facebook.com/Jorda
    xMDE1ODE2MDQwMTk1NDgwNA/ ... Read more

  • Safe

    3/26/2020 4:45:59 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Hello! I hope all my friends are sheltering in place who can. I have to go to work but I am being very careful. I hope we all make it through this and come out stronger. Fortunately for me, I love many things that I can do alone, but I have to go work anyway, so do not get a chance to do them.... Read more


    3/26/2020 12:42:57 AM, by LYNMEINDERS

    Day 1 of lockdown is a beautiful sunny day,..... Hubby did his thing at the hospital this morning...was away a couple of hours and has more work than he can wag a stick at......however...I have learned exactly what he is doing and he is isolated doing it....and I am quite amazed that maybe he is "... Read more

  • A new antigen for COVID-19

    3/25/2020 11:07:32 PM, by MNABOY


  • It's Wednesday

    3/25/2020 5:29:17 PM, by MOMMY445

    It's pretty quiet here. My daughter says hello to all. Both budgie birds say cheep, cheep. Stay safe everyone. Have a good day.... Read more

  • Hump Day - life is settling into a routine

    3/25/2020 4:47:05 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    There isn't much new or exciting to report. I miss my students and it is small consolation knowing that we are all doing well and most likely will survive whatever comes out way. I have healthy food, good books, my Kindle and my pets. My sweet son goes out regularly to pick up necessities a co... Read more

  • Feeling alright ❤️

    3/25/2020 1:17:08 PM, by BCHARIE

    Yesterday I woke up feeling a little wonky and you can bet your bottom dollar I was thinking, "O sH*!, I got the Covid" So Hossa was like, nope, not on my watch!!! (by the way that is not Hossa, just a random GS, Hossa would never allow me to dress him in human clothes) I'm mar... Read more

  • Two drunks had a few drinks.

    3/25/2020 11:03:04 AM, by ILOVEROSES

    Two drunks went into a bar to have a few beers. One got up and went into the bathroom while the other remained at the bar talking to the bartender. All of a sudden there was a loud scream coming from the bathroom. The drunk at the bar said to the bartender that it sounded like his partner screa... Read more

  • 2020-03-25 A Chat

    3/25/2020 10:37:35 AM, by 75HEALTHYME

    Just thinking (I know... that can be quite dangerous) I expect the phone lines (some of us still have land lines, for the rest I guess it is cell towers) will be humming during this season of pandemic... for those who need to hear voices of other folks and not just their own... even those who s... Read more

  • Day 62 Corona Saga: Things I Am Thankful For

    3/25/2020 10:30:57 AM, by GINASPARK3

    One of my teammates on the Black Panthers BL Challenge, Micaroo, came up with the idea of listing 10 things we are thankful for during this stay-inside time. Such a great idea to keep dwelling on the positive. So I will share my list here: Things I am thankful for over my last 62 days of stayin... Read more

  • Calendars, who needs them!

    3/24/2020 11:54:39 PM, by MNABOY

    If this pandemic had occurred in the 80's wife would have home schooled our children since there were not many computers and wi/fi in our county and she was a teacher in the public school The meetings would all have been canceled because we had more than 10 people attend each church, scout, school ... Read more


    3/24/2020 10:09:22 PM, by LYNMEINDERS

    SOOOO.....our whole country is locked down tonight and we are all supposed to be in isolation..... I am appalled at peoples attitude towards all this as I really don't think they get the implications of this virus....my Hubby included.....He honestly just doesn't get it!!!! He is on call through... Read more

  • 2020-03-24 ramblings

    3/24/2020 8:01:09 AM, by 75HEALTHYME

    preface: These ramblin' thoughts began as the result of a friend's wondering what the 'New Normal' will be like.. Will people still demonstrate caring toward their neighbors ? It would be nice if people remained thoughtful of others. and they just might.. but probably they will not show it ... Read more

  • Protect the Elderly

    3/24/2020 5:46:30 AM, by MICAROO

    Our government officials are stressing the importance of protecting the elderly. I wholeheartedly support that....and then I realized that they mean ME. I do not think of myself as elderly. I am 63 years and 11 months, and I have no underlying health conditions. I just shoveled 4 inches of heavy... Read more

  • Monday is Here Again:

    3/24/2020 12:05:53 AM, by JOANN25

    This Monday wasn't too bad. Staff meeting this morning then caught up odds and ends in the office and practiced some music. 335 I really miss having the church services. Although we get them from elsewhere, it's not the same as going to church and seeing everyone. Hopefully, it won't be l... Read more

  • Social Distancing?

