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URBANREDNEK Posts: 15,896
1/24/20 12:13 P

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Honestly, it really is much easier now than it was in the past! The popularity of keto, paleo, and other grain-free diets has created a huge growth in grain-free / gluten-free products and recipes.

Seriously - check out any of the low carb sites (one of my faves is www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto/recipes/d
), or even go to sites like King Arthur Flour or Bob's Red Mill (they both supply gluten-free flours, and have tons of great recipes using them).

I do a fair bit of baking for family members who need gluten-free, and have a bunch of regular recipes that we all love. These range from low carb mini cheesecakes (ground nuts for the base), to almond flour cakes, to oat / cornmeal muffins, to sourdough gluten-free breads. There are tons of options for fruit-based desserts that don't have grains, as well as chocolate flour-free options (bean or legume based "brownies" are awesome).

Use your imagination, keep an open mind, and you'll find lots of options. Even something as simple as a fruit cobbler topped with mixed oats and nuts and topped with whipped yogurt --- delicious, healthy, easy, and gluten-free --- can be a part of your daily menu.

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"The Inuit Paradox" ( discovermagazine.com/2004/oct/inuit-
): "...there are no essential foods—only essential nutrients. And humans can get those nutrients from diverse and eye-opening sources. "

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CD25372332 Posts: 533
1/19/20 5:37 P

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