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KATHYRB Posts: 605
9/10/20 10:24 P

My oldest son didn't sleep, at night, when he first came home from the hospital, after birth. I finally figured out he had his days and nights mixed up. That's when I started getting him up earlier in the morning and slowly switched it around.

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ATHENA2010's Photo ATHENA2010 Posts: 476
8/27/20 5:43 P

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My first son had sleeping problems from birth. He would not sleep more than 15 or 20 minutes at a time. It got a little better as he got older, but not much. He did end up sleeping in my bed - it was the only way I could get a little sleep, and I had a job to go to. I had so much sleep deprivation I have no idea how I survived. Sometimes others would take him for the night to give me a break. My mom could deal with being up all night but my husband's mom said, "never again!" And I did try everything! When he was school aged the only thing that worked was some Benadryl but then he had a hard time waking up in the morning. After he reached teen years the doctors tried various medications but nothing really helped. He's 29 now and still has problems! I should add that I have sleep problems myself, so it is probably hereditary. Melatonin does help some. Good luck. My heart and prayers go out to you. Many, many parents have been in your shoes and MOST kids do grow out of it! Also, don't feel bad about your child in bed with you - many cultures and generations of children have shared their parents beds. You do what you have to do!

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BOOGBEAR's Photo BOOGBEAR Posts: 266
5/15/20 8:11 A

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Thank you for letting me know I am not alone. He has been in my bed for a while and i am able to pat and soothe him when he starts wiggling and most of the time I am able to get him back to sleep. Maybe someday we will both get sleep again.

5/9/20 8:26 P

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I'm in the same boat with my 2 year old. He'll be 3 in August... It has been a serious struggle. He would fight going to bed, and would almost always wake up within 45 minutes of falling asleep, and then wake up multiple times a night until we give up and put him in our bed. We started doing screens off and established a bed time routine and it didn't do squat. So we started giving him a melatonin gummy about 15-20 minutes before bed, and getting him to sleep has been a little bit easier, but he still wakes up within an hour or 2 of going to sleep and then won't stay asleep until he's in our bed.
I really think he has separation anxiety, because once in our bed, he sleeps straight through the night until around 5AM when he wants morning boob and then goes back to sleep for another hour or so. We've tried letting him watch a movie in bed, pitch black room, night light, door open, one of us laying with him until he's asleep, music, fan, skipping nap, making nap earlier, making nap later, making bedtime earlier/later, waking him up earlier/later.... nothing works!!
I've just kind of come to terms with the fact that it's gonna be like this for a while, and I just have to keep doing my best to help him learn to sleep in his own space.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 32,418
5/9/20 2:25 P

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Has your pediatrician ruled out any medical reasons?
What did he/she say about this?

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BOOGBEAR's Photo BOOGBEAR Posts: 266
5/7/20 2:10 P

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I have struggled trying to get my 21 month old to sleep through the night. He sleeps in spurts but I can not get the child to sleep for more than 2 hours before getting restless and trying to wake up. We have an established routine, no electronic interference before bed, darken room, have experimented with noise machine. I am at my whits end. I haven't had more than 2 hours sleep in almost two years. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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