    3/23/2020 11:57:44 PM, by MNABOY

    We have a paved hiking path that has several hills so it can be a real good workout for being in the Delta. There is a climbing structure with slides, bars and loops to swing from as well as traditional swings for under 12 years of age. While the track has people walking by each other about 3 feet a... Read more

  • 2020-03-23

    3/23/2020 5:47:43 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    Just a few minutes ago... I received a very special phone call.. from a 50-something young man from my church that I have adopted as a son/nephew and he smiles and say I am one of his many mothers. He called to request that I isolate myself from the world at large and offering to purchase a... Read more

  • 600 blogs!

    3/23/2020 2:32:29 PM, by BCHARIE

    Caption this one. Blahahahahaaa It might be "say what?" or "step back, do you not understand social distancing?" Yes, today is my 600th blog. That might be a whole lot of blathering about nothing but I might (since we're on lockdown) peruse them and see if there are some good nu... Read more

  • How am I doing...

    3/23/2020 12:50:58 PM, by JACQUELINE2010

    A week before the craziness my husband was let go from his job. Then I work at a swim school so I am now without job. Kids home for who knows. My son who has autism his school has been FaceTime him everyday to check in to give him some sort of schedule for the day. Getting him to do some of his ski... Read more

  • Looking Back

    3/23/2020 11:54:12 AM, by MICAROO

    I know some of us are sheltering in place. Some of us are lucky enough to be working from home and will have a secure paycheck. Or maybe you have current work, but are waiting for the order to be issued to close the business and employees must stay home. Others of us are in an "essential business... Read more

  • After the Break...5% Spring Challenge

    3/23/2020 11:51:22 AM, by CERIUSLY

    524 220 After a much needed Spark Break and some much needed God time I am back and ready to challenge you all to lose your 5%! How intentional are you about your plan? If you haven't joined the Spring 5% Challenge yet, Here is the link to the Challenge Community. sparkpeople.com/myspa... Read more

  • beck Diet Solution on hold

    3/23/2020 10:35:04 AM, by WINACHST

    During this crisis, we decided to watch the 2 youngest grandchildren - I do not have time to even think - man, those kids are busy, busy, busy... Read more

  • Day 60 Corona Saga: Life may be very different, but it can still be good.

    3/23/2020 10:02:12 AM, by GINASPARK3

    Life may be very different, but it can still be good. So today was the 60th day since the initial lock down and shelter-in-place style orders issued in China in late January. I share all this because many of you are experiencing the same. It has totally altered the way we live, and at first tha... Read more

  • A snow day

    3/23/2020 9:10:38 AM, by MOMMY445

    It's snowing here now. Then it is going to rain. My daughter says hello. Both budgie birds say cheep, cheep. Everyone is doing well. Have a great day, everyone... Read more

  • Life in a Bubble

    3/23/2020 9:04:42 AM, by KALISWALKER

    Thank you SUSAN_CDN for sending me this update. March 22, 2020 10:30AM PT Coral Princess Update Princess Cruises can confirm that Coral Princess made a port call to Montevideo, Uruguay, on March 21 to take delivery of supplies and fuel. No guests were permitted to disembark. The ship... Read more

  • Prayers for all!

    3/22/2020 11:32:43 PM, by MNABOY

    It seems that after my visit with our preacher he decided it would be best if we did not hold a service together this Sunday. Saturday night I received a phone call that several of our congregation were suffering serious health issues and that the Wednesday night Prayer meeting attendees, all male,... Read more

  • A few funny pics-- why? Laughter is AWESOME Especially in times like these

    3/22/2020 10:46:17 PM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    Laughter is so good for us, and right now so many REALLY NEED it so I hope these help you. They are me! for joining in on the giggling ... Read more

  • Need Positive thoughts and prayers please!!

    3/22/2020 7:27:50 PM, by LADYLUK

    Okay Sparkers my family and I could use some extra good thoughts and prayers right now. My daughter has just been tested for Corona and is quarantined to her home for the next 4-5 days while we wait for the results. She is a single mother with a 5 year old beautiful daughter. Her flu and strep came ... Read more

  • This has been a hard week - Mark entered Wider Life

    3/22/2020 3:16:57 PM, by CGPS1795

    Dear Friends, Spark Family and Team Mates This is what I've been going through: //mailchi.mp/c23397dfc0b3/gene
    -1300735?e=faf95afbe1 and www.heintzelmancares.com/obitu
    ary/mark-brabazon Obviously It's a whole new experience after 23... Read more

  • Just cause we all need a smile

    3/22/2020 1:59:06 PM, by BCHARIE

    I have said this repeatedly over the years. I saw this on the community feed and then just after that I saw someone had scored Quinoa, turmeric, ginger and sweet potato waffles in the frozen food section. Lordie I want that now. I am caught in the middle somewhere. LOL This a.... Read more

