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  • Something bothered me...

    6/2/2020 11:36:53 AM, by RUFFIT

    I am a subscriber to a "Positive Daily and Weekly Thoughts" e-mail. I always see the messages and can't wait to open them up to read the sayings. Well on one positive weekly newsletter the author welcomed all to join the Facebook page. So I was happy to do that. Well last night I was readi... Read more

  • Being kind

    6/2/2020 10:28:28 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    No picture today. I am having a wide range of feelings. I read a blog yesterday on another site. the person immigrated to the USA many years ago. But in the past few days she was ready to relocate. SHe googled, where is the kindest place in the world to live. WHat a thought. Finding the kind... Read more

  • Powerless

    6/1/2020 8:43:40 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    A close up of one of my Dutch Irises. I love the rich purple color. Yesterday did not work out as planned. I went outside and got my yard laps in early. The humidity was 75% so breathing was not easy, but the temperature was in the 60s so comfortable. As I was coming inside when I was fi... Read more

  • I did 18 walks in May! Not the 20 that I had set as my goal, but a lot more than I would have done

    5/31/2020 1:16:47 PM, by IMSTILLYOUNG!

    I feel good about what I have done! And now it's a beautiful day and I'm working on writing my reports outside in the sun! ... Read more

  • A Beautiful day in the Neighborhood

    5/31/2020 8:51:54 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I thought the light on my Dutch Iris last evening was beautiful. SPeaking of beautiful...I had a beautiful day yesterday. The sun was out. I got my yard laps in early, before it got too hot. It took me much longer than usual, due to the high humidity. But I got ALL of my laps in. After ... Read more

  • I went on 17 walks of more than an hour this May!

    5/30/2020 3:50:15 PM, by IMSTILLYOUNG!

    That is more than I have exercised in at least four years! I'm really proud of that! It hasn't changed my weight much, but Liz says my shape is a little different!... Read more

  • Smile it is Saturday

    5/30/2020 8:34:33 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I got some veggies and herbs planted! I love seeing them grow in the garden. I plant some right in with the flowers. I managed to get my yard laps done yesterday. The humidity at 95% did not make it easy. I had to rest longer to get my breathing settled. It felt like I was breathing under ... Read more

  • Fabulous Friday

    5/29/2020 9:22:38 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    A photo of one of my wild geraniums. SO pretty in pink. It is yet another gloomy, gray, humid day here. Yesterday it rained all day so I had to exercise indoors again. Right now it is not raining so I am determined to get outside and do as many yard laps as I can. the humidity is 95% so I k... Read more

  • SO many choices

    5/28/2020 9:57:03 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    This is a small section of one of my garden beds. The snow on the mountain is blooming. I am having a hard time getting going today. It is the third or fourth gloomy day in a row. Not raining, but cloudy and humid. I awoke during the night, got up =for a bathroom stop and could not g... Read more

  • starting a new chapter

    5/27/2020 10:17:06 AM, by KVD08844

    After what has seemed like forever to get it ready, the house goes on the market this weekend. We move on down to South Carolina to begin enjoying some warmer weather and warm weather activities we enjoy. Mixed emotions for sure, leaving church, part time job I love, and the charity work I love, b... Read more

  • Thriving instead of just surviving

    5/27/2020 8:40:34 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Yesterday I took a walk over to our riverside across the street. I have not done that very often because we get a lot of walkers on our street. Most do not practice social distancing and will try to walk right up to me, even though I do not know them. The street seemed clear so I took a chan... Read more

  • The struggle is real

    5/26/2020 8:43:49 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Remember that peony bud from a day or two ago? Here is the peony! SUch gorgeous flowers. Yesterday I struggled when walking my laps. I have been getting out mid morning to walk since the weather is becoming warmer. Yesterday the humidity was heavy. Each lap became more difficult to brea... Read more

  • WHen Irises are Smiling

    5/25/2020 9:06:02 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    My irises are just gorgeous this year. I have really been enjoying seeing the new blooms daily. This one surprised me by its two colors. One of my favorites are the ones that are so deep purple, they look almost black. As I walk to the rear part of the yard to do my laps, ... Read more

