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LOTUS737's Photo LOTUS737 Posts: 6,920
7/24/20 10:33 A

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cookies of course :)

i like to add it to smoothies or oatmeal.

i also make a thai-inspired peanut sauce that is amazing with fresh rolls/veg and noodle salads, chicken satay, etc. good warm or cold!

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URBANREDNEK Posts: 15,975
7/23/20 9:58 A

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I use 12g of peanut butter every day - mixed in with some baked pears (I chop, coat with ginger and cinnamon, then bake until soft) and plain non-fat Greek yogurt.

I find it goes great with apples or pears, so a quick dessert / snack is to chop up an apple or pear, add peanut butter and spices, then top with flaxseed and / or mixed nuts. A quick few minutes in the microwave and it's soft, sweet, and wonderful!

I also use it frequently as part of a sauce for chicken or pork. A quick mix of peanut butter with hoisin sauce and spices is easy and delicious - and can be cooked either with the meat or separately. It makes a great stir-fry sauce, too - and I've even used it with chicken and apples as a pizza topping.

Peanut butter also works great in tomato-based sauces / dishes that are too acidic. Instead of adding sugar or dairy, I'll stir in a few Tbsp of peanut butter and it smooths it right out. I discovered this when experimenting with high iron recipes, where extra calcium is not wanted so added cream was out of the question. I figured I'd give the PB a try, and loved the resulting flavour.

It's such a versatile ingredient - probably because it is delicious all by itself, too :-)

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ON_A_DIET's Photo ON_A_DIET Posts: 12,304
7/22/20 2:33 A

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Many times, when I need to eat something fast, I simply grab a peanut butter sandwich. What else may be made with good 'ol peanut butter?

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