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GWYNANNE1's Photo GWYNANNE1 Posts: 4,805
1/20/20 5:59 A

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Many years ago I lived across the street from a small, locally owned gym that used to have deals -- buy a 10 day pass and use their gym for those 10 days so I used to do that. I was a smoker at that time but I would go in and use the treadmill for a short time and at a 1.0 speed. that was my start to exercise. Then I purchased a membership at our local YMCA and I started using it on a daily basis -- had to take the bus but I did it. I used the treadmill still at a slower speed and eventually got up to 40 minutes a day to a 2.0 speed. Now I can do a 3.5 speed

CD25372332 Posts: 533
1/19/20 5:45 P

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GWYNANNE1's Photo GWYNANNE1 Posts: 4,805
11/28/19 5:02 P

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Indy girl and I are friends on sparks. she looks great

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11/24/19 4:41 P

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Beth (INDYGIRL) has been mentioned already, but I thought I'd add that when she first started exercising, all she could do was to lie in her bed and lift shampoo bottles (like weights). She thought small things wouldn't make much difference, but I think her physical therapist told her that each small thing would make her stronger for the next thing.

She has lost so much weight and has kept it off for years. I find her blogs inspiring.



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10/29/19 11:04 A

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Avehurley, I find your story so inspiring. I think it's so important to look at adding more healthy foods into our diet rather than focusing on deprivation.

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9/7/19 3:55 P

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It is difficult to lose weight when mobility challenged. Knowing it can be done helps all of us if we struggle to move or not. Accountability and perseverance will pay off! I love all the resources available from Spark People!

Debbie Western PA
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8/24/19 6:35 P