  • Happy Birthday to my son in law

    5/24/2020 9:55:53 AM, by JERZRN

    My son in law turns 41 today! He is a wonderful son in law, husband and father. Hope he has a great day! ... Read more

  • Walking COmpanion 2

    5/24/2020 8:28:15 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I have three peony bushes. Here is a bud from one of them. It is about to pop. Each bush is different. This bud is from the white bush. I also have a pink bush and a white with red flecks. Yesterday I told you about my unwanted walking companion. Today's companion is much better. Abo... Read more

  • Happy 40th Birthday to my daughter

    5/23/2020 10:14:07 AM, by JERZRN

    Where did the years go? My daughter turns forty today, although she said since she is in quarantine and had to cancel her trip to London, she is staying 39 for another year and will celebrate her 40th birthday next year. Makes sense to me! ... Read more

  • Walking Companion

    5/23/2020 9:21:57 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    My beautiful azaleas are in bloom.. This bush is special to me. When we moved to this house almost 35 years ago, my mother gave me one of her azaleas. This is from her yard. SHe has been gone since 2001, but every year I know she is with me in these lovely blooms. IN other news... On Thur... Read more

  • Fabulous Friday

    5/22/2020 9:36:30 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Happy Friday from me and my alpaca friend from a while ago. As I have mentioned, I do not sleep well. I was awake during the night for over an hour. As a result, I slept in a little this morning and am getting a late start. Rain is predicted for later, so I hope to get out for my yard lap... Read more

  • My Garden

    5/21/2020 6:38:30 PM, by RUFFIT

    Well my garden is all set. I planted seeds and on Saturday I pick up tomato plants. Hope I have fresh veggies this year because this garden was a lot of work. Have a great night/day!!... Read more

  • Mild Thursday

    5/21/2020 9:43:14 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Yesterday on my walk around the yard, I saw this on my Japanese Maple tree that we planted from a sapling. This tree : The surprising thing is that the mother tree has red leaves: I was amazed when I saw the branches with both red and green leaves yesterday. The red ones eve... Read more

  • Wonderful Wednesday

    5/20/2020 8:38:16 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    My second Iris bloom. Today is much cooler. I am looking forward to my yard laps. Every day there is something new in the garden. New growth. New buds. New blooms. I have never spent so much time in my yard and gardens as I have these past couple of months. What a blessing. Even tho... Read more

  • DOn't Throw Rocks

    5/19/2020 8:56:57 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    My first Iris of the season. Purple, of course. I remember when I was a kid, chanting, "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me". As an adult I learned this is not exactly true. Names do hurt me. As well as sticks and stones thrown my way. In this world today ... Read more

  • Transformation

    5/18/2020 10:01:38 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    In March this is what my little serviceberry tree looked like. We have had this tree about four years. The first year we planted it, it did very well. Until the following spring.. The male deer used it as a place to sharpen their antlers. ALl of the bark was rubbed off and and the branche... Read more

  • Determination

    5/17/2020 9:15:01 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    WHen I saw this little purple flower making its way into the sunshine through my hostas, I thought of determination. NO matter the obstacles, that flower was determined to get some sunlight. I needed this encouragement this morning. I felt discouraged. I felt defeated. I felt like I wanted... Read more

  • Super Saturday

    5/16/2020 10:08:24 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Here is one of many peony buds on my bushes. Peonies are such gorgeous flowers. I hope I get lots of them blooming this year. I have been walking in the mornings now due to the temperature and humidity. I am finding it harder each day. Even if I cannot do as many laps, I will not give u... Read more

  • Sicily

    5/16/2020 9:21:31 AM, by JERZRN

    I miss traveling. We took a two week trip to Sicily last October and loved it. Hoping to be able to go back one day! ... Read more

  • Peaceful Friday

    5/15/2020 9:17:25 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    WHen I was a kid, we loved finding these, and making a wish as we blew those seeds into the air.. I saw this yesterday as I was walking my laps and i thought of summer days a long time ago. WHen my MOm would send us out the door to play in the neighborhood until dinnertime. SUch simple time... Read more

  • Make it a great day...