  • 2020-03-22 (2nd blog) Disinfecting Your House

    3/22/2020 12:22:03 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    from my newsletter from The Old Farmer's Almanac to the article titled... COVID-19: DISINFECTING YOUR HOUSE Spring-Cleaning for Coronavirus(es) by Margaret Boyles March 20, 2020 this article also contains links to other sites for more details. https://www.almanac.com/news/hRead more

  • Sunday...had some neat church community time

    3/22/2020 12:03:17 PM, by AMURDOCK68

    Online, but our pastors put together a playlist on YouTube of our different parts of worship. It seems that about 50 households have watched the entire playlist during the first part of our normal Sunday worship hour. It was neat to feel connected and centered. oh, and our church music d... Read more

  • 2020-03-22 A Card message of HOPE

    3/22/2020 10:39:39 AM, by 75HEALTHYME

    I hope this works... I am trying to share a card and its message with all who just might need a spark of HOPE in their world at this time. https://www.jacquielawson.com/
    utm_source=email&utm_campa... Read more

  • A sunny day

    3/22/2020 10:12:48 AM, by MOMMY445

    My daughter says hello to everyone. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep, cheep. Have a great day everyone. Stay safe.... Read more

  • A little boy opened a family bible.

    3/22/2020 8:28:15 AM, by ILOVEROSES

    A little boy opened the big, old family bible with fascination and looked at the worn-out pages as he turned them. Suddenly, something fell out of the Bible. He picked it up and looked at it closely. It was an old leaf from a tree that had been pressed in between the pages. “What hav... Read more

  • Meal pick-up mess up

    3/21/2020 11:49:07 PM, by MNABOY

    Wife suggested pizza would be good tonight so I ordered Pizza Hut Carry out for her with no cheese which over the course of the order stated and had repeated NO CHEESE four times due to a no skill almost order taker! Arrived 5 minutes after thay said it would be ready and in checking the boxed order... Read more

  • One more invite to the 5% Challenge Team

    3/21/2020 11:02:52 PM, by DEBULACLARK

    I have a wonderful team that I'm part of. It's the 5% Challenge Team. We'll be starting the Spring Challenge soon. It starts April 4. The only thing you are required to do is a mandatory post about yourself on the main team and your sub team and then weigh in every week and post your workout minutes... Read more

  • It's Saturday

    3/21/2020 10:49:01 PM, by MOMMY445

    I had a good walk outside earlier today. After dinner, I danced for quite a while. My daughter says hello. We are doing well with having to mainly stay in due to the corona virus that is happening around the world. Both budgie birds are doing well and say cheep,cheep. Have a great night everyone.... Read more

  • Covid-19

    3/21/2020 12:40:01 PM, by BCHARIE

    I love this tee💗. Kind of message I need most days. Covid-19, this stuff is so ancient history or sci-fy, you chose. Here in Illinois we are ordered to shelter in place. I have already been doing so. This is a recluses dream, to some extent. Things are spiralling and not in a good way... Read more

  • Be Good to Yourself During Stressful Times

    3/21/2020 8:04:04 AM, by GINASPARK3

    These are very stressful times, so now is the time to be good to yourself. That doesn't mean throwing all caution to the wind and binge eating or drinking. Now is the time to give yourself the kind of care that can actually help you grow stronger. Rewarding Yourself for Staying Inside: One thin... Read more

  • Mindfulness Prayer

    3/21/2020 3:49:55 AM, by MICAROO

    Do Not Be Afraid If you can focus your eyes on that bird on the bench, the one in the charcoal suit with the off-white shirt, see that it’s a proper bird, with a formal tail tipping, and its head swiveling socially. Notice how it flaps straight up and lan... Read more

  • 2020-03-20 Boost Your Immune System to Fight Viruses

    3/20/2020 10:37:41 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    article from my latest AARP newsletter Boost Your Immune System to Fight Viruses https://www.aarp.org/health/he
    7&encparam=2%2fqy1aLZG5B... Read more

  • Canadian Repatriation Help

    3/20/2020 8:25:41 PM, by KALISWALKER

    We are aboard the Coral Princess Cruise Ship. We are looking at options to get home. Like everyone else we were caught by surprise by the rapid escalation of COVID-19. Our ship set sail March 5, well before the federal government’s no cruise advisory issued March 13th. Our group of five were s... Read more

  • What do we know and is it valid.

    3/20/2020 7:49:23 PM, by MNABOY

    Arkansas had a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases today with a Nursing Home reporting 4 staff and 9 patients as positive. In AR of the 96 cases, 26 are over 65 yoa, 8 are under 18 and the majority are in the middle. Children seem to touch their face and mouths a lot and put foreign objects in their... Read more

  • And the beat goes on . . . . .