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My high weight was 375# I was still able to walk at the time so I began doing more of that but while on a year waiting list for a bypass I began 'pretending' I already had it by cutting down my portions to that deck of cards size they spoke of and gradually increasing water til I got to about 2 gallons a day, constantly sipping and refilling my water bottle.I lost about 140# over the next 10 months but gained back 10# so was down to 240# actually feeling kind of thin compared to what I was but didn't like the flab I was getting and had the apron cut off 22x8 and many complications leading tyo a fat hernia I now have that will be complicated to repair.
I was hit by a car leaving Walmart in 2006 so the walking part was out and I retired and have been home sedentary since then needing a hip replacement since 2011 but told I had to lose 100# before I could get that or the needed knee replacements. My weight had gone back up to 321# by last March as did my age turning 65. I had resumed a lot of bad habits over the years including diet soda 2 ltrs a day although I already knew that was causing fat retention ad fluid retention. I also got into snack foods as meal replacements and would eat a bag of chips on any given day in place of real food, which often consisted of more carbs than protein.I didn't eat a lot actually but what I ate was fattening,
I started taking supplements to get off prescription meds and was able to cut out 13 of 16 prescriptions by switching out to vitamins minerals and amino acids but still wasn't well but was better off than on the prescriptions of which I still need to take 3 every day.
Being sedentary its very hard to lose weight but I got to where I stopped gaining.I'd bounce back and forth gaining and losing the same 20-25 lbs so occasionally have gotten below 300 over the passed year but then by the time I weighed in last March at 321# I began to cut back on things.
I would drink 2 bottles of water for ever bottle of soda, like it was a game or challenge and I started to cut back on chips and breads and potatoes.
By June I lost 15# which was good but not enough for the effort involved.
I bought some Chicory Root Powder from Amazon and began taking it Jun 20 as it had a lot of benefits according to research, my interest was in arthritis relief.
Following week at doctors I lost 13# more on top of the 15# already lost, which was surprising and encouraging as I got away from that 300# mark weighing in at 290# for the first time in years.
I didn't know the Chicory Root along with eating 1 bag a day of steamable cauliflower, broccoli or spinach [ I added to diet but wasn't really dieting just eating more veggies] as I committed myself in my head to eat more veggies and opted fort lo cal lo carb cheap ones.
As I ate more veggies I began to eat less junk and not as hungry. I didn't replace the last loaf of bread but bought a couple packs of tortillas to make some wraps instead of sandwiches. I did that til the tortillas ran out and by then I could eat the cold cuts wrapped in lettuce and a few weeks later I would eat the cold cuts with cheese alone.
I weighed in a week later at the doctors and had lost another 6# and the following week 4# so have since continued over a month now with no soda as I used those sugar free great value versions of Crystal Light temporarily til weaning off soda.
I had to do things in steps so I wouldn't feel deprived or that it was a diet again as I have failed at every diet I have ever been on. I was focusing on going low carb and high protein so not quite like the popular diets like keto but a hybrid of those diets,lowering calories, increasing proteins, lowering carbs and just monitoring fats and switching out for healthier choices like finally starting greek yogurt instead of sour cream and butter instead of margarine and not using my deep fryer~!
Getting accustomed to eating more lo carb veggies before giving up junk was key to the transition. I also started keeping hard boiled eggs and egg salad in the fridge for a quick bite and strawberries that I froze cut I half and pop one in my mouth whenever I think I want something sweet between meals. Eating them as frozen fresh is almost like a piece of candy that I let slowly melt in my mouth before swallowing.
I added to the veggie list after I got used to the steamables which included broccoli, cauliflower, spinach. brussels sprouts of which I would cook one bag a day and either split it between lunch and supper or even eat at one time.
To that I'd have either a hamburger, boneless chicken or cold cuts, often Oscar Mayer Cotto Salami as its only 50 cal a slice and one slice would take edge off of wanting to snack.
I never liked breakfast but started eating an egg or two for the protein often with some cheese for more protein and good fat. Days I felt I cant eat a scramble or omelette I'd take a tablespoon or two of egg salad instead or add some chopped hard boiled eggs to a simple salad at lunch to be sure to push my proteins.
Anyway these were all easy changes done slowly but the weight has been coming off rapidly over the last two months about 4# a week average.
I have now lost 53# at last weigh in so am continuing with the menu change and taking the Chicory Root Powder every day on top of my other supplements.
Weigh in at doctors this week was 268# and I was told if I can keep this up that I wont need the bypass I am again on the waiting list for since last October.
I'm staying on the list as a back up plan but not too keen on getting it done anyway as its more of a restriction or punishment for being fat. Research shows many go into depressions after bypass and find ways to regain anyway. One guy would drink Hersheys Chocolate Syrup straight from the can and was regaining. Others over do it and blow their staples etc and need emergency surgery repairs. There are a lot more risks with a bypass if you aren't emotionally ready to deal with altering your menu for life.
For me this Chicory Root Powder has been like liquid liposuction as its my mid section and thighs that have been shrinking the most and fastest.
Also with eating a bag of veggies a day without fail, it has left me full enough that I eat less of other things but make my second choices mostly in proteins so sometimes I will feel t otally stuffed and not even reach the 1000 cal mark per day so have to add some greek yogurt butter or cheese to make up the difference.
I fill a 3 liter bottle of water every 12 hours so drink 2 bottles a day. I also drink a pot of coffee or tea. I no longer buy soda and no longer by the sugar free flavorings. I do make the tea cooler sometimes but like my coffee hot.

I look at keto friendly foods to experiment with and tried out the caulipower pizza which is actually really good but I cut that in 1/2 twice so eat 1/4 portion along with other meal choices just to keep carbs and cals down.

I also read nutrition labels and have found that lots of the frozen diet foods are actually to high in carbs to lose weight with so I stick to the frozen veggies and make my own meats.

Good luck on your journey. You can lose by making some modifications and you can lose faster if you try out chicory root powder. I found mine on Amazon through the granola company and its a 303 serving 2.2# bag for $16.99 so its affordable and its a prebiotic fiber so very good for you too. :)

More Low Carb Low Cal Veggies + Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids s & Chicory Root Powder = Healthier way to lose weight faster while sedentary! So far in 12 months I lost 122#

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WHITE-GREEN's Photo WHITE-GREEN Posts: 4,517
8/3/19 3:56 A

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Search sparkpeople for Indygirl. She list 230 lbs without surgery and writes very inspiring blogs.

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7/30/19 12:11 P

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There is a gentleman on SparkPeople who has done that. His name is Greg Palmer. I can't remember his user name off the top of my head, but he posts frequently on the Community thread. I think he weighed over 500 lbs. when he started.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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BEANIE0782's Photo BEANIE0782 Posts: 3
4/26/19 9:21 P

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how many people have lost more than 200 pounds no surgery just hard work and changes

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