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Started the day with a 4.5 mile run and ended it with over an hour of lifting and HIIT in the sweat LORI-K 7 MARCIE_ELAINE
8/13/20 2:28 A
8/13/20 2:01 A
8/13/20 1:58 A
Zephyr walk this evening. 1.85 miles in 38 minutes, at a 2.9 mph pace. And we burned off 211 cals. K9CLAUDIA 5 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/13/20 1:59 A
How do you exercise your mind? Crossword? Word search? Sudoku? Lately, it’s all about the daily nutr _CRINKLE 14 BIKE4HEALTH
8/13/20 2:13 A
40 miles on my bicycle today. Old me would have never believed it feels incredible to move like that BLONDBIKEGIRL 14 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/13/20 2:06 A
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all live in PEACE? ALLENJOSEPH 22 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/13/20 2:04 A
Great walk🚶‍♀️ ANNIEROKOV 5 TCANNO
8/12/20 2:28 A
Two weeks ago I started a 100 day challenge. It's only 10 or 15 minute workouts but they are intense BLUEDAWN66 4 ACTIV4LIFE
8/12/20 1:59 A
Second day of work. Did online training most of the day. Got in some classroom time. Shadowing th KPINAZ 19 KAYDE53
8/12/20 11:41 A
So I haven't been on this app in a couple years now. I'm attempting it again but I am facing some pr CONFEDERATELOVE 26 FRISKYCRITTER
8/11/20 10:23 A
Hello....Hazel here...hope everyone is doing well...! ! ! HAZEL2278 3 ETHELMERZ
8/11/20 1:53 A
8/12/20 3:51 A
I did not snack tonight which I always do. I also I stayed up past 8:30. I’m usually sleeping on the CHULA1364 6 CARBY220
8/11/20 9:15 A
8/11/20 6:28 P
This is my steps so far for the month I am doing awesome I’m pushing myself every day no matter how WORKINGWOMAN31 15 WORKINGWOMAN31
8/12/20 12:10 P
6,000+ steps today. JERICHO1991 6 ROCKYCPA
8/11/20 4:12 P
Challenge met - Day 3 #moveit GOODHEALTH08 9 CHULA1364
8/11/20 2:54 P
Started week 2 of Kathy Smith's Total Body Toner program. Down 5 lbs and 3 inches. Yay me. STORKBYTE 6 JOYCEHARRIS3
8/11/20 6:39 A
7/29/20- Really enjoy exploring especially with everything going on with the virus. I’ve been doing MELYROD18 28 _RAMONA
8/12/20 3:52 A
Liking the report from the Fitbit TORTKEY 14 _RAMONA
8/12/20 3:52 A
Morning workout done. 30 min with Kit Rich, my favourite person. ACTIV4LIFE 6 SMALLERMELORIE
8/10/20 7:21 A
After 4 hrs of working out I rewarded myself with a long 🛀 some much needed me time 😊 ANNIEROKOV 18 _RAMONA
8/11/20 1:15 A
Happy Sunday! Sharing a pic from my walk today. SUMMERTIME20 18 GEORGE815
8/9/20 2:33 P
I don’t get pictures taken often. Started January LEMOW72 135 KAYDE53
8/9/20 10:36 P
Top of Porter Heights ski field. Lovely day skiing with family. ZOOMTHOM 16 CARLOSLAKELAND
8/9/20 8:21 A
8/9/20 9:11 A
Sunset, we were hiking. beautiful mountain and sea... STARMONICA 22 NAVYWIFESKI
8/9/20 2:05 P
A little morning movement to,......GET THE BLOOD FLOWING!!!!! F5-FURY 18 CONNIET88
8/9/20 10:12 A
If you time your morning run/hike just right you c KRYSTALKAYE 22 LINDALEE24
8/9/20 8:20 A
I’m hosting another Mobile Vet Clinic tomorrow and I’m excited! It’s going to be a good day... long MIMAWELIZABETH 17 PATRICIA-CR
8/9/20 10:04 A
Have A Wonderful Sunday...! ! ! HAZEL2278 9 FLASUN
8/9/20 5:27 A
It's taken me so long to find my power again and today I did 20 minutes on elliptical and 10 minutes DISCOVERING_VAL 27 DISCOVERING_VAL
8/9/20 2:41 P
Granddaughter Emily DONNADOO9 13 TRENTDREAMER
8/9/20 7:23 A
8/10/20 7:11 P
20 lbs down. 30 more to go!! GGAFFNEY 20 RYCGIRL
8/9/20 10:33 A
Today my husband asked me to marry him... So now we’re planning a vow renewal ceremony & I’m so hap PHOENIX001 28 LOTUS737
8/10/20 3:19 P
What can it take to make you see that you matter enough to me to fight everyday for a healthy life? REVENGETIME40 11 REVENGETIME40
8/12/20 5:33 P
We said “I do” VHAYES04 90 LILIANN400
8/9/20 2:49 P
My kids at the lake near my dads. Had fun for the weekend. Tomorrow my husband works. So today is hi HAPPYMAMA2020 21 ZRIE014
8/9/20 12:26 A
Day 5 and I am down 2 pounds!! Woot!! Time for my morning go go juice (coffee) get a little work out HUS5MAMA 20 READY201811
8/8/20 7:48 A
