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11/23/19 10:58 A

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I love African Peanut Soup - it has peanut, butternut squash and just enough spice to make it interesting. Google a recipe that suits you and try it! I also love roasted butternut in a salad. It add that little sweet something. Try it along side some black beans - a combo made in heaven.

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10/14/19 1:50 P

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I love it roasted with a few spritzes of olive oil, garlic and salt. 50-60 minutes at 450 F does the trick. From there you can eat it directly or use it to thicken tomato sauces, or as a sandwich spread... I put it in wraps or spread it directly on my chicken for added flavor.

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8/16/19 1:27 P

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If you have a spiralizer, you can make them into noodles in the same way you can do zucchini!


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1/28/19 11:53 A

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I second the self-crusting pie! I've made versions of that with sweet potato, butternut squash, and pumpkin, and they are all delicious! The best part is that you can also freeze the pie!

I love butternut squash soup, so that would be my personal go-to.

It's also delicious cubed and roasted- I like it with black beans and mexican-inspired seasonings for burritos/enchiladas.

You can also use it as a base to make mac and cheese or queso! I like to balance it with strong savory flavors so it doesn't end up tasting overly sweet.

Also delicious mashed and used as a layer in a white lasagna :)

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URBANREDNEK Posts: 15,975
1/28/19 10:37 A

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Well, I'm envious emoticon
I adore butternut squash, and would love to have an excess! I'm not very good at using / following recipes, but hopefully some of my uses might give you inspiration:

My favourite is cubed, tossed with a touch of avocado oil, then roasted until caramelized. A really large squash will give me 2 to 3 meals as a side - and then I end up using any leftovers as an addition to a grain "salad" (think quinoa / black beans / roasted butternut - tossed together with some meat and dressing), or I will use as part of something baked (caramelized butternut squash is one of my favourite "sweeteners").

I usually cube it and freeze it raw, so that I have the option of roasting it from frozen, or I can add as-is to soup or stew recipes and let them cook in the broth.

If I have way too much roasted leftovers, then I puree and freeze. I will add this to muffins or yeast dough. Butternut in the dough and using some berry puree as the filling makes for an outstanding "cinnamon roll" style treat --- or I include onions and garlic in a rye dough with it for a loaf or rolls that make an outstanding contrast for fillings like beef and sauerkraut.

I do a version of the "self-crust pumpkin pie" from the Spark Recipes site using pureed roasted butternut instead of pumpkin - and either using no sweeteners (especially if I'm adding some berries) or using only some blackstrap molasses (for more of a gingerbread flavour) along with some dried fruits.

I've also really enjoyed using some of the frozen puree in various soups and stews and sauces --- adding it as the "thickener" instead of a roux or slurry of flour. It adds a fantastic flavour background, especially with beef, or when mixed with nut butters over pork or chicken.

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1/25/19 3:17 P

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Lots of it from garden last year and time to use it up or process it up. What are your favorite ways? Especially ones I do up for freezer or use frozen squash for? Still have 9 pretty LARGE ones. If I eat it my favorite way I am going to either get fat or it is going to make my system act like flue.

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