    3/20/2020 5:24:01 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    Today I woke up earlier than I have been waking the rest of this week. I was even able to get some serious work done, not just struggling to do the minimum necessary. I spent most of the afternoon on my work computer and was able to concentrate. The congestion isn't completely gone but on day 5 of t... Read more


    3/20/2020 4:14:09 PM, by LYNMEINDERS

    At the end of the week and WOW.....what a lot of things have happened..... People have gone mad at the supermarket and there is so many things that are not available.... It is unreal.......so many are missing out because of people stockpiling and being greedy.......ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!!WOW..... S... Read more

  • Bounce back

    3/20/2020 2:13:14 PM, by AURA18

    241u.nu/4xu1(SP blog about bouncing) Beck Day 20 Get Back on Track 1. Acknowledge slip-up • Recommit to food plan 2. Draw a symbolic line immediately (stop re-gain) 3. Watch out for feelings of failure and helplessness 4. Be kind and get over mistakes - "Okay, it wasn't th... Read more

  • 2020-03-20 Question / Message: today

    3/20/2020 1:57:28 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    QUESTION OF THE DAY: do you have enough food, meds and paper products in your home? Knock on wood all kinds ... no I am not superstitious but why take a chance !! No confirmed presence of the virus in my county or the county of my next door neighbor town where my doctor is and the hospita... Read more

  • Mostly just Tired

    3/20/2020 1:45:14 PM, by BCHARIE

    I think we all need a hug right about now. This world has just been turned upside down and there may be no way to put it right for a really long time. I just read something from Dan Rather (old news guy in USA) and he expressed that there might be a new world order come out of this virus thing. Th... Read more

  • Even in Paradise One has to Eat Right & Exercise

    3/20/2020 10:01:16 AM, by KALISWALKER

    We are sailing again. Argentina went into lock down at midnight. People with confirmed airline tickets were supposed to be able to fly out of Buenos Aires, and yesterday some passengers did get to the airport but got returned to ship before 10 PM. We were unaware of the returned passengers till this... Read more

  • Keeping Your Cool During Lock-down

    3/20/2020 8:48:16 AM, by GINASPARK3

    These days can seem like pretty uncertain times, but I just want to say, hang in there, you will get through this. The scariest part is the beginning when things start to effect you personally by not being able to go out and live life normally. Somehow then the realisation hits and it can be frighte... Read more

  • Spring 2020

    3/20/2020 5:34:33 AM, by MICAROO

    Yesterday was the first day of spring; it was kind of cold here, with drizzling rain all day. That's normal spring weather for my area, but the weather was the only thing normal. I know that it's probably one of the strangest first days of spring that many of us have ever experienced. I don't want... Read more

  • The Blues Hits When we ...

    3/20/2020 12:53:49 AM, by JOANN25

    1. Go to the store and the shelves are empty of items that are really needed. 2. When we are at home ... You can declutter, clean or whatever. Add a little music when you clean. That makes the time go faster. Dancing is allowed also. 3. don't hear from people ... remem... Read more

  • which way are we going?

    3/19/2020 11:59:03 PM, by MNABOY

    My older daughter has been using Walmarts grocery pickup for months. She uses it to save time which with three very active children and a busy after hours work, church and social calendar she was losing exercise time.They live in a college town and Walmart stopped the grocery pickup program this wee... Read more

  • From Power chair to hiking for the 1st time in DECADES!!

    3/19/2020 11:55:16 PM, by DIANEDOESSMILES

    Oh it's taken me 10 years to get to this point, but I HAVE!! Like many others, I am off work until school is back in. I am a foster grandmother for the 2nd grade locally. I DO MISS those little ones!! in my blog a few days ago I had written out things I want to accomplish during this t... Read more

  • 2020-03-19 from my PHarmacy's Newsletter

    3/19/2020 9:27:24 PM, by 75HEALTHYME

    Busted: Fraudulent COVID-19 Products https://www.rxwiki.com/news-ar
    newsletter&utm_campaign=RxWiki COVID-19: What You Need to Know Five things you need to know abou... Read more


    3/19/2020 8:35:00 PM, by MARYANNGI

    Today I that I volunteer at that I would no longer be volunteering there. I would begin Self Quarantine immediately. I knew that the director would understand why since she has had to do so already. My husband has had two strokes and is a diabetic. My mother is 83 years young and has a couple o... Read more

  • Self Care ideas while we stay in place...

    3/19/2020 4:03:47 PM, by GOULDSGRANITE

    Healthy habits to start now. ~ Browse SparkRecipes. https://recipes.sparkpeople.co
    m/home.asp Almost every recipe you can dream up has been made into a healthier version. Challenge yourself to try something new. This is how I went from fast food and a lifetime of... Read more