This is my weekly total of my exercise 7 day a week Routines: 🔻 126,000 steps👟 21 hours total walk ANNIEROKOV 23 ANNIEROKOV
8/8/20 9:43 A
Day 7 of exercising every day for the month of August ST3PH 30 RYCGIRL
8/8/20 10:04 A
Happy Saturday Spark Friends! Visiting my mom & sis today- Going to surprise me for where we will ha FLASUN 43 LIS193
8/9/20 4:07 A
Don't you just love it when you don't feel like working out but then you do and you get that awesome ACTIV4LIFE 17 JOYCEHARRIS3
8/8/20 7:13 A
Went for a bike ride early in the evening. Was on the 2nd leg of our journey when the cable came loo CATHYSFITLIFE 10 HAPPYDAZ1
8/8/20 2:49 P
Went for a short walk this afternoon to try to get motivated for the rest of the day. CATHYSFITLIFE 6 GARDENCHRIS
8/9/20 12:53 P
I was diagnosed with Lymphedema several years ago. Finally after a mammogram, no one could figure o YENGLISH100 7 FRISKYCRITTER
8/8/20 6:53 A
Checked in on my sister who is on her journey as well, she is doing so great and losing wt like craz ANNIEROKOV 4 DESERTDREAMERS
8/8/20 1:33 A
21...2hr surf "Early...swell up" #adventureracing #fitness SURFTOSEA 20 SXB990
8/8/20 6:27 A
Nope, hubby and I sit at the dining table for All meals, No TV in the background ,No music its out ANNIEROKOV 10 RYCGIRL
8/8/20 10:05 A
Resisted 🍦my one true love, but instead i bought a box of sugar free popsicles at the market Yes, n ANNIEROKOV 9 1DARKHORSE
8/8/20 5:48 A
Got plenty of H20 18 cups today + 16oz coffee ☕ + 16 oz diet juice🧃Well hydrated on this hott summe ANNIEROKOV 3 ARNETTELEE
8/8/20 6:12 A
180 min of walking got in 18,000 steps just on workout time doent count everywhere else i wslked to ANNIEROKOV 6 _RAMONA
8/8/20 1:26 A
8/10/20 6:53 P
Missing be able to travel and see all of God’s creation! Enjoy what you can! GRAMMY065 30 GABY1948
8/9/20 12:00 P
15 grain bread slice with tuna fish salad and salad of spinach, celery and red bell pepper for my 4: AOKDIET21 16 7STIGGYMT
8/7/20 3:18 P
@GO_GAL_GROW this is my Chocolate Cosmos! It really smells like chocolate. I have babied this plant -POOKIE- 31 GABY1948
8/8/20 12:13 P
Cheesecake was a hit - low fat farmer’s cheese, Brousse. Served it with strawberries and blueberries POLSKARENIA 20 1CRAZYDOG
8/7/20 3:50 P
Day 4 Total Body Toner. Legs. 14 minutes but boy it burned. I followed that up with 26 minutes of STORKBYTE 4 GEORGE815
8/6/20 3:24 P
Today's healthy delicious lunch: fresh seared scallops over an arugula paremsan salad with a light l TIMELADY23 30 _RAMONA
8/7/20 2:41 A
It has taken a lot more time to lose the weight this time around. But this time it’s gone for good! SUZIEQIAM 15 GEORGE815
8/6/20 3:14 P
8/6/20 9:33 P
Hiking with my niece at Treman State Park last summer... Or was it the summer before. It was one of LESLIELENORE 26 WIZARDHOWL
8/8/20 5:37 P
I try to workout at least an hour a day, 5 days a LOTTALOX 20 CATWMNCAT
8/6/20 11:04 A
No running water tonight. Our son drilled a hole in the wall to hang a new TV he gave us and hit a LGRIF22 6 GOODGETNBETR
8/6/20 2:34 A
Any nifty ways to sneak steps in? I’m slowly being consumed by the couch....😅 ANGELDELINKWENT 14 CNUGIN
8/5/20 8:31 A
Couldn't sleep anymore, and I have a pinched nerve in my back that is affecting my neck. Decided to VALERYEE 13 ELIR_KVOTHE
8/5/20 8:49 A
I went to bed late last night so I was hoping to have a lie in. That did not happen but as I was up, ACTIV4LIFE 9 TABATHA_CAIN
8/5/20 7:04 A
Just short of 12k steps. Found this new daisy-like flower popping up in one of DW's backyard pots NITEMAN3D 21 CGARR442
8/4/20 9:59 P
Went our for a 9.3 km brisk walk this morning with my husband and son. Was planning on taking a rest ACTIV4LIFE 7 GERRYH2
8/4/20 6:58 A
18 glasses of water today 3 hrs walking/ 18,000 steps 15 min cardio 15 min yoga/ stretching 15 min w ANNIEROKOV 12 LUANN_IN_PA
8/4/20 8:16 A
Forgot to mention hubbys doing really great on his diet and exercises with me he has lost 4.4 lbs in ANNIEROKOV 8 GERRYH2
8/4/20 6:58 A
Sweet Sweet Sweet Snack Time Restful Sleep To All! GO_GAL_GROW 41 NANHBH
8/4/20 2:31 P
I took some pictures of this Moon on Saturday night, and just didn't get a chance to post any. The ALLENJOSEPH 13 JVANAM
8/4/20 4:24 A