    5/14/2020 10:06:14 AM, by RUFFIT

    Well, all the stress of trying to keep our business going and of course nothing happening in our office plus managing the house has got me tired. I have been walking a lot which is my "me" time. Thank goodness for that. Hubby, our boys and Heidi are the best support right now. Well, yester... Read more

  • The Sound of Silence

    5/14/2020 8:52:40 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I have always been a quiet person. To the point where many times I have felt invisible, like no one even notices I am around. SInce being isolated, I have realized how quietly I live. I have friends and relatives who have tvs in every room and keep them on all day and all night for the nois... Read more

  • FOcus on the Treasures

    5/13/2020 9:16:31 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Rain kissed lily of the valley in my garden. SMelling so sweet. We have had a lot of rain lately. Gloomy, damp days. I have a more difficult time staying positive when there is day after day of gloom around me. In my devotional this morning with my former pastor, he said we need to clean ... Read more

  • A SLow Release Miracle

    5/12/2020 10:04:07 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I saw this as I was walking laps in my yard yesterday. I thought the sky looked so dramatic. One minute it was sunshine, the next minute clouds. This morning I was listening to my usual devotional by a former pastor of ours. HE said something that really spoke to me. He said sometimes a mi... Read more

  • Marvelous Monday

    5/11/2020 10:01:41 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Because of isolation, I had no expectations for MOther's Day this year. I knew I could not get together with my children. I did not expect any cards or flowers. In my heart, I had resolved to be content with a Google Hangout visit with the family. O... Read more

  • 5/10/2020--A beautiful day!

    5/10/2020 3:41:13 PM, by IMSTILLYOUNG!

    Liz and I did a new walk today--4 miles, and it was really wonderful! We saw horses, a racoon diving head-first into its tree hole house, an orange-brown bird we haven't seen before. It was very pleasant morning. Then we drove to scope out another walk--about 3.56 miles, which we will do on Tues... Read more

  • Happy MOther's Day

    5/9/2020 10:48:43 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    SInce I may not have time to write a blog tomorrow, I want to say Happy MOther's Day to all who are mothers of every kind. This photo of my was taken last MOther's Day. I told them all I wanted was some photos of me with them. SInce I am usually the one behind the camera, there are not m... Read more

  • No Boredom Here

    5/8/2020 11:08:54 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Several people have asked me if I get bored walking the same laps around the same yard day after day. The answer is no! there is always something new and different. to see. That photo I took as I rested the other day after several laps. A beautiful robin posed in the branches above me. Y... Read more

  • 5/7/2020--a great day!

    5/7/2020 8:12:29 PM, by IMSTILLYOUNG!

    My wife and I got up and walked at 8am this morning. We saw so much wildlife today! Foxes and their kits! A fawn! Baby mockingbirds! And also may apples and jack in the pulpits! The walk felt easier today than it did when I first did it; I can't believe how much pain I was in after that first 3.5... Read more

  • Kindness

    5/7/2020 9:07:32 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I saw this little yellow flower hiding among some greens in my garden. It would be easy to miss it. For some reason it made me think of kindness. How easy it is to miss kindness on many levels. It is easy to miss it when someone extends it towards us. It is easy to miss it when we should... Read more

  • Promises

    5/6/2020 11:14:11 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    This is a promise. A promise that a beautiful iris will be blooming in a week or two. These days I need promises like that to rely on. THings around me seem so uncertain. SO I can look to nature and how God brings life all around me at just the right time. The beautiful flowers, the swe... Read more

  • Unfurling

    5/5/2020 10:09:47 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    As I walked around my yard yesterday, I noticed my ferns are starting to unfurl. I how they do that. It is so elegant. Their lacy texture is lovely. I did not sleep well. My back was in a lot of pain. I could only walk 12 laps yesterday instead of 18. I had to wash and put groc... Read more

  • My weekend...

    5/4/2020 6:15:44 PM, by RUFFIT

    On Saturday a friend of ours came over to check our honey bees. Now is the time that they could swarm so we have to be very vigilant. So far all is good. Our friend said he was not happy with the one hive because he did not see a Queen and their weren't a lot of babies. Will see what happens. T... Read more

  • Disappointment

    5/4/2020 10:04:54 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I did not want to write this blog. I am making myself vulnerable. But yesterday I had a meltdown. I had worked hard all week. And I gained another pound. I was so disappointed. I cried all morning. I wanted to give up. I have listened to all of the advise and voices telling me how to l... Read more